HOUSTON Went Missing at Granger's Smith's YeeYee Day!
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  • Josh's Adventures
    Josh's Adventures

    Can’t believe I just found these videos, looks like westen was having a ton of fun drifting around. Got a new subscriber!

  • small acre2
    small acre2

    i thought it was going to be a music video not a vlog laugh out loud!!!!

  • Linda Schmeelk
    Linda Schmeelk

    I would love to be there !!!

  • LeslieBow

    Aint a good time unless you are painting your truck in mud and draggin a four wheeler or two out of the mud. Houston you are a awesome kid.

  • shawty28extreme

    Can you come to Kentucky

  • Child of God
    Child of God

    Lol as my deceased brother would say them boys is still wet behind the ears .. daddy would say that's what ya call young dumb & stupid hard earned $ wasted lmao 🤣

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson

    I haven’t seen earl in a while

  • Cameron Blethen
    Cameron Blethen

    It's about time no masks ye ye

  • chuck me
    chuck me

    The granger smith video is posted (Granger Smith - Chevys, Hemis, Yotas & Fords (Official Music Video))

  • Stephen Modawell
    Stephen Modawell

    Awesome video.... the road ahead for Houston will be amazing to watch!! Thanks Daniel, what a role model for the family man!

  • Jay Ffhbdh
    Jay Ffhbdh

    Who thinks Braydon should have been out here.🤟🏽

  • Mary Wright
    Mary Wright

    Boys and expensive toys!


    Who else saw the trattor guy in the first 30 seconds

  • TheCrewChief

    Well I never heard of Granger Smith, but I have met Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood before... Plus since Oct 8 2006, when my UZload channel was started for me. I know of Dutch, because he is from my area. Or at least was from my area, Westin Chaplin, and Robert O, along with yourself. Outside that, I have no clue who everyone else is... Luckily for me, I worked at a warehouse that fulfilled product orders for American Bible Society. So if I had wanted to be a content producer, I do have my experience at fulfilling orders of if I had that issue...

  • Hunter Stuckey
    Hunter Stuckey

    Everybody go subscribe to granger’s channel as well

  • Angela James
    Angela James

    "That wouldn't happen to a good Oklahoma flag" LOVE it! But at the end of the day y'all had fun and that's what counts. Houston, ever the social butterfly, he is such a great kid!

  • Whispers From The Dark
    Whispers From The Dark

    That big ole Texas flag certainly represented our Lone Star State! I was mighty proud to see it. Also, I was thinking about you the other day when I saw how things are going across the nation for LES's. I am SO glad you retired. Bless your heart, hope you're still happy with that decision and are safe and healthy and happy! :::::waving from Texas:::::

  • Ben Brueggemann
    Ben Brueggemann

    I found Blake and bmoe

  • Kevin Short
    Kevin Short

    Awesome. Houston was the lucky one !

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee

    Already can't wait for Yee Yee Day 2022! 😈

  • Leah B
    Leah B

    go mudding with a ford they said it would be fun they said

  • Jo Lind
    Jo Lind

    I think it might be better for him to buy his own truck, I might be more careful with it if he knows hard hard they are to pay for and take care of.

  • Brandon Rife
    Brandon Rife

    You no why I don’t by your brother a nice truck: looks over the dude I’d about to flip 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Goddess Marley
    Goddess Marley

    A Day Houston will never forget

  • Frankie Boone
    Frankie Boone

    Y'all see the tiktok squad

  • m Pedmar
    m Pedmar

    For some strange reason, I think you all had fun. Yee Yee !

  • Adrian Orona
    Adrian Orona

    Everyone that was there I watch them

  • Lauren Wood-Gush
    Lauren Wood-Gush

    How old is Husten

  • john coyle
    john coyle

    Robert Oberst WSM was there?

  • Westen Champlin
    Westen Champlin

    That ford is a ripper

    • Arms Family Homestead
      Arms Family Homestead

      The driver though!

  • Whidbey Wonderer!
    Whidbey Wonderer!

    So much fun!

  • Home With The Buffingtons
    Home With The Buffingtons

    Down in my state! That was fun to watch. Crazy Texans! :)

  • Christy Kessler
    Christy Kessler

    i wish i could of went to see that

  • Jennifer Dillman
    Jennifer Dillman

    Only reason they keep getting stuck isnthey are all FORDS lol wheres the chevys at?

  • Yo fishing
    Yo fishing

    Who got the tractor let’s hurry the tractor - Famous words by Westin

  • mike BENOIT
    mike BENOIT

    Its so cool 😎 to see all the Family together ❤

  • Mr. Konetchy
    Mr. Konetchy

    I'm a city slicker and I don't know any of those people, but that looks like a blast!!! Throw in some BBQ and maybe a beer or fresh squeezed lemonade. Truly you live in the land of milk and honey. Bless you. Our country needs more Americans such as you Paul St Louis

  • Morgan Gilley
    Morgan Gilley

    I seen tratter boy lol

  • Tee Tee
    Tee Tee

    Yay! We’ve seen Weston! Lol

  • Jacob coates
    Jacob coates

    🤣🤣 great video

  • Megan P.
    Megan P.

    Sent from the Smiths! YeeYee! Hi Houston! That muddin looked fun! 🇺🇸

  • KG T
    KG T

    Get a kubota tractor

  • Cheryl Clark
    Cheryl Clark

    Sweet! My kind of day.

  • Pamela Amberson
    Pamela Amberson

    Houston has an amazing life !

  • Cameron Weseman
    Cameron Weseman

    Hey I saw bemo and joeys

  • YoderTexas

    Hey! I have a UZload channel. Why wasn't I invited to this party?

  • Macen Grooms
    Macen Grooms

    Get in there Huston yee yee

  • Shea Mays
    Shea Mays

    Husten is a true country boy

  • Karsten Sebastian
    Karsten Sebastian

    18:09 It is the greatest bull rider ever to walk the earth Ol son. Just back there keepin it 90 in the old Ca Nam.

  • Thehunter_rapterblue 1301
    Thehunter_rapterblue 1301


  • Vicci Mauldin
    Vicci Mauldin

    Why didn't y'all take your razor there for fun?

  • Vicci Mauldin
    Vicci Mauldin

    Houston in the back of the truck with two girls. Boy it is hard to believe he is growing up. Lots of fun here. Good to see Weston with his family. Ruined a perfectly good truck by doing something stupid.

  • Gunnars Life
    Gunnars Life

    Typical yee day

  • lasgsd1

    Sad to see not a single person wearing a mask.

  • Shirley Moore
    Shirley Moore

    Really cool video to watch! So cool to be able to spend the day with alot of great people.

  • The Drewster345
    The Drewster345

    Ha Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah one of those

  • MrPR3Shaff

    I have watched several of these Yee Yee videos. It turned into a game of "where's Houston".

  • Richard Ehret
    Richard Ehret

    Matt from demolition ranch my fav UZloadr

  • Mary Brace
    Mary Brace

    Your wife hasn't posted a weekly song in awhile. I heard a beautiful one tonight. Goodness Of God (LIVE) - Jenn Johnson | VICTORY, Wonderful song!!!

  • Matt Dicus
    Matt Dicus


  • Rhett Hayes
    Rhett Hayes

    100% illegal activity.

  • Raven Song
    Raven Song

    Looks like a lot of fun was had! Great way to party in Texas fo sure! YEE YEE!

  • Wooderd Saunders
    Wooderd Saunders

    Looks like you had a busy day. Stay safe and have fun.

  • Fishing with drey and kruz
    Fishing with drey and kruz


  • lisa reaume
    lisa reaume

    ********************NOT SHOCKING AT ALL THAT HOUSTON CAUGHT A FISH,,,such a talented kid***********************************

  • lisa reaume
    lisa reaume

    *********************Weston Champlin has your progeny that can carry on your FAMILY NAME in that there crazy truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so glad y'all had so much fun,,,blessings to ya**************************************************

  • Jackson Giddens
    Jackson Giddens


  • Jackson Giddens
    Jackson Giddens


  • Cat Blue
    Cat Blue

    YeeYee dude should win the most fabulous smile! Damn!

  • rubberduckscott

    Now that was cool. Houston is the Envy of Every young man in the Country for getting to hang out with Hannah Barron.

  • Amy Taylor
    Amy Taylor

    No need for Roller Coasters or bumper cars, when one has Westen Champlain around to give rides! 😉

  • Gavin Swartz
    Gavin Swartz

    Were wislin

  • FAMLEE Life
    FAMLEE Life

    💜💜💜 quite the line up. Looked like a bunch of fun. Congrats to Weston on graduating (my son missed his Prom too ) not for reasons a cool as this though!

  • Martha Calkins
    Martha Calkins

    If you want normal back, you’ve got to take it back.

  • Ricky Mueller
    Ricky Mueller

    16:16 a little Oklahoma flag wouldn’t cause enough drag to get anything stuck!

  • Tanya Jenkins
    Tanya Jenkins

    Think this was 😎 awesome . Diffrent is good on and it's fun to change and grow some times . Though mat didn't show I think that your oldest had a good time once he allowed himself to . Thank u for sharing your vlog of the yeeyee. Party

  • Dani suter
    Dani suter

    Old vs youth.

  • Heather Bolling
    Heather Bolling

    Absolutely love it !!!

  • donna terrell
    donna terrell

    One red and black truck bites the dirt lol

  • Karen Cox
    Karen Cox


  • Renay Phillips
    Renay Phillips

    Houston had a ball

  • Eva Kiefer-Ferrara
    Eva Kiefer-Ferrara

    WOW no masks, distancing, seat belts or helmets...as an ER nurse I just cringed but hey everyone's having so much fun....so who cares right?



  • Russell Shoemaker
    Russell Shoemaker

    Glad your family got to go to the Yee Yee farm. Granger was so generous with his time with everyone and he really showed Houston a great time he won’t soon forget.

  • gooutnshootmore

    Awesome video! Thanks for documenting! It doesn't matter what you are doing you make it interesting and my wife & I watch every one of your videos... but this is a favorite for me that I could watch over & over.

  • Jocilyn DePetro
    Jocilyn DePetro

    Ginger Billy was at a national quad race that we were at this past weekend, wonder if it was when you had this event?

  • Steven Sodowski
    Steven Sodowski

    Came over from Hannah, good channel 🌟👍🏻

  • todd danielson
    todd danielson

    Hell with your stupid channel! Gets dumber every day!! Adios!!!!!

  • Don Taylor
    Don Taylor

    They really need to let some air out of their tires lol

  • Luke S
    Luke S

    Living the dream I swear

  • Samantha Flynn
    Samantha Flynn

    I freaking LOVE UZload!!! And Social Media!! Beautiful relationships made!!!💜

  • rebecca munoz
    rebecca munoz

    Thank you Huston and family for sharing 🤗💕

  • Cristy Rawks
    Cristy Rawks

    Every kid in America should spend an entire weekend of experiencing what these kids did. They'd hopefully be changed forever and the future of this country would be more promising.

  • D Roz
    D Roz

    I want a hoodie with EmmaLee's face on it

  • Ginger Reid
    Ginger Reid

    I have no clue on most of the youtubers there...I stick to family homesteading...I am NOT a fan of anything TicToc...but mostly looks like good "boy" fun...texas style!

  • Randall Williams
    Randall Williams

    Tratter gang was there

  • Creek Fishing Adventures
    Creek Fishing Adventures

    I remember when I came across the Country boy video. I laughed so hard and shared it with like 10 people

  • Joey Richardson
    Joey Richardson

    Jimmy will be so proud of him winning the fishing contest=) Looks like fun!!!

  • L Boswell
    L Boswell

    he roasted robert

  • L Boswell
    L Boswell

    i feel bad for robert