Saying Goodbye to the Heifers
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  • Jess Z
    Jess Z

    Loved seeing the montage at the end. What happened to the mama goat?

  • Cathy Montano
    Cathy Montano

    Enjoyed! 👍🏻

  • Terry Williams
    Terry Williams

    The kids did a great job. Whopper wasn’t wanting to say goodbye. 🥲 That’s tough and also a great learning experience. Congratulations y’all.

  • Pepper405 O
    Pepper405 O

    Butterscotch this absolutely beautiful, and Pearls a gorgeous looking heifer. Look how happy they were when they went back 😁And both children did a fabulous job this being their First go round...Wow, great job! Kid 👏👏👏👏👏👏You are doing a lovely job Mom & Dad. May His continued hand of protection be upon your entire family 🙏🏻 and THE 📖 will be your light unto your path. Much love and many blessings 🥰

  • Rachael Herron
    Rachael Herron

    Oh noooooo poor Pearl 🥲

  • Christone Brennema
    Christone Brennema

    It's your job. God bless

  • Christone Brennema
    Christone Brennema

    So sad

  • Jacquelynn Adams
    Jacquelynn Adams

    Awww poor whooper! He was upset

  • J L
    J L

    Please send Pearl to a animal sanctuary...

  • Nathaniel Sensenig
    Nathaniel Sensenig

    What happened to mama

  • Denise

    Sure is sad that you have that goat why don’t you help it more or put it down out of pain .

  • Sybil Hi
    Sybil Hi

    I would have kept her as a pet 🤣 I can’t feed anything and then kill it. I can’t kill anything anyway.

  • Theresa Philpott
    Theresa Philpott

    Why did you sale the hefers

  • Otar

    14:24 🥰 They are so happy 🥰

  • Leah Newman
    Leah Newman

    dose anybody know what cow breed they are?

  • Trenda Davis
    Trenda Davis

    Good bye show refers I will miss y'all and the arms family

  • Kenny Martin
    Kenny Martin

    Is the goat gona b ok

  • Leah Heap
    Leah Heap

    it’s a shame they can’t go to be companions to someone 🥺🥺🥺

  • Brittany MacDonald
    Brittany MacDonald

    poor whopper he lost his freinds

  • crazy kid crazy kid
    crazy kid crazy kid

    Poor pearal and wopper they are going to go get killed why so sad

  • Shelby Forsyth
    Shelby Forsyth

    why are you butchering wopper

  • Hillary Wilson
    Hillary Wilson

    Pearl is going to the death house :( so sad and such a shame)

  • Alison Scurr
    Alison Scurr

    Poor Whopper, he is so sad. I will really miss Kane. Love how he was following Emily around. Hope the mummy goat will be okay. Was sad to see her getting picked on.

  • HudsonRamsey

    You should get horses

  • HK Stans
    HK Stans

    💔💔💔💔💔💔 All life deserves to live, breathe, and move freely!

  • Ernesto Garcia
    Ernesto Garcia

    Whats butterscotch’s breed?

  • Kerrilee Jones
    Kerrilee Jones

    Why don’t you just buy pearl

  • acetza

    your daughter seems to need support as maybe she is hurting deep down.. she is young and her attitude of “meh” about some cows she worked on is simply her deflecting her pain. I was put in the same situation when I was younger and didnt have someone there to help me process those feelings. I know this is the cycle of life but be there to support her and her feelings as much as possible. energy cannot be created or destroyed, Pearl will go on. farming isnt easy but its a blessing 🤍 best wishes to your family 🧚🏼‍♀️

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez

    Why didn’t y’all keep them that’s sad 😢 they bonded with wrapper and y’all

  • Virginia K.
    Virginia K.

    Pearl was very happy to be home!! Kicking up her heels! Doesnt know shes headed to the butcher soon. Poor poor Pearl. Whopper is sad.

  • Ashlee Boivin
    Ashlee Boivin

    Poor whopper. Lol. You took his girlfriends away

  • Cassady Blankenship
    Cassady Blankenship

    Yes I’ve studied this in school! The testosterone from the male fetus can travel the barrier of the two fetuses into the females. This results in the ovaries and other gonads to never fully develop, meaning she can’t cycle (at least not normally.)

  • Alexis Wiemers
    Alexis Wiemers

    What exactly happened to the mama goat????

  • Kaleyxlove Queen
    Kaleyxlove Queen

    LOl the cows are playing

  • Kaleyxlove Queen
    Kaleyxlove Queen


  • David Long
    David Long

    I had to let mine go to

  • Lori Duncan
    Lori Duncan

    Good job

  • Gayle WATKINS
    Gayle WATKINS

    Butterscotch is a beauty.🐮

  • North-n-South Homestead
    North-n-South Homestead


  • Stephen Grahn
    Stephen Grahn

    Feel bad for ol' whopper. He sure is heartbroken. Get him a heifer man

  • NcScbeach1

    Whopper loves his sweet Butterscotch! My heart seriously broke for Whopper. Whopper, you are a great bull and may God Bless that heart of yours! Animals do feel emotions like Love!

  • Karen Greenberg
    Karen Greenberg

    I beg you to do some more research before sending Pearl to a butcher!! When I was in 4-H, about a million years ago, my show heifer (from a championship Hereford herd) gave birth to twins, also a male and female, and my dad had heard this story about the heifer being sterile. I was more than upset so I wrote to Kansas State University agriculture department to learn what their story was. Unfortunately, I was too late to change my dad's mind. She was already gone to someone else. KSU informed me that this is only an old wives tale. The problem can occur--but not definitely--IF BOTH calves were female. They assured me that since Jody's twins were of two separate sexes, that tale did not apply. I hope the buyer was informed and that that little darling lived to have many calves!

  • Maria Akers
    Maria Akers

    You can send off a test for pearl to see if she’s a free Martin! It costs about 50.00 and can make her an awesome breeder! I’ve known of some to be twins and they not be sterile

  • Richie Pettifer
    Richie Pettifer

    That shut worked out amazing.

  • Sarah Mollica
    Sarah Mollica

    I had a freemartin she had baby bull calf pearl can have a baby whooper should go with girlfriend

  • Patricia Brown
    Patricia Brown

    FYI - it’s not the fact of the bull calf being born first. Birth order doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that you have two different genders. The hormones of the bull calf over power the hormones produced by the heifer calf. The result is the heifer calf May take on a range of characteristics from having male reproductive organs visible or not to having multiple female organs. That makes the heifer a Free Martin and she can not be bred. If it had been me, I would have kept Pearl and raised her myself as a companion to Whopper. He was more into Butterscotch but having one cow friend is better than no cow friends.

  • Tracey T
    Tracey T

    Aww, poor Whopper. Heartbroken 💔 again.

  • greg kaszuba
    greg kaszuba

    Poor Whopper :( Running to see one last view of his friends.

  • Donna B.
    Donna B.

    She has the same bulldog logo on her shirt as my school does

  • Tyler Baurle
    Tyler Baurle

    75 is cold . it like 22 0r -10 recently

  • Ruby Pevey
    Ruby Pevey

    When butterscotch has her baby will you let us know

  • Ruby Pevey
    Ruby Pevey

    Poor Whopper lost his friends

  • ken KennethF
    ken KennethF

    When are you go to get your pigs for this year? please take us alon when you go get them.

  • Ben Varga
    Ben Varga

    Man, I was scared when I saw the title. But I'm relieved that they just go back home.

  • Theresa Davis
    Theresa Davis

    Those two cows looked so happy to be back home. So sorry for Whopper.

  • Dark legends97
    Dark legends97

    If there's a female and male twin you're right they will be infertile.

  • Chase DeWeese
    Chase DeWeese

    sad day on the farm

  • Cynthia M
    Cynthia M

    Whopper going to miss his girlfriend

  • Ansley Kinnamon
    Ansley Kinnamon

    Whopper just broke my heart. He has so much personality. If I could buy him and give him a forever home I would. There's just something about him.

  • Jesse Lothbrook
    Jesse Lothbrook

    Where is issac?

  • Betsy Toth
    Betsy Toth

    I like your alleyway setup! It seems to work well! When a heifer has a bull twin the odds of her being bred are quite slim. I think they are easier to raise for beef since they seem to finish out better than a regular heifer. Now for next year! Time to get new ones to work with!

  • Frog Glasser
    Frog Glasser

    Wow...your left front wheel stopped turning as you were going through the water Watch the video

  • IWW 81
    IWW 81

    Cv. Vvcncvgchgnnhgcghm

  • IWW 81
    IWW 81

    B. Ffgh

  • IWW 81
    IWW 81


  • IWW 81
    IWW 81


  • Ella Danielson
    Ella Danielson

    Him: “ya whooper uh there with some other cows” Whopper:”Disbelief”

  • Ella Danielson
    Ella Danielson

    “Pear I need 2 inches and some oil on that latch”🤪😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ella Danielson
    Ella Danielson

    Hi I’m saying goodbye to my market steer today and ya!

  • Amy Taylor
    Amy Taylor

    Whopper chasing after the car broke my heart. 💔

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    They were the Champs for their first year congratulations to your kids.

  • Diane Picard
    Diane Picard

    Awwww pour wopper, no more girls to hang out with. Omg the girls are happy to be back home.🥰

  • Venus Bucci
    Venus Bucci

    Whopper is sooo bummed

  • Shane Kelley
    Shane Kelley

    Poor whooper......

  • S

    Last time I just scratched the heifer on head and walked to trailer and stood in it and she followed I about fell over .

  • Carol Desjean
    Carol Desjean

    That’s one mean goat

  • Andrew de Boer
    Andrew de Boer

    "butterscotch your gonna be a good mama" "Pearl your gonna be a good burger"

  • Maryann nyren
    Maryann nyren

    Poor Pearl Poor whopper

  • James Petrick
    James Petrick

    What happened to your wife doing a song a week

  • Eric Laramie
    Eric Laramie

    Nice job ‘Em an Houston!!

  • Eric Laramie
    Eric Laramie

    Daniel, you should know better than having that air freshener on your rear view mirror! I got a ticket for that for $225, obstruction of view here in Michigan!!

  • Logan Johannssen
    Logan Johannssen

    Ok so when it’s a pair of twins with a bull and cow what happens in that when they develop the breading organs

  • Janet Lutter
    Janet Lutter

    That doesnt always hold true about twins

  • Keli Myers
    Keli Myers

    Your alley way system looks great.

  • Whitney Young
    Whitney Young

    Whopper co t my house I have 25 cows

  • Rangerbro GGMAN
    Rangerbro GGMAN

    Poor woper

  • Kim Barrett
    Kim Barrett


  • Charlene Hoyle
    Charlene Hoyle

    Just wandering how you all are doing after the tornado

  • Virginia Currey
    Virginia Currey

    Maybe one day you can get one of Butterscotch’s calves! Poor whopper! Nice drive.. everything is greening up now! Bye little heifers! They know they are home! That new pup is growing! The whole event was very interesting! A great day!

  • Cathy Barton
    Cathy Barton

    I think y’all should go a head and put the mama goat down .

  • Penni Freeman
    Penni Freeman

    Poor Whopper!!

  • Susie Jacobson
    Susie Jacobson

    You should make baby "Whoppers" before his date with the processor :)

  • Jeff Langston
    Jeff Langston

    It’s sad to see them leave but they made good progress and are doing good for there age

  • Daniel Bos
    Daniel Bos


  • matelyn battles
    matelyn battles

    Are you still planning on getting horses?

  • Rl Outfitters
    Rl Outfitters

    And that silver calve I knew she was a nervous calve ever since you got her good vid

    • Rl Outfitters
      Rl Outfitters

      I don’t blame Houston for being kinda nervous with her he did good tho

  • Rl Outfitters
    Rl Outfitters

    I’d take at yellow heifer and put her with a good black angus bull or limousine and get good calves to sell

  • donna * Lovin’ Texas
    donna * Lovin’ Texas

    Pearl did really good in the show ring. I know she surprised me. Houston did a good job with Pearl. Of course Emma Lee and Butterscotch worked well together. Some people think animals don't have friends but Whopper proved they do when he was calling out to the girls. I've always thought Whopper is a good looking steer. I love the white face contrast. And of course Kane is just the cutest. Your homestead has really grown. Stay Safe and God Bless.

  • Connie

    We had a "twin" show up in the pasture after we had moved mama cows and calves. This twin was a girl and we had no idea who she belonged to but she was alone in the pasture. This was 2009 and she still looks when we call her "Lightyear" and has been the best mom! She is still with us along with 2 other calves that year!

  • Haley Spell
    Haley Spell

    Show pigs next year :)))