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  • Barbie Brunner
    Barbie Brunner

    Have the processor do uncured "fresh side" bacon. Totally different taste. Beacons thicker too

  • Josh Puvel
    Josh Puvel

    Wow you got them cheap that's great. I'm in nj they are $125 each for the same pig

  • Matt

    Walke Brothers in Claremore, OK does good bacon.

  • Sandi Hebb
    Sandi Hebb

    The boys are always eager to go on adventures with you ..... so much fun to watch !

  • Anthony Palumbo
    Anthony Palumbo

    My mom grew up in Italy they feed there pig chestnuts which gave great flavor to the meat.

  • Farmall Fanatic
    Farmall Fanatic

    I can't get use to the beard 😯

  • Fishing & Hunting Reports by M & M
    Fishing & Hunting Reports by M & M

    Hey, I recommend show feed. I know you guys aren’t doing showing but it’s 18% protein and they love it. I that’s what I use for my pigs. And when I show them I won grand champion for market which is the best quality of the pig in the fair.

  • dc0145a

    Jacobe is an awesome kid. He and Houston handled those bags like pros. God Bless from NH

  • Danielle Barresi
    Danielle Barresi

    Hi my name is Madison I want your videos every day they’re so funny so cool I love animals can do a video by horses and dolls on my dream animals

  • Celeste Fisher
    Celeste Fisher

    Love colby

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Tha y' e caused by diziel smoke

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Cause they're comming aren' nt they?

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith


  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Thanx for talking to me. But, Space, dig a toranoda bungcker

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    He told me if that cow trys 2 wonder away from pasture, we will shoot it with the cannon of law

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Hey u know or not im unckle chuck i sing

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith


  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith


  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith


  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Boug vacon

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith


  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Hold on commeents

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    1 more dont touch my piggies Post MALONE!

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Post malone!

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    K ps i ilke talking 2 you

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith


  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Aeon aeon

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    What does a tiger say?

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Dont s kipp Earl

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    We cool

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    ŴoTchs ou t 4 brain worms!

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    How do I get out of here

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    One more seçretret messeagge

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Wahts that?

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    I am moving out of michigan asap

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Im clkse 2 are chriist

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Im terri l e ab typing

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    ? Do do u knok ow this?

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Rock nroll

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Its kosjer

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Vin didesle. N pig 10

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    2 repeats. They have black bears!!!

  • Simple Ranch
    Simple Ranch

    Love watching the channel. Awesome to see you and Dutch connecting. I enjoy watching both of your channels too so that is a big plus!

  • karen schram
    karen schram

    Where is bear? I miss him.

  • Beth Oblinger
    Beth Oblinger

    Can't eat pigs anymore. Too much like ppl. Feels like cannibalism.

  • top hauler
    top hauler

    what breed is earl

  • mike murphy
    mike murphy


  • Eubanks Family Homestead
    Eubanks Family Homestead

    I want a pig or two, but having trouble getting my bride on board with the idea. Enjoyed the the video, as always.

  • Arden Peters
    Arden Peters

    are you kidding me? $35???? $80. UP HERE

  • Renee Brown
    Renee Brown

    We always soaked our pig grain. It really helps them digest it and it takes less feed. And yes if you got some goat milk they will soar in size.

  • Renee Brown
    Renee Brown

    Getting 3 pigs you should name the ham bacon and sausage. That way no mistake as to why they are there.

  • Ansley Kinnamon
    Ansley Kinnamon

    Earl is so cute. He couldn't figure out what those pigs are.

  • Hudson Jones
    Hudson Jones

    It’s called a pig earl

  • Eva Kiefer-Ferrara
    Eva Kiefer-Ferrara

    I had an cat named EARL!

  • daisy and Dylan Johns
    daisy and Dylan Johns


  • Vicci Mauldin
    Vicci Mauldin

    Jacoby is just shy on video. Love the cute little piggies.

  • LINDA Scott
    LINDA Scott

    Yep pig stuff stinks it's awesome though the meat

  • Shane Zettelmier
    Shane Zettelmier

    Just have them give you back the pork belly and cure your own. PitmasterX has some great videos.

  • Shsron Hill
    Shsron Hill

    This comment is in regards to Jimmy Houston. If you haven’t sold your camper yet he might be able to use it if Chris goes into a rehab center about 160 miles from their home. Just an idea so he will have someplace comfortable to call his temporary home.

  • Weeckek

    let's go kobe !you got this my man!

  • Brandon Houston
    Brandon Houston

    Try blue bonnet in Trenton little over an hour away from you they do pretty good

  • Sharon Blevins
    Sharon Blevins

    Pigs are so much more pleasant to watch being tame this time. The boys are really growing up.

  • Caroline Petersen
    Caroline Petersen

    You're a good neighbor and friend! Helping out Jimmy Houston feeding the deer while his wife is in hospital. Now helping out Dutch with the pigs until he can get them settled on his new place. What a great example to us all. Happy to see Jakoby helping! Blessings!

  • Rita Boyne
    Rita Boyne

    Try smoked bacon it comes out so much better and not real salty

  • Hannah Doherty
    Hannah Doherty

    Hey I live in arbuckle

  • Terry Minnick
    Terry Minnick


  • Susan Marsh
    Susan Marsh

    Nice calm pigs and what a deal!! Bella was in full on protective mode wasn’t she?

  • Melody Parton
    Melody Parton

    We don’t see any gardening and greenhouse videos anymore. I love the gardening and animal videos.

    • Arms Family Homestead
      Arms Family Homestead

      I just posted a greenhouse video a couple videos before this one.

  • Jay Uphill
    Jay Uphill

    Why don’t you breed your own pigs? And then you have pigs year round

  • Jami Dunfee
    Jami Dunfee


  • Dude perfect Junior
    Dude perfect Junior

    Does Houston know how to use a bait caster

  • Martha Knight
    Martha Knight

    Earl looks like he needs a hair cut.

  • Colleen Butler
    Colleen Butler

    Loved your dog trying to help when you went in the cage to get the little piggy! Way too cute.Thanks again for helping out Jimmy while Chris is in the hospital. You're a great family!! God Bless you and them!

  • Cole Bean
    Cole Bean

    Those are some nice pork chops

  • Austin Patterson
    Austin Patterson

    Sorry Daniel yea you guys got pigs

  • Delois Chavis
    Delois Chavis

    Jacoby is getting do big. Houston have fun with the baby pig for this month.

  • Linda Wall
    Linda Wall

    Jakoby has such a great smile and did a good job helping out as well as wrapping up the video.

    • Denise Wilson
      Denise Wilson

      He just has to learn to talk louder. He's still so shy. Before he wouldn't talk at all. Now only in a whisper. Daniel needs to help him build his confidence like he did with Houston. Love ya Jacobi. Keep trying to push those words out louder. And never stop being as sweet as you are and never stop smiling.

  • JoAnn Dolitsky
    JoAnn Dolitsky

    Give them hay to lay on instead of dirt. Poor things

  • Clifford S.
    Clifford S.

    It would figure the last pig gave you the hardest time getting him/her out. That's pretty cool you guy's working together helping each other out.

  • Elizabeth Bridges
    Elizabeth Bridges

    Good job Jacobi!

  • kjg usa
    kjg usa

    I hope you a contract for your pig plans with the Drama Queen!

  • Katherine Stehlik
    Katherine Stehlik

    I thought maybe the kids would show.

  • Ginger Reid
    Ginger Reid

    We raised pigs year before last...it was fun and we never had a "smell" - not close to house, but we took an old round bale and pitchforked hay over top manure...so it kept the smell down...that mess after we took the pen down...we set on fire...then it became compost for our raised beds...we had some really great vegetables! Agree on the bacon...ours was 98% fat...we fed straight corn the last couple months...over did the fat...so I rendered all that bacon (in steps) and strained and froze in cubes...I have used it all up...great for making green beans and other things with rendered bacon grease...we don't waste..We have a heifer that has a date with processor in October...so that is a big cost...maybe next year we will do pigs again...

  • Alicia Smith
    Alicia Smith

    You should take Houston and Emily trout fishing it’s so fun they need to try it out

  • Daniel Dillon
    Daniel Dillon

    Pigs are way smarter than people give them credit lol

  • Cat G.
    Cat G.

    Good ending! 💪😘😘😘

  • Bethany Marshall
    Bethany Marshall

    Pigged are really cute

  • lori bergman
    lori bergman

    If you want it done right, get a smoker and BAM, smoked bacon.

  • Yvonne Gilmore
    Yvonne Gilmore

    Jocobie is so shy

  • Yvonne Gilmore
    Yvonne Gilmore

    That was reasonable Daniel 👍👍👍

  • Yvonne Gilmore
    Yvonne Gilmore

    And they will grow very fast before you know it

  • Idaho Hoosier
    Idaho Hoosier

    Beautiful green! Thx for helping Jimmy out. Y'all are a blessing to him

  • DG Mills
    DG Mills

    It's awesome you are able to help Dutch with acquiring the pigs. I just hope Dutch follows thru with getting his pig pen finished on schedule. Watching his "Off Grid" new place, his schedule seems to be falling behind with accomplishing his tasks.

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M

    Someone watches Andrew Flair "look at those little chunguses"

  • Carrie Grosenick
    Carrie Grosenick

    These little pigs are cute and calmer. Earl is real curious about the little pigs. Love you guys. 🥰♥️💖🐷🐖

  • ethan kelly
    ethan kelly

    awesome video they look like my pigs

  • R K
    R K

    It's called a pig Earl.

  • James Lee Jr
    James Lee Jr

    I process my own hogs and cows every once in a while. Which im due for some more pork in the freezer. Well great video as always.

  • Tammy Zuber
    Tammy Zuber

    These pigs all look great, no wormy pigs like last year... Kudos to the breeder! A month goes by quick, have fun with them while you can boys. 🐷 🐽

  • Suzie Clary
    Suzie Clary

    One thing to consider, two engagements with Coby, both include a picking on. Honor comes before unity and love can happen.