Saying Goodbye to Kane, Patsy, and Bo all in 1 DAY!
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  • Arms Family Homestead
    Arms Family Homestead

    Get $15 off your first order and an extra 5% off everything if you become a member at Be sure to get some of the heritage thick cut uncured bacon! It is AMAZING!

    • Ponderosa Pond Homestead
      Ponderosa Pond Homestead

      Meat from family farms is much better than meat from the grocery store. We bought a half a beef and fell in love with beef! Bought a whole beef from the same farm this year. More flavor and more tender than any I ever bought from the grocery store!

    • M No worries
      M No worries

      @Joan Lovelace 1

    • Thomas Lucero
      Thomas Lucero

      Thank you, I just joined and got my discount because of you. I will be coming off my fast on Resurrection Sunday and I want to better my health (I'm diabetic) so I decided to buy better meat to add to my keto diet and crowd cow will be a blessing for me. Love your channel love your family, praying for you guys. God bless!

    • Cathy M
      Cathy M

      I would absolutely love to try this but there is no way on earth that I can pay 77 dollars for a bison steak. Unfortunately thee prices are so out of reach for our budget. It’s a great concept though.

    • Joan Lovelace
      Joan Lovelace

      Hey Daniel Just a suggestion if you have another baby Kane. Have to separate ropes. Your your Iead and then another lead if its long enough to put around his bum or a rope probably best. Pull on the lead if he doesn't respond pull on flank rope and lead same time to bring him forward. That makes it alot easier and your up front where you should be. Always worked on my foals. Great video👍

  • Carlos Peralta Contreras the
    Carlos Peralta Contreras the

    Ojo si tienes un rancho I no disfrutas de algo de carne es incredible nuetro cuerpo necesita un balance de alimentos bariados.

  • Carlos Peralta Contreras the
    Carlos Peralta Contreras the

    Eye you have ranch thont enjoyed to meet its incredible to headman needs to meet reason's to balance all cautions yes have/ have little bay little bay little carlos.peralta 2021

  • Terry Williams
    Terry Williams

    Emotional day. Enjoy seeing y’all’s farm life. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith

    My wife and kid are wanting a donkey or two... so will not be long now...

  • Hastur of Carcosa
    Hastur of Carcosa

    Saw the 'Saying Goodbye' thumb nail, cursored over it, and it followed a steak being eaten. Made me wonder if somebody turned them into steaks.🤔

  • animal lives Matter
    animal lives Matter

    Because he’s a male just throw him away

  • Christone Brennema
    Christone Brennema

    That needs cleaned

  • Sandi Beu
    Sandi Beu

    Boomer wants the new puppy to play!

    • Sandi Beu
      Sandi Beu

      Wait, is the dog boomer or the donkey?

  • Sandi Beu
    Sandi Beu

    Wow, like flies all over rotten meat. Goats all over ANYTHING CLIMBABLE! 🤣

  • Sandi Beu
    Sandi Beu

    Where's the pink on them steaks!?

  • Jalopy Joe
    Jalopy Joe

    Was hear

  • Gary Bell
    Gary Bell

    I believe donkeys were hybrids and not capable breeding?????????????

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith

    Kane is so sweet! I hope he has a long happy life with his new "parents".

  • kasey amos #2
    kasey amos #2

    How funny my name is Kane but like kaine

  • Lola SweetLola
    Lola SweetLola

    Houston’s getting big isn’t he. Great little farmer👍 Are the donkeys farmed for commercial value, or are they just pets?

  • Penelope Hammock
    Penelope Hammock

    I am loving your channel ! Hello Patsy, Daniel & Houston Y'all are so so kind to help out Chris & Jimmy ~Penny~

  • Sweet Serendipity
    Sweet Serendipity

    Glad you’re rehoming them and not getting rid of them. They’re adorable.

  • Lisa W
    Lisa W

    Oh man. Those petting zoos aren't known for giving animals a good quality of life. I hope they are kind and caring.

  • Apollo Flores
    Apollo Flores

    Oh i have been to the exotic place before

  • adam cook
    adam cook

    Daniel, are you going to have any alpaca for sale?

  • George Sherman
    George Sherman

    Yup.... she's pretty bummed. I know she's trying to not show it, BUT she is.

  • KC Farms
    KC Farms

    Where did you get your mini donkeys? We are thinking of adding some to our homestead.

    • Arms Family Homestead
      Arms Family Homestead

      A local friend had them.

  • Jeff Gordon
    Jeff Gordon

    I see you are selling your RV Called dirt perfect wife She wants A RV Dirt perfect Lives in Ohio I'm sure you have seen his videos Give him a call This is joe from North Carolina

  • Pamela13

    He is suppose to be an owner of an exotic animal farm and brings a dog kennel ? ? ? Then tried to shove an obviously too big alpaca in one. NOPE!

  • Glenda Fite
    Glenda Fite

    Meat from crowd cow looks good.

  • Teresa Mcfarland
    Teresa Mcfarland

    Im so 💔 broken. I understand what your doing and will be fun for everyone. But i enjoy Mr. Kane. Happy Easter

  • Ponderosa Pond Homestead
    Ponderosa Pond Homestead

    Kane says that trailer smells like goats!

  • Hope G
    Hope G

    The goats in the background trying to make some more babys. Lmao.😂

  • Mesatalia

    umm....even as newborns they were too big for that crate lol. It kinda concerns me he's buying alpacas without knowing their generic size. What does he shove his other animals into??

  • Porschaaa Is Litty
    Porschaaa Is Litty

    You have all those goats I'm sure you could have kept Shane. So sad

  • Robyn Benander
    Robyn Benander

    Put him in the back seat of your truck and one of your buddies my stop you for no seatbelt!

  • Cindy Foresman
    Cindy Foresman

    Cane was sad about leaving. Bo and Patsy weren't liking it either. Poor babies, I would have a very hard time letting them go,

  • Lu Wrolstad
    Lu Wrolstad

    I didn't realize you weren't planning on keeping him

  • Judy

    ENJOYED !🐾❤🐾❤🐾❤🐾❤☘☘☘🇺🇸

  • Clara-net

    How long until is is whopper’s time to go?

  • Lori Greer
    Lori Greer

    Whopper see’s one friend go he never see’s them come back

  • C M.
    C M.

    Bear was there to support lil Kane. Think Bear knew Kane was scared. See you Kane👋🏽👋🏽!! It was nice seeing you!

  • Martha Neuhauser
    Martha Neuhauser

    The goats wanna say goodbye to Kane as well! Lol!

  • Sandra T.
    Sandra T.

    Aww, gonna miss those cuties ☹️☹️

  • Judy Mcdaniel
    Judy Mcdaniel

    😂😂 I love the goats !! You never know where they will go or get into !!💕

  • Judy Mcdaniel
    Judy Mcdaniel

    Hey I want my steak med rare !! 😉look yummy !!💕

  • Jacob Gaspar
    Jacob Gaspar

    8:55 the baby goats in the background are sus but i think its called bulling like cows do

  • Eubanks Family Homestead
    Eubanks Family Homestead

    It’s so hard to say goodbye to pets. Even if they are farm animals.

  • 30547etris

    nothing showed up at Snider Family site, except some of your old videos, at one point it showed no such site. OH ! Front gate looks Good.

  • Mark Marshall
    Mark Marshall

    Daniel and DJ, we hear Steve in the background saying, you took my boy away, so I'm going to pay you back, me and my lady friend and we're going to have triplets next time. I know that the love machine Rufus is thinking the same thing. DJ, don't worry about what Daniel says, you're going to have more baby alpacas and miniature donkeys soon. Go Steve and Rufus. 🤣💯👏👏

  • Diana Pawlik
    Diana Pawlik


  • Trudy Miller
    Trudy Miller

    So glad Kane is going to be close and to a great family

  • Ready Cool
    Ready Cool

    Bye Cain 😢👋🏼

  • Debbie Alvarez
    Debbie Alvarez

    I have a question your new puppy is what kind of dog and does he shred at all? Thank you

  • Adela Coburn
    Adela Coburn

    Hi y'alll... Oh Iaughed so hard seeing the goats in and all over the trailer =D It's nice, that Bo, Patsy and Kane are going to good homes. Thanks for the video, God bless..

  • Mega MindyLou
    Mega MindyLou

    It will be ok, the donkey and alpaca will make more babies. ❤️

  • Deer Family Homestead
    Deer Family Homestead

    So Issac looks like he has a leg deformity that can be common in goats. It can be passed down to the kids. If you go to Weed'em and Reaps channel, she talks about a couple of her goats that have the issue

  • Ken in IL
    Ken in IL

    So are you a Crowd Car farmer?? Why would someone buy beef, pork or chicken from someone else when you raise them?? Doesn't your pork/beef/chicken/goat taste as good?

  • Good Simple Living
    Good Simple Living

    They are so sweet, wish we could have them ❤

  • Mary Zwierecki
    Mary Zwierecki

    Poor Kane. He’s scared.

  • Aiden Diviney
    Aiden Diviney

    We passed through sulphur for a baseball game

  • Andy BSA
    Andy BSA

    I give Daniel credit for showing us what it’s like on a farm. Animals are born there, some stay, others get processed. At least these three babies will grow up, and maybe help other farms grow.

  • Deborah Peterson
    Deborah Peterson

    Oh that poor baby donkey

  • Deborah Peterson
    Deborah Peterson

    Boy that donkey stubbornness sure is showing lol

  • Brian Forrest
    Brian Forrest

    Great video guys the farm got a little bit smaller

  • jean chavez
    jean chavez

    Oh yummy home or local farm meat taste so much better ! Cool I think I will give this a try thank you for sharing ! Yes I will use your link I hope they can she to Alaska ? Maybe they have some local farmers here that would be cool !

  • Sheena Wolfe
    Sheena Wolfe

    Show the chickens more

  • Linda Waguespack
    Linda Waguespack

    Those are some beutiful horses maybe since yall got rid of 3 animals yall can get a horse lol

  • Idansuk Bogor
    Idansuk Bogor

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  • Cody Ryan
    Cody Ryan

    Idk why she going be sad she got the mama and daddy they can make more babies just saying

  • Cody Ryan
    Cody Ryan

    When she have babies u can’t keep them if u do can’t let the son breed his mama back or daddy back to his daughter and u can’t let brother and sister back or u can cut the son nuts off then u can keep him just better to sale the babies

  • Drew Makatura
    Drew Makatura

    Careful you might get too bored and have another little one running around with two legs

  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith

    Nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo I love kane

  • Gray Mountain Farm
    Gray Mountain Farm

    We are gonna miss kane! But atleast He is going to a good home!

  • Anthony Moreno
    Anthony Moreno

    Praise God just like God cared for all animals he put them on the arc you call care about yours .

  • Anthony Moreno
    Anthony Moreno

    Kane with the big boys now

  • Antonino Arato
    Antonino Arato

    I don't have Facebook is there any way I could see them on UZload or the location where the exotic animals is going to be

  • Virginia Currey
    Virginia Currey

    I am sad to see these 3 go, and knowing I won’t get to follow their life. You raised them from birth and that is special.. all will have sweet memories! Will more come?? Hope so!

  • karen polito
    karen polito

    Keep it real, like you do!!

  • Annie Oakley
    Annie Oakley

    sad face. Life on a working farm, but still sad face.

  • Isaac Miesner
    Isaac Miesner

    Arms Family Homestead, I love your devotion to God, your down to Earth nature, and your southern work ethic. I live in the south and I was just wondering what types of tomatoes you grow I grow them every year, but I can't ever seem to get the right variety. I hope all is well. God bless you and your family.

  • Mrs Tena
    Mrs Tena

    Yikes..I just saw the thumbnail and went to the comments and held my breath. I'll admit that I left this channel because they show the animals

    • Mrs Tena
      Mrs Tena

      Sorry.. they show the Animals I get attached and it's slaughtering time. I can't ...

  • Sheila Kendrick
    Sheila Kendrick

    Hey Daniel. Here is a good idea for you and Houston to try at the pond.

  • Kale Scott
    Kale Scott

    Please sub to bass catching beast he is a new channel

  • chunli yu
    chunli yu

    Crowd cow is high end meat. Too expensive

  • Roxanna Bloom
    Roxanna Bloom

    Kane wasn't hearing that he had to leave too!

  • Mark Woslum
    Mark Woslum

    That ain't right, giving Kane the boot like that. I know its farming right. At least his new home looks all right and the folks there seem happy to have him and to give him a good life and also Kane can play with all those big scary horses.

  • Lauren McW
    Lauren McW

    Oh, man! All the youngsters leaving at once! That was hard to watch -- even though they're all going to great new homes, especially Kane! He's such a sweetheart.

  • BRIDGETT Covell
    BRIDGETT Covell

    Awe, I was ok till Freedom came to tell Cane bye and we all know whooper was telling him to fight you all the way.

  • MacKenzie Hacker
    MacKenzie Hacker

    Were they going

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans

    They aren't even my animals and I still cried when they left...I know they are going to good homes but I'm still sad to see them go

  • Patrick Postlethwait
    Patrick Postlethwait

    Why you guys getting ready to Kane and we're going to miss them we love the donkey doodles

  • Linda Shafto
    Linda Shafto

    He knew he was going 🥲❣️

  • Kristin Erickson
    Kristin Erickson

    THat is cool. I love that idea. So, you can go visit bo and patsy. :)

  • jim putnam
    jim putnam

    Crowd cow? How is it kept cool if in the mail. I don't know about where you live but here it could be in a delivery truck ( non refiregator ) for a couple of days?

  • Amateur Shooter
    Amateur Shooter


  • Meza Gallardo
    Meza Gallardo

    So sad to see they go.

  • Renee Dyer
    Renee Dyer

    Noo kane

  • Pat Indvik
    Pat Indvik

    Is it joe exotic?!?! Is that where they are going for the petting zoo?!?! LOL jk

  • Kallie S. Kiwiness
    Kallie S. Kiwiness

    Here’s an idea, maybe you could put a camera in the trailer so we can see the animal in there.

  • jazzynel

    Oof that steak was well well done... I like mine medium. Taking 2 steers tomorrow to the butcher!

  • Linda Plumbley
    Linda Plumbley

    That sounds like a neat place even more if they put cabins in

  • Tentoes

    "I shall not strike thee nor curse thee, but if you don't move, I shall twist thy tail!"

  • Tentoes

    Buckle Kane into Houston's booster!