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  • Kenni Thompson
    Kenni Thompson

    If a farmer doesn't remove some of his livestock at the proper times, he won't be a farmer very long. If some folks don't understand that, well I guess they just need to grow up. You do a great job with your animals, and they live a great life with you and your family.

  • veosma dr
    veosma dr

    Vegans are idiots.

  • Blake Benefield
    Blake Benefield


  • Robert Kadow
    Robert Kadow

    Awesome video - thanks

  • PopeFamily Farm
    PopeFamily Farm

    The people that don't understand about getting rid of goats don't have the feed bill us farmers have. A working farm has to do what is best for the farm and the family.

  • Andi Scharf
    Andi Scharf

    So...I'm new to goats, and appreciate your videos! are the older ones good for butcher...as good as a younger one? I keep hearing goat prices are high right now....super sad my first two girls both just had only one kid each! Hah

  • Nicole Lindler
    Nicole Lindler

    Gah genius move! Use the cute kid for likes and subscribes🤣 it totally worked on me! Love the video

  • Lborguy

    wow...that's good money for 11 goats.

  • Nikki Smith
    Nikki Smith

    WOW! Makes me wanna start raising goats!

  • dolphin dude
    dolphin dude

    Idk why people would get mad at him and his family for trying to provide better food for himself and his family when large companies pump out these animal's at an disgusting rate do they think those animals get to live good lives like this?

  • Jamie Lynn
    Jamie Lynn

    Our auction house wouldn't have taken the downed goat. I've seen the reject for things like that. If it can't get up and walk on its own or stand: it doesn't sell. Maybe our laws are stricter here. Then again, our prices are also higher. I'm seeing INSANE prices for goats right now. I saw them go for 300-400 for younger and nearly as much for old and thin. It's just insane. People are selling them young online for $400 and up for bottle babies.

  • Gravity Bunk
    Gravity Bunk

    No need apologize humans are still alive because our ancestors were unapologetic about eating meat.

  • Tabetha Hubbard
    Tabetha Hubbard

    Whopper is so excited 😁

  • rochrich

    I wonder how well a rope between two people corrals animals? The animal would have the power to push by the rope but would they try? I've seen electric fence trained animals move with unenergized poly wire. Obviously you would need to prevent rope burns or entanglement but it wouldn't cost much to find out.

  • pim1234

    I love Bear !

  • MrAllen

    Whopper is nice

  • Laura T
    Laura T

    You run your farm the same way we do.......sell, process, breed or keep. That goes for all of our livestock. If you kept all of your animals you might as well open a petting zoo and charge admission lol

  • Quantum Leap
    Quantum Leap

    And then there's the dark side of it all 😞

  • Eric Bailey
    Eric Bailey

    I haven't decided what I want to get into but I know I'm getting back into goats. I loved it last time and I finally have land again I can get back into what I started a very long time ago. I may look into auctions in my area, sounds like a good resource. It is better to get use out of an animal then just putting them down. It's a waste. It's like killing a deer and walking away. At least they won't be suffering anymore and they won't go to waste all the same. It gets pricy when you have additional medical care on top of everything else. I am with the understanding crowd for sure.

  • Brysen Steele
    Brysen Steele

    Are those Boer goats?

  • Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher

    Why are you sending a doe that can’t walk to auction? It’s sickening. Instead you should do the right thing and put her down instead of sending her to a stressful environment and then on to a kill pen. Animals are not disposable!

  • Barbara Ryan
    Barbara Ryan

    They are not pets. It's a hard fact of life these days but it is the reality.

  • Dale Roley
    Dale Roley

    I like whopper i named my last bull Hamburgler!

  • dont know
    dont know

    I would love to be able to raise my own meat. I grew up on a hog and cattle farm, as much of an animal lover I am I truly believe God put some animals on earth for us to eat. Now more than ever I would love to raise all of my own meat cause of all the steroids and other stuff they put into our food. I would just also have a couple of horses, I miss riding and would love to teach my kids how to ride.

  • Justin M
    Justin M


  • Katherine Knapp
    Katherine Knapp

    It is what it is....understood, PICK HER UP, SHE IS HURTING. Too late now, next time.

  • Michael P Cooksey
    Michael P Cooksey

    Right, its NOT a pet farm/store.

  • diane iverglynne
    diane iverglynne

    Dude. I also raise goats and know they have to produce and bring profit. I also butcher my own and eat them. It is just plain heartless to send that cow on a trip...through an auction...and then through a killing floor in her condition. Grow a pair and dispatch her yourself while she's having a favorite treat. Unbelievable. This is how farmers get a bad name.

  • BigRed F100
    BigRed F100

    Do you plan to replace the old does with new does?

  • Linda Gullage
    Linda Gullage

    You treat your animals humanely. Then, when it is their time to become food or income that is what they become.

  • Hanna Fardew
    Hanna Fardew

    Have you ever thought about keeping a breeding pair of cattle on the farm?

  • Hanna Fardew
    Hanna Fardew

    I found that there tends to be 2 different types of farms; show farms and profit farms. Both types are profitable, the only difference is how the animal is raised

  • Duke Allen
    Duke Allen

    I personally do not believe you need to explain your operation. In this video you explained 3 times I think. Don’t fret so much about what your viewers feelings are. If they can not except what you are doing, you don’t want them giving you the negative comments. You can not please the mob. Someone is not going to like something. Block them if you can, they will drive you crazy. I’m crazy just hearing about them.

  • Deanna Carter
    Deanna Carter

    I am curious about if you know what is wrong with the older doe that is down in her back legs and hips. I have a 4 year old doe with the same symptoms.

  • Jim Wolff
    Jim Wolff

    One of the best videos I've seen. Thank you. This was really motivating.

  • ronvera

    maybe the number of "cabrito" consumers is increasing exponentially for some mysterious reason. .

  • Kaye Shackelford
    Kaye Shackelford

    I just can't watch them go so sad for me,know its the way of your farm

  • Mairi Marshall
    Mairi Marshall

    I am new to your channel and appreciate that you have to do what you do to make money and don’t understand why some people don’t get that. Not sure what the back story is with the goat who couldn’t walk, but feel like you should have maybe put her down and therefore out of her misery a while ago. Just seems to be so cruel to leave her like that.

  • Frances P
    Frances P

    I get it. These are not pets. The only thing I would do different, is process that crippled doe myself. That's just me

  • Rocky Hollow Homestead
    Rocky Hollow Homestead

    Great video! The goat market is crazy high here too. Keep up the great work. Your videos are very inspiring for us and the future of our channel!

  • Elizabeth Nim
    Elizabeth Nim

    I love the fact that you tell it like it is and not being afraid to offend anyone thats touchy feely. 👍

  • DeeTn gator
    DeeTn gator

    Whopper is having a great day! He definitely has a great life . You are doing well.

  • Jake Green
    Jake Green

    You sould go and buy ten more goats

  • Lynda Lynch
    Lynda Lynch

    Love your family and video

  • Gayle Hewitt
    Gayle Hewitt

    I used to watch grandpa do this...had 175 Acres in Cushing Oklahoma really do miss the farm

  • Horsey Pix
    Horsey Pix


  • Jennie Fuller
    Jennie Fuller

    Whopper is SOOOO cute! You know what they say about happy cows?!?

  • Alan Westerfield
    Alan Westerfield

    I have sheep now but your video shows there is only two things I miss about goats. The higher $$ when you sell them and the horns to move them around... other than that I cant get along with a goat. lol

  • Lisa W
    Lisa W


  • nick nuthouse
    nick nuthouse

    Animals are food, can only keep the ones that are productive

  • Amy Frye
    Amy Frye

    we do the same thing.

  • Frances Roden
    Frances Roden

    When you was talking to him and he's going talkin back is so cute

  • heidigib01

    Shame on you. If you have a crippled doe who has served her life with you giving you milk and babies, you should have her put down with mercy rather than going down the auction nightmare. Or at least butcher her yourself.

  • BAnn Laughlin
    BAnn Laughlin

    God bless

  • Russell Shoemaker
    Russell Shoemaker

    It is so fun seeing Whopper romp in the pasture.

  • Kathie Humerick
    Kathie Humerick

    Oh Whopper is so excited! ❤🐃


    Great prices !

  • Mother Udder
    Mother Udder

    You are doing the right thing, culling an animal that is suffering.

  • Sophia G
    Sophia G

    Our open border is driving the price of goat. Africans and middle easterns eat a lot of goat and they are who is primarily crossing illegally into this country.

  • Little Monster
    Little Monster

    As a vegetarian I could not eat my own goats. But that is my choice. People like you treat their animals with respect and I would argue that most of the people who are disturbed by the way you work on your farm are not vegetarian. Any disgusting cheap meat from fast food places is so much worse. The way the animals are treated on disgusting farms, most of the time how bad the workers are treated and just the mass consumption in general. I clearly don't understand how people can be so disconnected from reality. It's just sad.

  • Chain Breakers Garden
    Chain Breakers Garden

    A man that doesn't work doesn't eat. You have a working farm.

  • 320 Homestead
    320 Homestead

    We need some Kiki goats. We are in Texas. I will have to find someone here in Tx

  • Randolph's Farm
    Randolph's Farm

    We raise our own meats. You cant please everyone. And I cant understand why anyone would want to keep that goat that cant hardly walk. Thats horrible to watch and I dont care there is no way that she is comfy. Sad to watch her. She needs to be put in the freezer. You run your farm as you want. I would not want to have to buy any meat from a store.

  • Ivan Kinsman
    Ivan Kinsman

    These goats have been well cared for and have had a good life compared to animals reared in corporate-owned CAFOs where animal welfare is zero.

  • Bromark Farms
    Bromark Farms

    Brother you do not have to justify what your doing on your farm. God bless you. God put man originally in a garden. He said it is good, as a matter of fact He said it is very good. James wrote chapter 1 verse 15 ..... “ everything good and perfect is from above.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Awesome video.. you know where food comes from.. and having a farm cost money .. raising and breeding animals for profit helps to offset the farm cost .. and super fantastic to keep your son involved.. such a learning experience..!! Great video and keep up the good work..

  • Steffanie Ropicky
    Steffanie Ropicky

    You do awesome for your animals and your a farmer you teach others along the way! Some of us cant grow our own do to medical conditions and age so we have to get our meats from the store but their was a time we grew out own! Some ppl arent ment to be farmers and thats ok too! Its a matter of where you get you food from and how it got on your table!

  • Eddie Johnson
    Eddie Johnson

    see thats how i was raised in the 80s we raised chicken and a beef cow and rabbits i teased my girls that we had enough rabbits in the freezer for a whole year so don't get me wrong i love my animals but they are put on this earth to let me provide good food on my table for my family so i understand your point all too well i was 10 years old when i put my first animal down on our half acre farm all corn and grass feed my dad show me how too kill them quickly so they didnt feel a thing one shot and a 1000 lbs cow was down we processed it in 30 mins flat and got the meat in the cooler so then we could process it throught the dad getting great cuts of meat but we could not tell my sister that the cow was our cow we told her we sold it and was going too get another cow

  • Cyndy Avalon
    Cyndy Avalon

    I’m thankful for your lame goat as her video was my introduction to your channel. Farming is not for sissy folk. You and your family are really giving your animals their best life and a true purpose. I have the twin of your Mama chicken in my small coop. Is she a sapphire Jem?

  • Lynda Kempland
    Lynda Kempland

    She has to be in pain. #FarmLife

  • Novisha Rivera
    Novisha Rivera

    I can't believe Houston so big. ,

  • Zane Donaghey
    Zane Donaghey

    When are y’all going to build Houston’s fish pond

  • Christy Lane
    Christy Lane

    Hey every farm has to do what's best for their farm and on a happy note I love Whopper's excitement

  • Lora Harris
    Lora Harris

    Don’t worry about it. Most people understand. Your cow is so cute.

  • jessie ratcliff
    jessie ratcliff

    Omgosh very handsome Huston. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 🌳 he’s just like you Dad. Just making a true life statement. God bless.

  • Anne Parisi
    Anne Parisi

    Whopper looks like he’s enjoying the farm, lol

  • Sandy Specht
    Sandy Specht

    Gotta have the funds to keep the farm running 🏃‍♀️

  • Starlene Kalinski
    Starlene Kalinski

    Your animals are well cared for while they're with you. Commercial ranchers rarely have contact with humans and do not receive the care they need or deserve. I raise goats, band the males and sell them privately to individuals. They are mostly French Alpine, but this year I couldn't get the three ducklings that I kept for breeders moved over to the buck pen and I don't know which buck was the sire so I can't register these goats even though they're purebred Alpines. I'm selling this years crop for $150 for the does and $100. For the bucks.

  • Deanna Klaassen
    Deanna Klaassen

    But if someone wanted to adopt her I don’t understand why you wouldn’t let them? The ride to auction is going to be painful for her.

  • Steve Martinez
    Steve Martinez

    When I was young and living on a farm with animals, one thing that we never did was name any of them. When it came time to slaughter (we did all of our own animals) them my mother was a little apprehensive about me being there, but I and my father insisted on it (I was only around 7 years old or so). I wanted to learn. My uncle happened to be a butcher, and I was also able to take part in the processing and wrapping up different cuts, making sausage, etc.

  • TJ Jurake
    TJ Jurake

    Here in Ontario Canada you would not only be fined for transporting that doe she would be humanely euthanised by a licensed veterinarian at the auction facility. You could slaughter her on your farm and put her in your own freezer. She is not fit for transport.

  • MKS

    That is why I re-home cats, don't have to put them in the freezer. I understand the farm life. Lived on a working ranch for 4 and 1/2 years working Corrientes and they are not pets. The processing part breaks my heart but I do love a good steak. So I have inner conflicts. Some people don't understand the cost and humane factor. If people did, they would appreciate their food more.

  • Part Time Farmer
    Part Time Farmer

    I saw a chart showing goat prices are staying up this year instead of dropping off in late spring like usual. I'm sure price will go down in the summer. Probably a good move by going ahead and selling them.

  • Betty Gibson
    Betty Gibson

    I couldn’t raise animals for food! I get to attached to them, they turn into my pets! I know it happens but not on my watch!

  • WorkingMans PHD
    WorkingMans PHD

    Rufus you fat lard come eat your dinner! Lol

  • Pamela Rogers
    Pamela Rogers

    Glad you raise your kids to realize that animals have to give back to the farm and homestead. I teach mine the same.

  • Cee Park
    Cee Park

    I get that all the time, "why don't you keep that goat, rabbit, chicken?" We raise them for meat and sell some to pay for the feed of the others, people just don't understand. Feed costs keep going up also. Keep doing what you know is best, forget the naysayers.

  • Linda Brittain
    Linda Brittain

    I have taken many farm animals to the auction. I would however not subjected the crippled doe to the stress of the auction. I would have processed her at home. But that is just me.

  • Christine Cataraso
    Christine Cataraso

    You do you! Don’t get others bring you down. Everyone is going to be giving opinions. But they are they’re opinions not yours. God blessed you and your family to have what you have. Don’t let others knock you down. Please have a blessed day.

  • Chelsea sparkes
    Chelsea sparkes

    Barn animals are breed to feed us tbh that one goat that can't move her back legs kindest thing to do is to be put to sleep. That isn't a good thing keeping her alive her way of life is affected

  • Ashley

    Sad that you would ship a crippled goat to a sale. Why not euthanize her instead of putting her through all that stress.

  • Lu Wrolstad
    Lu Wrolstad

    Whopper sure is frisky!

  • TM

    Here small younge goats here start at 60 most 120 to 160 in the ag ads. Not specific to bred. Here goat soap, certified a couple of goat ranches/ dairy produce market milk, yogurt, cheese, meat. But not many.

  • TM

    What is goat meat bought/ used for on the market? They do not sell goat meat at the big stores. Can dogs or cats eat goat.?

  • 24bidy

    That kind of money you made on those goats are laughable. Good thing you have YT channel and make tons of cash on it.

  • Peggy Bowe
    Peggy Bowe

    Whopper was having a ball out there. Like a bird out of a cage! LOL! Fun to watch him!

  • Beverly Giroux
    Beverly Giroux

    Just love watching Whopper frolic! He makes me smile! Bev in Maine

  • Beverly Giroux
    Beverly Giroux

    Yes, it’s a working farm. Simple! When you finish traveling with the trailer, WHY don’t you take the hose, and spray the inside, to clean out the poop? It just looks so unhealthy. Besides....the poop will make good fertilizer, if you dump it! Especially in a compost pile.

  • Mathew Thomas
    Mathew Thomas

    Starting to sound like a real farm with the baby chicks and the roosters

  • Lori Chaulk
    Lori Chaulk

    So how many goats do you have ?