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  • Shelly Huckabay
    Shelly Huckabay

    I happy you got your toy! Haven't been able to see all your videos lately, so I was pleasantly surprised!

  • Diesels & Driveways
    Diesels & Driveways

    What grappler you have there buddy?

  • TEXAN1845

    There’s your problem lady !

  • Charles Rushlow
    Charles Rushlow

    Please Daniel respond to all the concerns about off road riding and and not wearing helmets and Ppe this is so dangerous what is your reasoning I just don’t get it ? I have always looked up to you and your family value but it seems that you have changed into what a lot of other you tube channels have done I can name them off but I am trying to get an explanation from you I just don’t get it!!!!! Dj don’t let this turn into a horrible accident!

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    Nice to see yall back to warmer weather and able to go have some fun.

  • LiL’ Bit Acres Ricky & Dana
    LiL’ Bit Acres Ricky & Dana

    Curious- have you ever considered using a air hose to blow off the scattered fertilizer on your Kubota since water activates it?

  • Lucas Schievelbein
    Lucas Schievelbein

    Houston is funny

  • Duane Taylor
    Duane Taylor

    Nitrogen/phosphate/potash in that order .;)

  • Sandy Adams Higgins
    Sandy Adams Higgins

    Awesome favorite

  • Dyana Mullican
    Dyana Mullican

    We use composted earth for our yard. Works great. We already put it on our garden. Thanks for sharing with us. God bless.

  • Rose Wright
    Rose Wright

    Did you get the roof fixed that the tree fell/brushed on ??

  • Ansley Kinnamon
    Ansley Kinnamon

    You and Houston are making a lifetime of amazing memories. ❤

  • leslie barger
    leslie barger

    That looks like a lot of fun

  • Mark Simonar
    Mark Simonar

    Don't know why you didn't run the bucket on the tractor and load the bags of fertilizer in the bucket. It would have saved trips back to the shop.b

  • David Ross
    David Ross

    Arms Men are bullet-proof? No helmets. Safety??

  • Donna Bowers
    Donna Bowers

    Good evening arms family. Work is never done call glad to see you guys are out there having fun, good wholesome fun. I am in agreement, we need to see you guys go turkey Hunt’s, just a thought. Not night y’all. Blessings to everyone.

  • Kim Mattler
    Kim Mattler

    Good fun, except for Houston squealing like a banshee ... gotta stop doing that buddy, your Dad will loose his eardrums, hee hee. Kim in New Zealand

  • Carla Walker
    Carla Walker

    I think I like seeing father and son bonding over some fishing, to dangerous for me.

  • kelly harris
    kelly harris

    Earl is getting big

  • Maria Graciano
    Maria Graciano

    You guys should do turky hunt this spring

  • Maria Graciano
    Maria Graciano



    W O W, THAT WAS FUN !!!!!

  • Dennis Campbell
    Dennis Campbell

    I guess I missed the work potion of this video,it must of been feed livestock. After seeing that sidewall puncher maybe a spare tire mounted on vehicle or just one thrown in the bed of your truck might be good idea

  • Carol Desjean
    Carol Desjean

    Looks like my buddy Houston is getting a little braver once he gets used to getting muddy You’ll be all set

  • Rl Outfitters
    Rl Outfitters

    You can tell danial likes his new toy

  • Elijah Howell
    Elijah Howell

    Danial just got merch in very nice

  • Fowler Family Farm
    Fowler Family Farm

    Whoppers about ready for the big day.

  • pauline Kenyon
    pauline Kenyon

    Love your channel but when are you starting on the rv .would you ever get chicken's for food and layers chicken for eggs.

  • Daisy Kennedy
    Daisy Kennedy

    Awwwww look at the puppy!!! Haven’t seen him in awhile. Your daughter should put the puppy updates on her page so we can see him grow.

  • Kevin Asbery
    Kevin Asbery

    Hi Daniel! I have a suggestion for you to help cut down on flat tires on the Polaris. There’s a product called TireJect. It’s kinda like Slime only better. I put it in both of my 4 wheelers that were leaking air like crazy and I haven’t had a flat tire since. Check it out on UZload and Amazon.

  • Laura ann Tippit
    Laura ann Tippit

    Sharing with Houston I think is fantastic

  • Soil Mates of Georgia
    Soil Mates of Georgia

    Get some clover seed out there to add the nitrogen for you. Deer and your animals will love it too. Maybe some basic fescue (Kentucky 31) in the mix wouldn't hurt for basic soil cover and forage.

  • Anthony Piligno
    Anthony Piligno

    Looks like a great time.... JJ..

  • Robert Ware
    Robert Ware

    hi my family rides to up at crossbar we would love to meat you up there one day

  • Brian Forrest
    Brian Forrest

    Y’all guys are having to much fun lol 😆

  • Elaine Curtis
    Elaine Curtis

    poor dusty tractor!

  • Robert Cribb
    Robert Cribb

    Nice that you can enjoy time like that with your family and friends after the work is done of course

  • Cory Brown
    Cory Brown

    Dnt bring Queen Houston 4X4 in the side by side lol.

  • Pixics

    You have to have some heavy machinery living on a homestead. It is not cheap at all.

    • Pixics

      Those dune buggies look so fun

  • todd danielson
    todd danielson

    You seem to have every piece of equipment under the sun. Might as well add a power spray washer to the list!

    • Pixics

      Homesteading is not cheap

  • Billy Ray
    Billy Ray

    that was cool its like being there in the front seat. thanks for the fun and another great video.

  • David Ray
    David Ray

    Houston, you scream like a little girl! Try workin' on a manly type YELL, no more screamin' my boy. 😉

    • Tanya Bailey
      Tanya Bailey

      LOL, he's only a little boy of 8, he's not going to have a manly yell until his voice changes in a few years.

  • Cotton Top
    Cotton Top

    I’m so sorry but could you remind me where to get personalized cow ear tags. Thanks

  • Janl Holland
    Janl Holland

    Lol Huston how did it go again lol as they kinda say in Sandlot "You scream like a girl" lol. Houston your lucky your dad is as crazy and fun like mine use to be trust me you will remember everything. Your kids someday are going to love the stories, plus its giving you the love and the knowledge to pass on. Thats going to make you a great father someday. Thank you for making my day and making me belly laugh I have to have heart surgery in a couple of weeks I really needed this. Love from Wheaton Illinois

    • Nirrrina

      I certainly remember the times my dad let me take risks but was always there to catch me. Good Luck on your heart surgery. I pray it goes really great & you heal quickly.

    • Pixics

      Best of luck on the heart surgery, that doesn't sound fun.

  • Ginger Reid
    Ginger Reid

    Work first then play....wish the rest of the country understood that...grin....boys and their toys...

    • Pixics

      I definitely agree.

  • Karen MAcgyver2
    Karen MAcgyver2

    Daniel saying is "my brain thinks fast than my mouth can keep up with !!!" LOL. LOVE IT ,IM ALWAYS DOING SAME THING ,Bless ya'll

  • Lyn Brown
    Lyn Brown

    Sorry the message was bent for Hidden Heights and ended up on yours

  • Lyn Brown
    Lyn Brown

    My thought was the garage when she first got hurt untill you found out what happened and if she was ok after losing all that blood.

  • Lawanna Morgan
    Lawanna Morgan

    Houston’s face!! 😂😂 He’s getting out!


    What a great way to blow off some steam and really great father son bonding!!! Enjoy your time together. ❤

  • Judy drouhard
    Judy drouhard

    Come on Houston. Next time don’t scream like a girl. HAVE FUN!!!😊. Know you love it!

  • Caroline Lantz
    Caroline Lantz


    • Pixics

      I like this

  • Debbie Carr
    Debbie Carr

    Love watching you on Facebook as well, but I check you out on U Tube first. Your videos make my day! Debbie Carr, North Idaho

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee

    Sweet glad y'all had a blast i did just by watching. Y'all have a blessed week.

  • Lake Cameron
    Lake Cameron

    I’m 11 and I wish I could have grown up in the old days but at least I’m being raised this way camping hunting and fishing

    • Pixics

      You are getting great life skills early, I wish I knew how to hunt and fish.

  • Gary Glendenning
    Gary Glendenning

  • reckem rick
    reckem rick

    Just an idea ,throw a bunch of bags of ferilizer in your loader bucket that way you don't have to keep running back to the shed to fill up when you run out out in the field and you don't have to load up the spreader with so much at a time!!!!Helmets are highly recommended when 4wheeling (ie flying rocks ) just saying!

  • Sienna

    Can you please do a creek fishing video!?

  • Boxer Lover aka Valerie
    Boxer Lover aka Valerie

    Looks like so much fun, I would do it if I had a chance.

  • boedacres

    I didnt realise that creek was that close. Dont you worry about it flooding your house? Man you nuts for not having a helmet. Better safe than sorry. If you get thrown hard to one side and hit your head on those bars your going to regret it or even roll over a helmet IS going to save you life. Also recommend gloves and goggles you must have eye protection Your friend has the lighted flag poles i was telling you about.You got to get some.

  • CJ

    Daniel, I am always amazed at how good the quality of your videos are. The amount of different camera angles, and points of view are spot on. If you ever run out of content, I would love to see a video of how you make your videos. I can't imagine the work that goes into each one. Great job as always. Thanks for the endless hours of entertainment. Have a great day, and God Bless.

  • Kenneth Ethier
    Kenneth Ethier

    what about uri grass.... After watching this whole video.I think of the times growing up and fishing with my dad. Being a gofor...this gofor that and the true blessing. it was. Helping fixing things. He took me shooting a few times but was not my thing. who. to know. when he took my brother. he was the marksman in the marines. and who life career in army.... My dad. took his life by the gun.. Seeing. you and Houston and Emily. they remember in years to come....Your. family is a true blessing. I still looking. for rocks for I love. rocks to Houston. kathy

  • yvonneq arwine
    yvonneq arwine

    you need to wash and wax your tractor

  • Jules Miles
    Jules Miles

    LOL @ houston screaming like a girl

  • Drew Makatura
    Drew Makatura

    Just an idea... you can plant red clover it will serve two purposes one put nitrogen into the ground naturally and provide healthy forage for most grass eating animals

  • donna * Lovin’ Texas
    donna * Lovin’ Texas

    Houston get wet and muddy and have fun! I grew up in the 60s and 70s..we didnt have equipment like today. If someone asked us if we wanted to ride with them and possibly get wet and muddy we would have been running and jumping in! The only thing my parents could afford for us were bicycles and pirogues. We had pirogue races and would also sink them in the shallow end of the pond and then work at pulling them up out of the water. No video games, 4 wheelers etc just friends and imaginations. But we had a blast every day. I grew up in northwest Louisiana so we did catch a lot of crawfish in the hand or with bacon on a string. We caught a snapping turtle once. I felt something glide across my foot under water..a snake maybe? Who knows.. A lot of good memories come from getting wet and dirty. Have fun and God Bless.

  • Judy Ann Giese
    Judy Ann Giese

    Why you ain't got a 4 point harness on that Razor Daniel?🤔 Houston afraid of mud? 😛🤣

  • im no rookie cowboy pt2
    im no rookie cowboy pt2

  • Astrid Belsaas
    Astrid Belsaas

    Work before pleasure as we say in Norway :)

  • Jaxon’s Bakeology
    Jaxon’s Bakeology

    Why is Houston scared of getting dirty? 🤣

  • Paula Jones
    Paula Jones

    Houston screaming like a Girl, how FUNNY LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • Sean Potter
    Sean Potter

    I love how he doesn't ask for. any subs or likes its amazing keep it up

  • Linda Knott
    Linda Knott

    Boyd and their toys. Glad to see you two so happy doing what you like.

  • Brad Bennnett
    Brad Bennnett

    Would like to see some kind of helmet on those tall hills. You turn that thing sideways and roll down the hill you wish you had one on. Better harnesses too

  • MK hunts treasure
    MK hunts treasure

    It’s nice to see you have fun but love to watch you feed the animals.

  • Brad Bennnett
    Brad Bennnett

    Lol...talkin faster than your brain. You sound like Dutch!!!!

  • Brad Bennnett
    Brad Bennnett

    Look like you need to fill under that sidewalk by the garage

  • mark kelley
    mark kelley

    DANIEL, PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR SON ! I've seen it way to much, When you taught your kids to hunt, did you just hand them a gun and stick'um in a blind ? NO !! You taught them gun safety first ! Children learn by example, And you should be the LEADER here ! Don't "Wait" till it happens, PUT ON A HELMET ! And make DAMN SURE everyone else has one on ! What are you thinking ? Some of those 'rocks' are flying off the tires of ANY ATV can be traveling 100MPH.... Do you know how FAR it can go ? And like the rock your riding buddy was holding at the end of video, the smaller ones fly further ! I've rode since I was 5yrs. old been hit with ALOT of rocks, The one that ruined my $125.00 helmet, Is the one that DIDN"T KILL ME ! Always have the right protection when riding ! Sorry for the long comment, but I'm kind of upset on this one, you dropped the ball.

    • Nirrrina

      Damn I already agreed about the helmet but I didn't realize the rocks would go flying like that. It doesn't make sense not to wear a helmet. Especially since they're already wearing goggles. I sure hope he sees your comment & changes things.

  • Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan

    Great job super video cheers guys. Chris from England.

  • Mick's backyard Aquaponics
    Mick's backyard Aquaponics

    That looks like a lot of fun yous to had there an it was great to see it there. 👍👍

  • Marilyn Wiley
    Marilyn Wiley

    Where is your HELMENT!!!!

  • Sharon Nowlin
    Sharon Nowlin

    Lots of work done!! And NOW Daniel you are in training to be as WILD as your friends. But you and Houston are having lots of Dad & Son FUN together !!

  • Grizzly D
    Grizzly D

    That was so cool. It’s so fun watching what you will do next.

  • Griffin Lukins
    Griffin Lukins

    Why don’t you try the hard things with the razor that’s the whole part of it is to have fun and do stupid stuff

  • Mrs. Hidden Heights Farm
    Mrs. Hidden Heights Farm

    Oh what fun! 💜💪

  • Ms Bee
    Ms Bee

    Back in the day, my Grandfather would have controlled burns of the dead leaves and such, which helped to add nutrients to the soil. He would add the ashes from burn piles to the soil too.

  • Duck Landes
    Duck Landes

    My brother builds and repairs rock crawlers in Nevada. He came for a visit and brought an old Jeep with Ford 302 engine and Ford 411 rear end in it. I took him to all the local 4x4 spots in my area. After he easily climbed everything I threw at him he let me know that he never even locked in the front hubs. Here's a short video of one of his other rigs;,_Bronco_Canyon_NV.mp4

  • Virginia Currey
    Virginia Currey

    Wow! How very nice to have equipment to do the heavy work. That would have been a great amount of walking. Want to know my thoughts on you loving these terrain events: 🤔. It comes from being contained as a traffic policeman 👨‍✈️. for so many years, and chasing law breakers. 🥴🤪. In my younger years My husband and me would have loved doing this! That hill run looks very dangerous for the vehicle to turn over. You can have as much fun being safer. Gee, makes me wonder what all Houston will be doing when he gets to be a teenager! He will always remember doing this with dad! At least, Houston your dad has safety first instilled in his nature! Fun day! 👏👏👏

  • Julie Melnychuk
    Julie Melnychuk

    Lol, wash off the fertilize on the grass. Now your drive is going to start sprouting, lol. Yep, ya need bear claw tires. Some of that ride was too steep for me. Glad you had fun.👍

  • R Guzman
    R Guzman

    Hey Daniel every thing look great out keep up the good work my friend Robert Guzman

  • angela sheppard
    angela sheppard

    Do you shear the alpacas and then sell the fleece?

  • Duck Landes
    Duck Landes

    34-O-O. I've often wondered why Americans call a Zero "Oh". So I googled it. The Oxford English Dictionary says it's because "Zero" is "too long" to pronounce. And we wonder why people now days abbreviate whole words as a single letter. Whole words are too long.

  • James Russell
    James Russell

    Broadcasting that fertilizer with the Kubota is the ticket. Sure beats walking around with a broadcaster strapped on your back.

  • TheBark-A-Roos

    I don't know how you think that's fun. Lol! I was so stressed watching. I had to close my eyes a couple times.

    • Nirrrina

      It would freak me out some too. Except I try to remember that they wouldn't be posting it if anything had happened. Plus those things are made to be able to safely roll.

  • Marcia Borg
    Marcia Borg

    Loved the video

  • Claire Miller
    Claire Miller

    Things will be green St Patrick’s dsy

  • O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead
    O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead

    I bought ebay for about 160 dollars Aussie electric pump lines and auto cut off bowser. Awesome. 🥰👍better than hand pumping

  • Dawn Everix
    Dawn Everix

    If I was younger yeehaw that would have been fun, now I think you're just crazy LOL loved watching it

  • susamdful

    I guess this is better than wasting your time at the poker table! Lol.

  • Charles Wise
    Charles Wise

    Another year, and Houston will be driving that thing! Emmalee will be jealous! LOL!

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