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  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith

    Being annoyed by you making a living isn't being very supportive. Do as many as you want. My condolences to you and your family

  • CHRISTINE Novell
    CHRISTINE Novell

    ve got to earn a living for your family needs

  • CHRISTINE Novell
    CHRISTINE Novell

    why isnt Houston wearing his helmet on his bike

  • Lola SweetLola
    Lola SweetLola

    I like the sponsored videos too. As small farm newbie’s it’s a great help to see not only how you manage your farm, but also what equipment is available, and how to use it. I like all of your vids🥰. From Australia 🇦🇺❤️

  • Julie Arbuckle
    Julie Arbuckle

    I understand that this is something you are experienced with, but as someone who lives in an area with low humidity and frequent "red flag" days... this makes me nervous to watch!!

  • Daniel’s world S
    Daniel’s world S

    And my name is Daniel

  • Tami Hoffman
    Tami Hoffman

    Sorry about the loss of your grandfather.

  • Billy Schieweck
    Billy Schieweck

    I’m only nine but my dad‘s a fire fighter yeah 20

  • Billy Schieweck
    Billy Schieweck

    You weren’t supposed to do that you could get in big trouble

  • Ron Porter
    Ron Porter

    No wonder you didn't wanna stay inside I wouldn't either n when my great grandmother passed away I stayed where the reception was for like 4 hrs after it finished n just chilled with some family members n didn't really talk just drank to much n by to much I mean like 12 scooners which is bout 7 pints

  • Sue Hyde
    Sue Hyde


  • linda christison
    linda christison

    I am sorry for your loss of your Grandfather. He would want you to keep busy during this time. I live at the beach. It is crowded around here. I go to our Urban Forest and walk 4 miles so I can be out in nature. You are lucky to be on your 110 acres. Have a good week and God Bless you and your family.

  • Lynn Mcfatter
    Lynn Mcfatter

    Daniel, your OG followers will understand UZload/social media is your income. If someone has an issue with a small adjustment to a few sponsored videos to cover the loss of FB, then that’s stupid. People need to make a living, your making very smart financial decisions. 👍🏼 Keep up the great work! You and your family have such a calm and laid back demeanor, yet always busy; your lifestyle is a dream. ❤️

  • Joshua Rose
    Joshua Rose

    why do you burn the grass

  • d barnett
    d barnett

    just be real ( yourself ), that's why we follow you guys

  • Adrian Brent
    Adrian Brent

    Aw man. That's some hoeness. Sorry about you're grandpa dawg. keep your head up.Bless up.

  • Renita Meares
    Renita Meares

    Do people get criticized for going to work? Do they send complaints to networks about commercials when they watch their favorite programs? What you show can be useful to us. Please ignore them. I searched UZload about the stacking garden tower, that’s how I found you.

  • Dean DiMatteo vlogs
    Dean DiMatteo vlogs


  • Treyce Epps
    Treyce Epps


  • Dakota Duree
    Dakota Duree

    Daniel I know that You are trying to stay cool calm and collected about your Facebook page however you may want to get an attorney. The fact is Facebook does not like here while alive and their people they get his funny to put you through a rigorous process.

  • Cherie' Frank
    Cherie' Frank


  • Anthony Perkins
    Anthony Perkins

    Sorry to hear about your Grandfather!! GOD Bless!!

  • Brittany Hart
    Brittany Hart

    How come Facebook can't fix the demonitization? They know you were hacked. How is that on you? Sorry about your Grandfather.

  • Vernon Barnett
    Vernon Barnett

    Prayers for You and Your family

  • Bruce's Hatfiel
    Bruce's Hatfiel

    I enjoy your family. Do what you have to do and thanks for being honest:)

  • Beverly Weaver
    Beverly Weaver

    I'm so sorry for your loss, you and your family are in my prayers. May your Grandpa rest in peace. The Lord blessed him and your family with his long life. I really don't mind the sponsor videos, I learn about some really interesting things in the ones that I've seen. Im sure most of your followers will understand the loss yall took when your Facebook page got shut down. Hey, if thousands of ppl can sit and watch Lester set the countryside on fire without notifying the local fire department first then ramble on and on, we can watch yall too. Lol. Just joking. I like your videos, they are entertaining and most of the time, I learn something. God bless ❤🙏

  • Ian Young
    Ian Young

    My grandfather past away to sorry for your loss

  • Ted

    Sorry for your loss. The camo hoodies were great but the bright white logo sort of defeated the purpose of camo. I'd like to see it with a brown or olive drab. logo.

  • Carol Smith
    Carol Smith

    I don't mind your sponsor videos.

  • David Hoover
    David Hoover

    My condolences to you and your family for the loss of your grandfather

  • Sissy Simpson
    Sissy Simpson

    that makes me so nervous just watching

  • Debbie Bull
    Debbie Bull

    My condolences to you and your family. RIP grandpa Arms. God bless. ✌🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️

  • Cody Ryan
    Cody Ryan

    If u Transfer that money into your bank account that well never happen when making money on UZload and Facebook whatever the money goes on transfer money to ur bank account

  • Wayne Schnare
    Wayne Schnare

    You have a right to make a living , anyone who does not like sponsored shows , should pay you what you would get !! They make a living , why can't you , They can FF past the ad part . Do not be sorry about it !!!

  • Cody Ryan
    Cody Ryan

    U need get in cattle get like 20 or 60 mama

  • SMG

    Don't apologize for making a living man! Keep doing it the way you want and everything else will come.

  • Tracy Ninia
    Tracy Ninia

    So very sorry to hear about your grandfather passing. He would be proud of you. Healing prayers.

  • John Mullins
    John Mullins

    I am not certain that you know what the term busybody means. It is not some one that keeps doing things.

  • Muleshoe Outdoors
    Muleshoe Outdoors

    I am starting my own channel and I look up to yall cause I have a farm to

  • Laurie Weichelt
    Laurie Weichelt

    Daniel, you forgot to mention that burning is GOOD for the land......the Indians also did it!

  • Brayden Jackson
    Brayden Jackson

    so that is how wild fire are made

  • Jennifer Phillips
    Jennifer Phillips

    so sorry to her that:( you are good at brning.

  • Laura Mason
    Laura Mason

    My condolences on the loss of your grandfather. 💜💜 I don't think you should apologize for the ads or sponsored videos. This is your job, your paycheck that supports your family. And ad revenue is part of your paycheck. I watch your videos here and on fb, and I so enjoy your content, that watching the ads are my way to help you make a paycheck! So keep doing what you're doing, and I'll keep watching! 💜💜💜

  • Stacy

    Good job on the controlled burn! It gave me memories of when we did that on our farm when I was a kid.

  • Jamie Crady
    Jamie Crady

    How come i cannot comment or follow on Facebook? I can see other comments?

  • Leo Kelly
    Leo Kelly

    sorry for the loss of you grandfather R.I.P. you don't have to many sponsors in your videos if people have problems with it they are just being a KARAN at least your sponsored videos have something to do with your style of page/videos

  • Deana Schulte
    Deana Schulte

    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers..99..God Bless him!!! I've never had an issue with or thought you have too many ads either. I always enjoy your clips. Take care!


    Hey Daniel can you turkey hunt this year and the green grass because I’m thinking there was gonna be a lot of turkey 🦃

  • Honda boat
    Honda boat

    So sorry for your loss I lost my great uncle of Covid

  • Ronald Thomas
    Ronald Thomas

    My granddaughter hardly ever takes her donkey poodle ranch hoodie off and its pretty warm here in Texas now

  • Carolyn Ensor
    Carolyn Ensor

    I will not watch any sponsors videos! If I start watching and you do a sponsored video I be gone!

  • Ghost

    Just wanted to say "thanks" !!!

  • Christy Lane
    Christy Lane

    So sorry for your loss on another note no Bigfoot running through saw that video on t.v.


    May your Grandfather rest in peace! Houston, where's your helmet? Love your videos, God bless!

  • Alexander Henshaw
    Alexander Henshaw

    Decided to just watch via UZload when FB was hacked. Love watching and seeing how things are going. Sorry to hear about your GrandFather. Know he lived a great life and is with his Savior now. God Bless you and all your family during this time.

  • LINDA Scott
    LINDA Scott

    Am sorry for your loss my mom is in hospital she's 91 so my kids are all concerned 😟 so I sure feel your pain but at the same time am thankful God has us our mom for so many years

  • Betty Ybarra
    Betty Ybarra

    Hi, Daniel I love your videos. I am so sorry

  • tina strimple
    tina strimple

    that is so true about burning

  • The Cc Twins Outdoor And Gaming
    The Cc Twins Outdoor And Gaming

    If I did that it would be going crazy and I would be getting smoked out sorry to here your grandfather died hope the best luck

  • Melissa LeDonne
    Melissa LeDonne

    I like it when you review adds. One thing I have to say helmets work I always wear one when riding motorcycle and four wheelers. I lost a friend to head injury because he didn't have a helmet on when riding motorcycle 😪.

  • Joshua Knestaut
    Joshua Knestaut

    Great video Daniel! This video really spoke to my heart, as a disabled Veteran and a TBI patient I can't work but I still like to stay busy. When the military retired me I had to move to the suburbs to help my kids/grandkids and I definitely feel like I am withering away.

  • Daniel Fachner
    Daniel Fachner

    Just don't drop the "Harry" videos. Lol!

  • Britton Bestafka
    Britton Bestafka

    I am so sorry for the loss 🙏🙏🙏

  • Britton Bestafka
    Britton Bestafka

    How is Houston doing this is Tucker i love yells videos I love hunting

  • Rider Strong
    Rider Strong

    Very sorry to hear of your Grandfather's passing you poor Dear Sweet Family.

  • Jackie Pollaccia
    Jackie Pollaccia

    Just out of curiosity why do you care so much about the grass being green on such a big farm. Let nature take its course it will green up on its own without burning the dead grass and leaves .

  • Joe Fyda
    Joe Fyda

    Sorry for the loss prayers. You do what you have to do to make money to support your family. If I don’t like it or have seen it a hundred times I can always fast 💨 forward. You do have a family to support!

  • Dylan

    How do you not have a drip torch with all the burning you do?

  • Anime Aunty
    Anime Aunty

    Daniel, please do not bow to the complaints. U make every dollar u can here please. We trust ur integrity, no worries.

  • Doing Things Different
    Doing Things Different

    Our condolences for your family 😔 Burning is so much fun and beneficial

  • Ansley Kinnamon
    Ansley Kinnamon

    I loved the gleam in Houston's eyes when you asked did he want to burn some stuff. Junior pyromainac. 😆😁😀

  • MooseZ71

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandfather. Prayers to your family. Great job managing your land for wildlife! But as a deer biologist, don't worry about trying to change the "genetics" of your herd. You won't be able to. Focus on giving them the best nutrition and letting them get some age. That is all you can do in a free range setting. I'd be glad to talk more about it with you. And we need to get you a drip torch for those fires so you don't have to keep bending over! It will help the burn too.

  • Skyler Daniel
    Skyler Daniel

    I don’t mind sponsored videos😁

  • Skyler Daniel
    Skyler Daniel

    I’m so sorry Daniel about your grandfather my thoughts and prayers are with you when you sit down and started talking and said that it went really deep.

  • bronevans56

    Don't apologise Daniel.. we all realised early on in hack that you'd suffer financially unfortunately.. I personally don't mind as we have to endure Facebook ads.. so what if every few videos you need to throw in sponsored ads to help feed etc your family and make up for hacked revenue.. Keep up your honesty and that's why I have no problem with it..

  • Charles Rushlow
    Charles Rushlow

    Houston why don’t you wear a helmet ? Daniel you had a career in law enforcement please explain why you don’t abide by the best safety guidelines are you one of them dads that think your minor children are excused from guidelines for proper use it does deserve an answer for all of us that do try to enforce it with our own family even on privately owned property. This is a respectable second request to you on this issue by me and many many others . Come on man man up !

  • Vickie

    I know that smells so good...Country smells

  • Dorene Nagy
    Dorene Nagy

    Loved the video. Houston really wanted to help burn. Teaching him young is the way to go. I'm sure that is how you learned. Sorry for your loss with your Grandfather. It's hard to say goodbye to our elders when it's time. Sound like he lived a long full life. Stay well, stay safe!

  • Reap What You Seaux
    Reap What You Seaux

    I missed the window on my hayfield burning it this year but the pine straw Burned well

  • Rose Lee
    Rose Lee

    How do you know the flames will be controlled. Houston is way to young to let him burn. That’s so foolish bcuz Houston is so rambunctious.

  • Caroline Lantz
    Caroline Lantz


  • Caroline Lantz
    Caroline Lantz


  • Linda l
    Linda l

    Has your family thought of freeze drying any harvested fruits, veggies or meats ...??? Compacting a lot of food for easy use and storage??? I’ve been waiting for Dutch to show more of what he’s doing...because I thinking of buying one ( freeze dryer )and I tend to believe the people on U TUBE that use those products, than regular commercials...in many ways any commercials that sponsor you, are good products...very helpful and useful information ...no need to apologize, I’ve become more aware of how to do things a lot better now...God Bless your family and Thank You for your great vlogs !!!

    • Arms Family Homestead
      Arms Family Homestead

      Yes we actually just got one also. I’m still learning how to use it.

  • Debbie Miller
    Debbie Miller

    So sorry about your Grandfather. I'm in Cincinnati Ohio and we where hoodies off and on through May sometimes in the summer when it gets cooler out.

  • Janl Holland
    Janl Holland

    SO sorry to hear about your grandfather,my grandma lived til 95 and was sharp as a tac. God bless you all 💘 from Wheaton Illinois

  • Barbara ski
    Barbara ski

    Sorry for your loss of your Grandfather.

  • Kayla Davis
    Kayla Davis

    Also, so very sorry Daniel, for the loss of your Grandfather. Losing the elders is hard. God Bless you all.

  • Kayla Davis
    Kayla Davis

    BTW, didn't you all tell Houston when you bought him the 4 wheeler that he always had to wear his helmet? While we are at it, shouldn't all of you riding the big new mountain climbing 4 wheeler be wearing helmets? Just a thought...

  • Sammy Behrens
    Sammy Behrens

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather Daniel.

  • Barbara Newman
    Barbara Newman

    Why do people care about sponsored videos. What’s wrong with sharing products that might help someone else. They’re products that you use and I don’t believe you would promote something that you didn’t believe in. So sorry about your grandpa but man he lived a good long life. God bless him and your family. ♥️

  • Barbara Newman
    Barbara Newman

    That must smell amazing. I love burning leaves and wood.

  • Goon pope
    Goon pope

    Thank you do whatever you have to do sports your family

  • teresa Burke Dukes
    teresa Burke Dukes

    Sorry for your loss

  • Chase Willsey
    Chase Willsey

    Never thought you had too many sponsored videos. You provide free entertainment for my family, so I’m happy to hear about the companies sponsoring you. Also, excited to see the new merchandise. God bless.

  • Joey Eyler
    Joey Eyler

    I callt a great right shark that's not ugly like my cousin he's 7 he's a pec of trash

  • mike moreno
    mike moreno

    Have you tried a flame thrower ?

  • Christine Ortmann
    Christine Ortmann

    Don’t apologize for sponsors - it’s your channel. Sorry for your loss of your grandfather and the lost revenue. Praying the Lord recovers your losses seven fold!!

  • Mrs. Hidden Heights Farm
    Mrs. Hidden Heights Farm

    Watching the leaves burn is sooo satisfying. Makes me want to go burn some leaves. I think you have just the right balance of sponsored ads. Most of us realize that you choose very carefully the products you suggest and work with & I'm sure you turn a ton down because either you don't like the product or its not relevant to your channel. Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. You will be in our prayers.

  • Tim

    Don't apologize for making money

  • Sergio Valadez
    Sergio Valadez

    You just like my dad he is a busy guy

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