Houston's First Bass of 2021!
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  • Arms Family Homestead
    Arms Family Homestead

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    • Jennifer Aiken
      Jennifer Aiken

      I have seen Harry's at Costco just a few months ago. Great product.

    • Billy Garrett
      Billy Garrett

      Bro try 🎣 your creek the sand bass are about to start running up your creek. We the water starts flowing they will pile up.

    • Bastiaan Borman
      Bastiaan Borman

      U have 2 meet up with shiner sam UZload Chanel en feed his bass in his pont all 8+ bass even sam of 13 a 14 lol check out his video's

    • Sara Sommers
      Sara Sommers

      Ordered green

    • Kathy Marshall
      Kathy Marshall

      💋 him n tell him to bring you his Daddy. Good catch.

  • Chris G10
    Chris G10

    Why do i feel like the comment that’s not all that they were doing was s**

  • CHRISTINE Novell
    CHRISTINE Novell

    do you eat the bass you catch fishing .......it would be yummy

  • CHRISTINE Novell
    CHRISTINE Novell

    Houston's like and old man before his time ,,,,,,,,,,,with what he comes out with ........

  • Keiston Ritchie
    Keiston Ritchie

    i lick your vedos sooooooooo muck

  • Lisha Fell
    Lisha Fell


  • Kole Vodvarka
    Kole Vodvarka

    Nice bass Houston

  • realan realan
    realan realan

    Greetings from Croatia. Love your fishing videos. Your dogs are really funny. Wish you and your family all the best. Keep doing more videos from your pond.

  • Cindy Wyckoff
    Cindy Wyckoff

    Houston what are you doing with the that you polish?

  • Brady Sales
    Brady Sales

    My first bass of 2021 was a nice one it weighed 5.41

  • Paul Burris
    Paul Burris

    Congrats Houston!! Your lucky young man to be able to fish with your dad! Mine passed away in june of 2020

  • Kathleen Dueppengiesser
    Kathleen Dueppengiesser

    April 1 is our time to fish

  • Kathleen Dueppengiesser
    Kathleen Dueppengiesser

    Woo hoo 2021

  • Kellen Mitchell
    Kellen Mitchell

    Good job ol bud

  • Logan Sorrow
    Logan Sorrow

    You need to catch more fish than talking

  • TEXAN1845

    Great channel y’all

  • Marion Hargett
    Marion Hargett

    Hi Houston!,im this accounts grandson I love your videos I was tha 7000th like so keep up the good vids my pb of this year is 3 pounds

  • Jennifer Jovingo
    Jennifer Jovingo

    I caught my first bass of 2021 today it was a 6 pounder

  • Linda Ford
    Linda Ford

    Yay, Houston. That is great. Keep going. You are a very good fisherman.

  • Nrgkeaneurdog Magic
    Nrgkeaneurdog Magic

    Omg he thought it was big bruh

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    Nice couple fish Houston, good job.

  • Cherie' Frank
    Cherie' Frank


  • Anthony Perkins
    Anthony Perkins

    Tumbled brown rocks are a type of Aget

  • Anthony Perkins
    Anthony Perkins

    Can't wait till Houston starts catching real big ones. Beautiful colored fish Daniel

  • Anthony Perkins
    Anthony Perkins

    Love Harry's, their Peppermint Face Wash is Awesome! Nice nice Houston

  • Martha Calkins
    Martha Calkins

    I don’t live in Michigan anymore, so I can’t send you one, but you need to get you a Petoskey Stone to polish up, Houston. It’s a kind of fossilized coral with a neat pattern to it, and exclusive to that area.

  • Isabella Adkins
    Isabella Adkins


  • Jaxon Dunnigan
    Jaxon Dunnigan

    Can you and Houston fish with Jimmy again.

  • Isaac Hunt
    Isaac Hunt

    That's nothing compared to the fish I catch

  • Diane Leahan
    Diane Leahan

    Do the Amazonite stones Houston...they are a beautiful stone when done!!!

  • Serling

    Lol, that eyebrow lift after Houston says, "I caught one." Go Houston!!!

  • Fishing man 25
    Fishing man 25

    do saltwater fishing

  • Joey Eyler
    Joey Eyler

    Have you called in a favor before because I have it was like a baby he's a good fisherman just like his dad

  • Joey Eyler
    Joey Eyler

    I callt a 10 pounder

  • Weston Chasteen
    Weston Chasteen

    I live in Oklahoma and I hope to meet Houston sometime

  • Lynn Mcfatter
    Lynn Mcfatter

    Houston: “can we just fish” 😂 My kinda guy right there. Get to it! LOL

  • Heritage Homestead of Cape Cod
    Heritage Homestead of Cape Cod

    Houston is killing the intro these days! Good job 😊

  • Greg Bouchard
    Greg Bouchard

    Hi mate how are u OK mate u do a really good one on here mate keep up the good work on here mate how are u OK mate u do a really good job on here mate keep up the

  • Lynn Yeaman
    Lynn Yeaman

    You going to need more polishing dust Wow that’s a lot of Rocks from all over the world ...... congratulations Houston!!!

  • Diana Dollar
    Diana Dollar

    Glad to seewa a sdad d ad who lioks at his children as a blesssinginstead of an expense. Keep on keeping on.

  • Lynn Yeaman
    Lynn Yeaman

    Best quote of the day “All I saw was water” Good job ya’all

  • Diana Dollar
    Diana Dollar

    Love the pondtoonfrom pond kibg.

  • Michelle Bosworth
    Michelle Bosworth

    Just a suggestion Daniel..ya might wanna think about getting scuba gear to recover all the tackle you all lose. Love your videos and ♥️ the way you help other you tubers. God bless you and your family.

  • gracee sewell
    gracee sewell

    that big rock is called a sedimentary rock! it’s made of lots of tiny rocks

  • Harper Phelan
    Harper Phelan


  • Carolyn Messer
    Carolyn Messer

    Loved this video I love fishing too . Houston is a fine young man , he had the personality to be anything he wants but , can we keep him little for a a while longer ok lol your a great dad Daniel God bless you 💕🙏💕

  • Carolyn Messer
    Carolyn Messer

    Bought Harry’s two years ago he really likes it , would recommend it definitely 👏👏

  • Angie Daniel
    Angie Daniel

    Look up the meaning of those rocks. Powder stones

  • Saxxon Martin
    Saxxon Martin

    Tell him I said good job

  • Catfish Hunter
    Catfish Hunter

    Before I waste 28 minutes of my life on watching this video I give it 5 thumbs down.

  • Laurie Wells
    Laurie Wells

    Poor Bella she looks sad sitting over here waiting for you guys

  • Frank Bollotino
    Frank Bollotino

    How old is Houston 20 , 25 ! LOL

  • marion ward
    marion ward

    Break the rocks into more tumbler friendly size

  • Stephani Lucey
    Stephani Lucey

    favorite fam

  • reckem rick
    reckem rick

    That weird looking rock is dinosaur DODO

  • Lynda Lynch
    Lynda Lynch

    Sure have missed Houston and your family

  • Cowboy 2131
    Cowboy 2131

    Nice way to start a year!!

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor


  • Winnie Fernandes
    Winnie Fernandes

    Amazing to watch lovely nice catch..

  • Russell Shoemaker
    Russell Shoemaker

    Hi Houston, It was nice to see you fishing with you Dad in your pond! Also happy that you got your box of minerals to tumble. Wish you much success in the days and weeks ahead in your rock hounding hobby!

  • Warren Wall
    Warren Wall

    I've bred many tilapia over the years and wouldn't be surprised if some survived .

  • Terry Minnick
    Terry Minnick


  • Lawrence Baysinger
    Lawrence Baysinger

    Largemouth develop spots in the winter that disappear in the summer.

  • Lawrence Baysinger
    Lawrence Baysinger

    Watched a video of the deep freeze in Texas killing off the tilapia. The biggest ones hit close to 5 pounds.

  • garland Fraley
    garland Fraley

    Good one

  • Linda Winters
    Linda Winters

    WOW! What a Bass!! And what a Fisherman Houston is!!! I love Houson's new Rockhound hobby, and I'm jealous of his already collection! CarryOn, you'all! Blessings, Lyn 💃

  • Tamera Long
    Tamera Long

    You know that you guys can bust up some of the larger rocks before you tumble them.

  • collin Johnson
    collin Johnson

    Hi houston we love you bro

  • Ansley Kinnamon
    Ansley Kinnamon

    Way to go Houston!!!

  • Quest Hallman
    Quest Hallman

    Just found your channel. 21 year SC State Trooper here. Getting close to retirement. It was cool to hear my hometown of Greenwood, SC mentioned. Love the video.


    “That better be all they were doing” that killed me

  • Judd Behrens
    Judd Behrens

    I like your video blue razor

  • Laurrene Berry
    Laurrene Berry

    Words can't say how I've enjoyed Huston and you today.

  • Marco Siciliano
    Marco Siciliano

    Houston is turning into and amazing young man. I remember when Emelie ate the sardine (she was so brave to even have done that) but Houston was so small in that video. Keep up the amazing work guys 👍

  • Sharon Atkins
    Sharon Atkins

    Bella's a funny dog she made me smile just chilln : )

  • Brad Bennnett
    Brad Bennnett

    I wanna see a slide at the creek this year. And maybe a skip line across it

  • Ty Townsend
    Ty Townsend

    Love the video

  • Annie Oakley
    Annie Oakley

    cannot believe Houston is only 8. What a wonderful life you are proviing. Hard work can have its rewards

  • J. Walker
    J. Walker

    Okay Blonde headed Houston kissing the bass. and neighbor being who he is.

  • Grizzly D
    Grizzly D

    Nice job on catching those bass. Those rocks are so cool. Love the father son time you get with your son. Keep the great videos coming.

  • Claire Miller
    Claire Miller

    Great day for dawg fish lol

  • Peggy Bowe
    Peggy Bowe

    What a nice relaxing video! Thx for sharing.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Hey Daniel where can I order some of your merchandise?

  • xoxo xoxoxo
    xoxo xoxoxo

    Houston... Yup... Yup... Yup.. And extra Yup 🤣

  • xoxo xoxoxo
    xoxo xoxoxo

    Nobody loves that Homestead more than Bella lol. When u said that better be all they were doing 😂

  • xoxo xoxoxo
    xoxo xoxoxo

    Dang Houstons voice getting deeper and he keeps getting bigger and fast

  • Julia McIntyre
    Julia McIntyre

    I use my tumbler for polishing my handmade silver and copper jewelry. I love the rock tumbling Houston is doing. Ooooh Amazonite and Amethyst. I can't wait to see those.

  • Ryan Hurst
    Ryan Hurst

    I need Houston’s four wheeler for my son when he outgrows it. Enjoy the channel!

  • Julia McIntyre
    Julia McIntyre

    Now don't forget to teach Houston and Emily some carpentry and welding skills, which are obviously essential for farming, but really handy for all kinds of other professions. My mother taught me how to sew, and I credit that with my becoming an architect. My father taught me how to cook, garden and fish, and how to enjoy nature. You and DJ are doing an amazing job with your kids and your animals, which is my highest praise for anyone's life. I see love for your family in all your postings.

  • Darlene Nelson
    Darlene Nelson

    Ha ha...Weston wouldn’t do anything that you didn’t do at that age Dad....lol....does that scare you..😅😅

  • Jantiena Visser
    Jantiena Visser

    Man Houston is your little version :)

  • Linda Hipp
    Linda Hipp

    Houston looks so grown-up. DeeJay's heart must be broken. Loved watching you and Houston spending quality time together. GOD BLESS ARMS FAMILY HOMESTEAD FAMILY.

  • M.K. Carol
    M.K. Carol

    Houston needs a second rock tumbler.

  • Cary Brown
    Cary Brown

    Houston,in my judgement, you had the bigger fish!Ole Jimmy ought be proud you kissed your fish.

  • Tom Siklosi
    Tom Siklosi

    Awesome! Way to go Houston!👍 Those were nice bass you caught on what we, up here in Saskatchewan Canada 🇨🇦, call pickerel jigs. We don't have bass up here, but we have lots of pickerel, northern pike(we call them snakes), all kinds of trout and many others depending on what part of Saskatchewan we're fishing in as the province is vast and broken into far north, north, central(where I live) and south. Each area has it's own unique fish types. Then there is all of Canada, which is really vast and the millions of square miles of rivers and lakes(and 3 oceans) where there is a humongous variety of fish!😊🇨🇦

  • Jacob Cleaveland
    Jacob Cleaveland

    You should teach Houston to cast a bait caster

  • Diane Pewitt
    Diane Pewitt

    The pond boat makes me think of a small pontoon boat 😁 looks like fun for the size of the pond 👍. Congrats on the first bass of the year 👍👏🙏🏻😁🍀

  • Susan Frey
    Susan Frey

    Huston is growing up fast. Keep us posted on the rocks and what you do with them. God bless you from Michigan ❤

  • Jaxon Dunnigan
    Jaxon Dunnigan

    get that boy a baitcaster

  • Charles Rushlow
    Charles Rushlow

    Where is Houston’s helmet at his age is it legal to ride without one ? I know that the laws are different on private property and pubic in Michigan but tell us how you feel about it as a previous state trooper.