We Found a Nest of Baby Bald Eagles!
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  • Megan P.
    Megan P.

    This is the best video!! LOVE! 'Merica!

  • Evelyn Young
    Evelyn Young

    Nice , we have them in our back yard

  • James Weaver
    James Weaver

    Very cool.

  • Johan Runfeldt
    Johan Runfeldt

    Baby Eagles are called Chicks, or Eaglets. Had to write something for the algorithm.

  • Johan Runfeldt
    Johan Runfeldt

    Baby Eagles are called Chicks, or Eaglets. Had to write something for the algorithm.

  • Katherine Fisher
    Katherine Fisher

    That's pretty exciting! Here in Iowa you can watch eagles in Decorah on an eagle cam. Check it out!

  • Lawrence Baysinger
    Lawrence Baysinger

    Please check out a hog trap brand “big-pig”. The trap is made in 4 sections and has a camera connected by cellular so you can drop it when the entire sounder is in it. You can move it on a small trailer pulled behind a side-by-side.

  • Jackie Gates
    Jackie Gates

    I live across from a park and there are Bald Eagles that live in some of the trees there as well as Falcons and Hawks. Love to watch them all and to see them fly all over. There is a river beside the park in the back so it is popular with Birds. Not seen any babies though of either of the three Birds I mentioned. Thank you so very much for sharing. Great pictures God bless you and your family always.

  • Cheryl Clark
    Cheryl Clark

    This is so fantastic! What a wonderful experience.


    U S A ❤ 💗 🤍 💙 ❤

  • Dottie Gyles
    Dottie Gyles

    Thanks for the incredible video!

  • Theresa Carrington
    Theresa Carrington

    That was totally awesome!

  • A Time-Peace Garden
    A Time-Peace Garden

    Awesome!! I have a pair that fly near me, but I have not located the nest!!!

  • Betty McGillen
    Betty McGillen

    female and males bald eagles share the nesting and brooding the young. The female will be larger than the male

  • Sherri Dunson
    Sherri Dunson

    That is a amazing.

  • My heart is in the mountains
    My heart is in the mountains

    Seems they're making a come back. They've been nesting in my county the last 2 or 3 years (just a small country/farming type county in Ohio).

  • Clifford S.
    Clifford S.

    That's pretty awesome to be able to see a bald eagles nest with the mother and baby. What about climbing up a tree to get a better view with that camera?

  • Diane Watson
    Diane Watson

    What is happening with the goats, I really enjoyed watching them.

  • Levi Shell Outdoors
    Levi Shell Outdoors


  • Hoosierback Outdoors
    Hoosierback Outdoors

    Really cool. If I were you, I would be taking care of those hogs and putting some bacon and pork chops on the dinner table. LOL

  • Susan Smith
    Susan Smith

    they're all over you tube..

  • D C
    D C

    It’s only a matter of time before they do a catch clean cook

  • terry martin
    terry martin

    Those eagles will use that nest every year come mating season

  • Alice Bongiorno
    Alice Bongiorno

    This is awesome thanks for sharing

  • Alaitain

    Amazing to see Eagle's and Nesting. I'm sure they saw You 1st...

  • Wesley Whitton
    Wesley Whitton

    Way cool.

  • Diane Leahan
    Diane Leahan

    They will come back every year now and nest in the same tree and the same nest...

  • Diane Leahan
    Diane Leahan

    Larger Eagle is the female, the smaller of the two would be the male and they share, equally, minding the nest and feeding any babies....

  • Sherry Faircloth
    Sherry Faircloth

    What an honor. I could feel the proudness in my chest. Thank you for sharing

  • Cyndee Collings
    Cyndee Collings

    That is one of the greatest birds ever. Thank you for taking us along. I just wish I had been with you Huston just got a wonderful gift that he will be able to tell his grandkids about. If you look close there is two babies that pop their heads up. Thank you for this wonderful video.

  • Gwen Milam
    Gwen Milam

    The eagle footage is pretty awesome.

  • Beverly Weaver
    Beverly Weaver

    Awesome day fishing in the creek and then seeing the eagle and the baby. Then getting to eat fresh fish. It's a blessing.

  • Riaz M
    Riaz M

    My first time on this channel. I am also a huge fan of bald eagles. Thank you so much for this awesome video. Great job! 👍

  • parakeet8157

    Humongous nest! Such majestic creatures!

  • Lydia Raley
    Lydia Raley

    Other Eagles nest that is educational for Houston is " Harriet & M from Pritchett's nest in Florida

  • Karen Hurst Harris
    Karen Hurst Harris

    To think, at one point in time, they were endangered. It's heart warming to see them coming back. We live in the Nantahala mountains of western NC and our property backs up to the Nantahala wildlife refuge. We are also not far from the lake and we have plenty mountain springs and creeks. We see bald eagles frequently now and I cherish every sighting. So beautiful to see them soaring over the lake a feeding.

  • Brian Leonard
    Brian Leonard

    Great Video Daniel! Happy Easter to the Arms family

  • myfurrykid

    That should be left to expert conservationists, as nice as they are being, all wildlife (even more, endanger species,) should be always respected and there are organizations who have the knowledge and resources to give all of us access to the most beautiful creatures on our planet.

  • Tim Goodin
    Tim Goodin

    Awesome thanks for the video! We have a nest in our community this year and are very excited to see and watch them progress. Very beautiful and majestic birds.

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter

    You guys are so lucky we don’t get wild eagles in the uk I’d love to see that in person

  • Tiffany Lynn
    Tiffany Lynn

    At 5:33 you can see 2 baby heads sticking up. One right in front of mama & the one to the right. So there are 2 baby bald eaglets. So awesome to see. Thank you!!

  • Carrie Grosenick
    Carrie Grosenick

    Daniel you and Houston are so lucky to see Mommy Eagle and her babies in the nest. Love you guys. 🥰♥️💖

  • Shane Zettelmier
    Shane Zettelmier

    Awesome!!! :)

  • m Pedmar
    m Pedmar

    How wonderful ! What a wonderful teaching moment for Houston. To be able to watch an Eagle raise her eaglets in your backyard is super special. Thank you Daniel for observing all of the legalities surrounding them. But I guess we shouldn't expect anything less from you being that you were a State Trooper and you and Dusty worked for the State Parks. Thanks for sharing. Stay happy, healthy, hydrated and safe. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  • Mesatalia

    Mom and dad take equal care of the eaglets. Usually mom takes night shift, then dad and mom take turns during the day. So depending on time of day, this could have been dad. Females are bigger overall, thicker beaks, and they seem to have grey "eyeshadow" much of the time. Dad is smaller, sleek, and seem to have black "eyeliner". It's easier to tell which is which when they are side by side.

  • george davidson
    george davidson

    Why don’t take ion the pigs and get rid of them. Traps. Guns lions bombs whatever it takes I think a large steel trap would work. Bait it and keep baiting it and then trap with camera closing gate. Then harvest or shoot and compost

  • Laura Schindler
    Laura Schindler

    Wow having a bald eagles nest on your property is amazing!

  • WinterFowl

    I sometimes forget that some people didn't grow up seeing these. I grew up in an area where a pair set up right down the road at a hatchery. After several years, we normaly see one a week

  • Glenda Fite
    Glenda Fite

    That’s awesome to have a bald eagle nesting close to your home. 🦅

  • kelly harris
    kelly harris

    This is so amazing! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • snapstring

    So awesome. 🦅 🦅 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 👍

  • Katina Ross
    Katina Ross

    Wow! That's amazing. I hope Houston learns alot frm this experience and how lucky he is to have witnessed it. Not very many people get to enjoy something like that.

  • Laura Shibuya
    Laura Shibuya

    What a treasure you have! What a blessing you have to be able to watch and maybe even document! Good luck and many blessings!

  • Trudi Weber
    Trudi Weber

    What a fantastic thing to have in your back yard 😀

  • Sandra Goad
    Sandra Goad

    How awesome to have a nest of these majestic creatures so close. Lots of amazing books for kids Houston's age to fill him in on the history of the eagle and how they almost faced extinction and the laws and guidelines to protecting them. PS: Mom & dad both spend time feeding, protecting and tending the eaglets.

  • Kathy Young
    Kathy Young

    P.S. I am a Wildlife Photographer.

  • Kathy Young
    Kathy Young

    I do almost everyday. The female's name is Spirit and the male's name is Sarg. There Drop Dead Gorgeous!

  • Brutal Bob
    Brutal Bob

    I have 2 eagle aeries on my property. When I was younger (Dan's age) I thought it would be nice to have some photos of the babies. As I went out every morning and drove a 20 mile circuit picking up road kill and delivering it to their nest area I knew we were buddies. Started climbing a very large dead pine near the nest. Did you know an eagle with a 6+ foot wing span can fly between 2 trees 3ft. apart when they are ticked off? I learned it that day!! Both of our nests are over 9ft. tall and the eagles have used them for over 40 years.

  • Xray Okie Studios
    Xray Okie Studios

    The wife has good taste in lens 👌

  • Kevin Roberts
    Kevin Roberts

    Yeah apparently they don't teach about America and the significance of a eagle as our national bird or probably even saying the Pledge of Allegiance and saluting the flag in the more SMH

  • Liz Hrubik
    Liz Hrubik

    Wow!They will will return to this nest if you don’t bother too much. Congratulations 🎊

  • Cheryl Mullikin
    Cheryl Mullikin

    So awesome! Merica!!!!

  • Terry Minnick
    Terry Minnick


  • Hap Newsom
    Hap Newsom

    You and Houston should catch a mess of sand bass and lay them out for the Eagles to get, set up a game camera and get some interesting video!!

  • nana jack
    nana jack

    OMG....must be such an honour to have your countries national symbol living on your land!!

  • Tanner Family Farms
    Tanner Family Farms

    That's awesome, just don't say biden around her. Lol

  • Eleanor Anderson
    Eleanor Anderson


  • Jenny Gabbard
    Jenny Gabbard

    Thank You so much for sharing this! That was so awesome.

  • Karen MAcgyver2
    Karen MAcgyver2

    There is an agency that tags n keeps track of American Bald Eagles, n if anything happens to the nest or any injuries, r taken care of by them . They want to know where Eagkes r nesting n how many r coming back from the brink .....Eagles r VERY SENSITIVE TO CHEMICALS OF ALL KINDS. THIS AGENCY CAN GIVE YOU MUCH MORE INFO .. DORRY BUT I DONT KNOW THE NSME OF IT BUT THERE IS A VLOGER HOW SAVES INJURED EAGLES N RETURNS THEM TIXTHE WILD ,PLEASE TRY TO GOOGLE HIM .. IF I FIND NAME ILL PUT IT HERE,LATER

  • Peaceful Homestead
    Peaceful Homestead

    That’s awesome we have a huge nest in a tree in our yard but I’m not sure what kind

  • Old Aussie Syd
    Old Aussie Syd

    Was the camera lent to you with love or did you “ borrow” it?

  • Julie Melnychuk
    Julie Melnychuk

    Wow, l seen 2 babies. Those birds are awesome. In my general area in northern Canada, l have seen 2 pairs of eagles. And one time l got to see a eagle that still didn't have it's white feathers. 🦅🦅🐣👍❤


    Little late but love every video

  • Tracy Glackin
    Tracy Glackin

    Amazing. How beautiful. Houston is so lucky to be able to see that..

  • Tana Pittsford
    Tana Pittsford

    We have a bald Eagle pair that stay in our woods. They have been here for the past 6 years. We are 2 miles from the river. We see them several times a week in the field. That's so cool. That will be a great experience for all of you.

  • Brad Bennnett
    Brad Bennnett

    We have a lot of bald eagles up here near Baltimore where I live. There's a place called The Conowingo Dam. A lot of photographers try to go up there and take pictures of them flying and fishing. We also have a lot of problems with farmers and stuff putting out poison bait for some of the rodents and other animals and some of the bald eagles will die from eating those animals that have eaten the poison. So be careful with what you put out near your farm so Eagles can eat safe

  • Christine 666
    Christine 666

    HOUSTON..u should catch a fish every day and leave it as a "we come in peace" offering to the eagle.

  • Roxanna Bloom
    Roxanna Bloom

    I spotted 2 babies moving around in there. I think they are becoming a little more commonplace than when I was a kid. We have a couple eagle nests in a county park that runs alongside a river near where we live. In FL there is a nest that momma returns to yearly. She lays her eggs & raises her babies. They have set up cameras to watch & it is really interesting. These cameras are livestreaming 24/7. If I remember where it's at I will message you & share it so Houston can see what they look like.

  • Georgia Garden Girl
    Georgia Garden Girl

    Houston I'm turning 57 soon and have only seen a bald eagle once in my life in WA state. My children were about your sister's age.

  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris

    I live 40 miles from the Mississippi River. During the winter when the river freezes over the Eagles flock to the open water by the locks and dams. It’s not unusual to see over 100 Eagles on a cold afternoon. It’s amazing!

  • Paulette Mann
    Paulette Mann

    Once they nest they will return each year. Look up Decorah eagles, there is a web cam set up and you can watch the eagles live in the nest

  • dorothy davis
    dorothy davis

    I think I saw two moving around.

  • izzy garbo
    izzy garbo

    It took me a city boy almost 60 years to see my first eagle. Believe it or not Big city Philly has one and maybe a second eagles nest. The one I like to visit in early spring before leaves cover the huge nest is close to the Delaware river. Thank God they have nest fenced off think 500' circle and a lot of warning signs not to get any closer. Read that halve of the baby eagles die before learning to fly. Thinking about purchasing a camera with a telescopic lens so I can get some good pictures. Could not believe how high a full grown eagle can fly. Dope me forgot my bifocals but appeared that an eagle fly up into clouds. Went out fishing thru out my life and camping in boy scouts and even back then was alreadys looking to see my first eagle. Thanks for the great vid.

  • Michelle Bilodeau
    Michelle Bilodeau

    Very cool.

  • Carol Cather
    Carol Cather

    I live by the Mississippi & we get hungry dreds here in the winter. We have lots of nests here. Lots of. Cams to watch. Pittsburgh Hays has 3 babies

  • Linda Osterritter
    Linda Osterritter

    Very cool.

  • Belinda Singh
    Belinda Singh

    It looked like she has 2 babies I have seen a nest much bigger one time It depends on size of trees for size of nest Just beautiful birds so majestic Very good lesson for Houston

  • Rendell Noble
    Rendell Noble

    thats cool..we have near us in the north east i live about 2 miles from a river we they hunt. seen them flying around a few times no nest yet hope to see one.

  • Deana Schulte
    Deana Schulte

    You are SO lucky! How cool!!

  • DrillerAA

    Talk to DeeJay about getting a 150-600 lens from Sigma or Tamron, then you can really reach out and touch someone.

  • Carolann Hiller
    Carolann Hiller

    It's more common to see bald eagles and nests with eaglets in Seattle

  • Steve Martinez
    Steve Martinez

    I've seen so many bald eagles here at home, and each time I see one I am still in awe. I have been within about 30 or so yards of them sitting on a stump in the middle of one of our lakes eating a fish. I also remember seeing one go into the lake, catch a fish and fly back up to a nest. Believe it or not, we have a pretty good population of them here in North Florida.

  • Vicci Mauldin
    Vicci Mauldin

    So precious. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  • Linda Petersen
    Linda Petersen

    Big nests for those Eagles 1.1 tons is in that nest 2to 4 ft deep and 4-5 ft wide for a Eagles nest!!!

  • Kyle Doyle
    Kyle Doyle

    Michael videos but I

  • John Olsen
    John Olsen

    Watchyour baby Goats The Eagle will take them

  • Gerri Ross
    Gerri Ross

    This is pretty cool thank you for sharing

  • Priscilla Jackson
    Priscilla Jackson

    Both the male and female take care of the babies.They both feed.the babies . Both sit on the eggs before they hatch

  • Diana Matheny
    Diana Matheny

    very cool

  • Susan Judd
    Susan Judd

    Amazing too see!! Great experience for Houston to see and learn about bald eagles. Thank you for sharing 💞