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  • Kaye Percy
    Kaye Percy

    Playing mud pies!!! Luv your channel!! Have a BIG FAMILY HUG for me!!!💋💋💋 Luv and 💖💖💖 Hugs and 🙏🙏🙏 prayers for your family!!! God Bless Y'all!

  • Jason Skerbitz
    Jason Skerbitz

    Living Traditions Homestead has one of those freeze dryers from HarvestFirst as well, and are quite happy/thrilled with all the stuff they've been able to do with it so far. ;-)

  • Wes Marshall
    Wes Marshall

    Sir, I am wondering how long do you need to top water in the self wicking tubs, before it starts wicking, thanks

  • Kenny Martin
    Kenny Martin

    Where's your farm from

  • BluegrassFlips

    That freeze dryer is over $2000. I can preserve a lot of food in other ways for that price

  • Arizona High Desert Homestead
    Arizona High Desert Homestead

    Love those self wicking tubs, they are brilliant and will be the best thing I can use here in the high desert

  • Karen’s Downplay Adventure
    Karen’s Downplay Adventure

    Try Marshmallows freeze dried.

  • Lenora Woods-Defferding
    Lenora Woods-Defferding

    I show mu husband how you start your seeds he loved the tool you where using can you tell me where you got it and what it is called

  • Angel Murphy
    Angel Murphy

    Hello hansum

  • Todd Shepard
    Todd Shepard

    The Time is here. It has to be this way. Be ready in all ways.

  • Tom Clarkson
    Tom Clarkson

    We have one of those freeze dryers and love it. Look forward to seeing what you do with it. We are still learning.

  • Crabby Resister
    Crabby Resister

    I bought my seeds TODAY! Came home and this was on!!

  • Bee Kind
    Bee Kind

    I love beet greens just boiled up with butter,vinegar and salt and pepper..yummy..the family loves it

  • Azza Hunting
    Azza Hunting

    You should do a mole hunt episode. Not sure if you shootem or can live trap them.

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    Do you not keep any seeds from the previous year from your plants.

  • patty stordahl
    patty stordahl

    Regarding that freeze dehydrator check out Living Traditions Homestead. They are experienced with same unit. They do their chicken eggs goats milk dairy cream, all types of veggies & fruits. Meats you name it they do it. They're you g like your family. Check them out.

  • the Felipe cool
    the Felipe cool

    i have a youtub canil

  • Life By a River
    Life By a River

    Got lucky and got my small collection of seeds started but it took me a minute to find them. I live in an apartment so its not much just containers on the porch.

  • Laura LaMontanaro
    Laura LaMontanaro

    I know that whenever I see mason jars, I buy them, extra lids also!

  • Taylor Jennings
    Taylor Jennings

    gardening ASMR!

  • Joe Fyda
    Joe Fyda

    Talk to Dutch about the freeze dryer. He has one.

  • Trina Pellegrino
    Trina Pellegrino

    🙋🏼‍♀️ You would probably like to make some pepper jelly.🕊❤️🕊❤️🙋🏼‍♀️ goats playing king of the mountain 🤩.

  • Ms. Byrd
    Ms. Byrd

    Ordering seeds from those companies and individuals may be hard right now but my Home Depot Seed section was 'packed' today. (Houston) So I guess the where, when, who, what & how of it determines if gardening supplies are hard to come by right now.

  • Lori Y
    Lori Y

    Living Traditions on You Tube freeze dry a lot of foods and showed results after and put through every kind of food you can think of. Take a look..

  • Karen Page
    Karen Page

    We bought ours in January. Check out Retired @40 and John in Bibs on YT. We *LOVE* ours for healthy snacks and keeping the garden harvest from going bad. I had a phenomenal fall/winter crop and I have run so much broccoli and cauliflower through it, in addition to organic fruit. Running my first batch of cheeses now 😊

  • John Quarter
    John Quarter

    Misleading video. Implying his local condition reflects the whole country. It does not. Online seed companies are hiring because the trend is more online shopping over brick and mortar especially in the pandemic. Our seed orders came through online no problem. And we have traveled to seed stores to purchase the old standards and have had no issue whatsoever. All stocked up like normal. And that applies to all garden supplies as well as seeds. We have not seen anyone 'running out'. no sub, -10

  • Kare’s Korner of the World
    Kare’s Korner of the World

    Kevin and Sarah at Living Traditions Homestead have done a large variety of items. Danny and Wanda from Deep South Homestead have also just recently started freeze drying and they all say it's fabulous.

  • Texas Proud Ken
    Texas Proud Ken

    Here in Texas, seeds are EVERYWHERE! Even our local WalMart has packets for .50 this year. If you can't find seeds, you're looking in the wrong places.

  • Diana Williams-Coe
    Diana Williams-Coe

    Please...let us know what irrigation system your using.. Need to watch the video and use the same one... putting it together as I watch the video...... I don't have anyone to help me...Need that this summer for my 7 raise garden beds

  • WTexas Danielle
    WTexas Danielle

    Harvest Right has samples of freeze dried ice cream sandwiches....oh my goodness they are AWESOME! You should do some! Obviously I'm still listening to this video, lol...

  • Julie Becker
    Julie Becker

    does the food processed in the freeze dryer need to be stored on shelf or in freezer?

  • Atlistt1 dog
    Atlistt1 dog

    yep, garden is started. Stocked up. Good luck with your garden.

  • Christiane Painter
    Christiane Painter

    Try skittles to freeze dry.... they are amazing

  • Carol Ohms
    Carol Ohms

    Please tell your subscribers to store WATER, too, if they are going to rely on dried and freeze-dried foods. Thanks.

  • Panted Squad
    Panted Squad

    I do

  • Sandra Goad
    Sandra Goad

    Gardening and canning/freezing/preserving food takes work, but seeing the canning jars full is so satisfying, and it's better than eating snowballs.

  • Sylena Howell
    Sylena Howell

    Since the pandemic began I started collecting seeds. Baker Creek still has a good selection. I'm starting seeds now.

  • Diesel Bourbon
    Diesel Bourbon

    I see seeds everywhere in every store. Same with Mason jars and anything else. Fear porn.

  • Ponderosa Pond Homestead
    Ponderosa Pond Homestead

    Got my seeds from MI gardener already!

  • Liana Burless
    Liana Burless

    People are figuring it out. Going nack to our roots of growing there own food. That is good. I finally had space to start mine. I have so much growing right now. Just put netting over some of it. I will have to redo lettuce and spinach I just didn't do well. I kept having the squirrels get to a lot of it I'm just going to restart it and cover it with some netting this time right after I put them in the ground. All my arms are doing really well and I even have some garlic. It's my first time doing a garden this big because my mom always took my space in my old house I moved to Florida and started my own bigger Garden. Once I buy some land in the next year-and-a-half I will make a bigger Garden as big as this backyard that I'm living in right now I'll definitely need some more tools. Right now I'm just use my kids lol. I did the best I could with the little money I had but I think for my second Garden ever, under semi rest job it's starting to look okay out there. I still got a lot to learn so I'm just learning as I go.

  • Hard Acres Homestead
    Hard Acres Homestead

    lucky for me I wasn't planning on gardening until summer 2022.

  • Theresa Schmohe
    Theresa Schmohe

    A way to help with moles is to put used kitty litter in the soil. The moles will smell the urine pheromones and think a cat is near they will leave the garden alone. I did have a problem with moles until I put it on my lawn and the moles left my yard and went next door.

  • 417 saw shop
    417 saw shop

    Ace hardware has jars

  • Angie k Haines
    Angie k Haines


  • Denise Pope
    Denise Pope

    That was a sweet baby goat. It is because of who is in the WH.

  • John Deneb
    John Deneb

    I have a challenge for you can you defeat a tiger

  • Brad Perry
    Brad Perry

    Is your farm income producing? If so I would love to see a video of the various income streams your farm produces.

  • Sherry McMillon
    Sherry McMillon

    I really want one but here high.

  • Cindi Allain
    Cindi Allain

    I’m planting some gardens this year. I’ve purchased my seeds..waiting for April to start most of them. I cant put them in the ground till closer to Memorial Day. I can’t wait to start tho.

  • Harold Hinkle
    Harold Hinkle

    The goat is king of the mountain

  • blessed specialonesmom
    blessed specialonesmom

    It's so crazy bout the seeds!! There is a dumpster diving youtube channel couple that found a shoot pot full of seeds out of a lowes dumpster!! They was selling them on their page it's the chris and hollie show on you tube

  • Judy Ann Giese
    Judy Ann Giese

    Not up here in Wisconsin. Too cold yet.

  • Venus Bucci
    Venus Bucci

    Can you make jerky in that?

  • Kari C
    Kari C

    People are preparing for food shortages as we continue further into this year and how we see how America is being led.

  • JB Farm
    JB Farm

    Ohhh, the freeze dryer is a dream! More than I can afford right now but for sure on my wishlist! I say freeze dry beets and make a powder for your smoothies. They probably don't taste as "dirty" as fresh. My girlfriend has one and skittles are fun! I'd like to do eggs, butter, herbs and fruits. Yogurt dolops and ice cream are yummy! Of course garden harvest would be fun too.

  • betsy lewis
    betsy lewis

    I read a blog where they freeze dry a lot with the harvest freezer and they always comment on how freeze dried fruit becomes like candy. I inquired about buying one but they are very expensive and run for a long time. I have solar panels and I feel it would use up all my stored energy. Also you have to be able to buy the produce at a really good price or grow it .

  • No U thought
    No U thought

    Can you please make fishing videos with Houston and jacoby I love watching fishing videos on your channel and I love your channel keep up the hard work

  • Tiana Stayton
    Tiana Stayton

    I have a question about the wicking tubs? Mine are outside getting rained on etc. no place to cover. We noticed when we went to add water, they smell like stagnant water very sulfuric..is this normal? How do you know they are wicking properly? Thank you for any advice.

  • Adela Coburn
    Adela Coburn

    Hi.. Sounds like that little kid saying.."Maaa! Maaa! The big goats are naughty, lol. I would love a freeze drier, I know it's a need in my house hold. Great video, take care and God bless.

  • James Pikal
    James Pikal

    Ware are the kids

  • James Pikal
    James Pikal

    We’re the kids

  • Doris Greenberg
    Doris Greenberg

    A seed company I usually purchase from, wasn't even answering their phones to take orders.i quickly chose a less familiar company and thank the Lord recurved all my seeds. ( Actually have many plants started and up three inches with second leaves ) I'm so happy.However jar lids are scarce as hens teeth.

  • chris gordon
    chris gordon

    Same thing last year. No seeds. Mason jars almost impossible to find. Price gouging for jars was terrible. People are worried. God Bless.

  • Randy Wells
    Randy Wells

    This why i plant heirlooms and i save my seed for most

  • Chris Pokorney
    Chris Pokorney

    Sounds like alot of people know the storm is on the Horizon.

  • teffy Vargas
    teffy Vargas

    Not everybody is youtuber and get seeds from sponsores Lowe’s is full of seeds

  • CJ Holt
    CJ Holt

    People are FINALLY paying attention. Last summer thousands of people started to canning and now they are starting gardens. A wise person can see the writing on the wall and are trying to ensure they have food. I knew this was coming so I am prepared.

  • Mark Massey
    Mark Massey

    Daniel, I think you will want to watch the you tube video about catching crawfish with a different trap. Watch How to Catch Crawfish 101 w/ Gee's Trap/Extender by Bob Hansler. It may let you catch the bigger crawfish in your creek. Good video.

  • Carol Smith
    Carol Smith

    You can also freeze dry to make your MRE's for storage..

  • King's Kids' Poodles
    King's Kids' Poodles

    What happened to The ROCK TUMBLING ???

  • Catherine Brooks
    Catherine Brooks

    I’ve been taking the seeds from my vegetables for planting this spring.

  • joseph brown
    joseph brown

    JudithB Freeze drying stuff seems to take up a lot less storage space, so I would do it. Dutch did a video on freeze drying meats early this month. I bought a lot of seeds last fall, and then bags of manure and Miracle Grow were weight in the back of my truck all winter! LOL I am getting my beds ready to plant in a month, so the bags have been spread and I started tilling today. 50 strawberry plants got to be planted asap. My toms came thru the bad cold in an unheated greenhouse I built, now watching for peppers. It will be after mid April before they can be planted out. I have lettuce, kale, chard, and spinach in the hoop bed and onions in the other hoop bed. Slowly getting ready!!! LOL

  • Ellis Family Farms
    Ellis Family Farms

    Living Traditions channel has several good videos about their freeze dryer, including the cost of running one.

  • Tina Road to Recovery
    Tina Road to Recovery

    Even the hatchery i use is sold out of most breeds. Gonna have call and see when might be in stock. Can't hardly find any veggie plant or seeds.

  • Kathy Durbin
    Kathy Durbin

    Maybe start checking into dehydrating and storing vegetables that way and saving seeds from this year's vegetables for next year's garden. This used to be the way it was always done. Our forefathers didn't have seed catalogs or garden centers to go to to get seeds, they saved them from the previous year.

  • Richelle Blackwelder
    Richelle Blackwelder

    What size are the tubs you use for your self wicking container plants?

  • Ansley Kinnamon
    Ansley Kinnamon

    Now I have to look up the difference between freeze dried, and just dried. I have an air dryer I dry fruits with.

  • Lynn Mcfatter
    Lynn Mcfatter

    LOVE the gardening videos! PLEASE make more during this season. I’m trying to grow cucumbers in a pot since I don’t have a big yard, but I can’t get them to take off.

  • Sandy Adams Higgins
    Sandy Adams Higgins

    Can't wait to see your beautiful garden once it gets going good.

  • Jason Sutton
    Jason Sutton

    Dutch freeze dried Strawberries, they turned out great and looked really good. I've never thought of that myself it looks interesting. God bless y'all.

  • Valli Goodwin
    Valli Goodwin

    Your buddy, Shaun, from Keeping it Dutch, can give you some pointers, on the freeze drying. It looks amazing.

  • Steven Moody
    Steven Moody

    I am new to your channel. Would like to chat with you on Facebook

  • Tim Hood
    Tim Hood

    Actually according to Ball/Mason, just what you are talking about is what is causing the shortage in the jars... everybody thinking its cool to decorate with them thanks to the internet/instagram, not so much gardening!

  • Janet Mom
    Janet Mom

    I have a freeze dryer. I also live within 5 miles from Harvest Right and I love the employees. Everyone seems to have to go through the candy and junk food phase before they get into good for you food. Prices are going up...fast. Put some soups aside so you are able to feed the fam.

  • Betty Betts
    Betty Betts

    Covid has everyone running scared about the shortage of food....people grow their own to not have to be without

  • Donna Watson
    Donna Watson

    So many people are encouraged to grow more of their own food because of homestead channels such as yours. And with the climate changes, not to mention everything else that’s going on in the world, more people are becoming more self reliant. I ordered my soil blocker last year. Thank you for recommendation. You all teach by example. Thank you. Ps: I was wondering if you had thought about adding a heat source to the high tunnel for those cold and freezing temperatures? I saw someone add about three strings of lights to add some heat throughout their greenhouse.

  • Kaleyxlove Queen
    Kaleyxlove Queen


  • Julie Melnychuk
    Julie Melnychuk

    Lol, l still have snow. Don't plant till late May. Freeze dried. Interesting. 👍😊❤

  • Nathan Rittenhouse
    Nathan Rittenhouse

    You don’t wait to last minute to buy seeds not this day and time just saying

  • Nathan Rittenhouse
    Nathan Rittenhouse

    I got my from Hoss seeds

  • Alvin Lantz
    Alvin Lantz

    How old is ur daughter

  • Martha W.
    Martha W.

    Now I'll be the first to admit, I've never grown kale, but what you called kale in the greenhouse looked exactly like the collards that I grow 5 rows of every year during the fall/winter season here in Central Florida. Since I process it all by canning, trust me when I say I do have an intimate relationship with that leaf.

  • humble haymakers
    humble haymakers

    I have got our ground disked and planted

  • Cindy Suminski
    Cindy Suminski

    We have a container garden and it works great :)

  • Cindy Suminski
    Cindy Suminski

    we are all set for seeds and have our seeds germinating :)

  • Melissa Getman -HorseyGal4ever
    Melissa Getman -HorseyGal4ever

    freeze dryer; see Living Traditions channel

  • Jennifer Cicero
    Jennifer Cicero

    We can get old car wash soap tubs cheap. Would they work for a self wicking tub? They would let the light in because they are white.

  • Melissa Getman -HorseyGal4ever
    Melissa Getman -HorseyGal4ever

    i love the greenhouse, going to make a small tunnel with cattle panels, keep greens growing best I can in zone 5.

  • Albert Cooper
    Albert Cooper

    In my town Edgewood MD we have to many seeds. Homedopt , lows, all towns all have seeds

  • Francine Shea
    Francine Shea

    Can you do juicing videos? I would appreciate it.