This Almost NEVER Happens! Sand Bass Slayed in the Creek [Catch, Clean, and Cook]
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  • Crystal Hysell
    Crystal Hysell

    Glad to see Emily, Happy Late Birthday

  • Crystal Hysell
    Crystal Hysell

    Love that tree fishing, I do alot of that

  • Dan Kinard
    Dan Kinard

    D j fishing for fish sticks??

  • BP Outdoors
    BP Outdoors

    You should do kayak fishing videos

  • Joan Lester
    Joan Lester

    Happy Birthday, Emmaleigh!

  • Sonia Hanley
    Sonia Hanley

    Guys that was amazing u all had so much fun and the fish just kept comin :)

  • Holly Klisiak
    Holly Klisiak

    but i like it

  • Holly Klisiak
    Holly Klisiak

    you viders are so fuking long

  • Starlene Kalinski
    Starlene Kalinski

    Bella is a fish dog instead of a bird dog!

  • Deana Schulte
    Deana Schulte

    Happy birthday Em!

  • Lu Wrolstad
    Lu Wrolstad

    You did a wonderful job of getting the shirts out. I ordered one from you the same day I ordered one from KID and yours came within 3 days and his was another week. Lolol

  • nathaniel sams
    nathaniel sams

    Great video,Happy Birthday Emily


    HAPPY "B" DAY.


    Watching your videos with my husband is giving us more motivation to build our own home and build a mini farm 🥰

  • R Wallace
    R Wallace

    Dear lord there was a lot of snakes out there 😮😮😮

  • Vincent Vue
    Vincent Vue

    You guys live in Oklahoma

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith

    Happy belated birthday Emily 🎈🎉🎂

  • Anne Sta
    Anne Sta

    Happy Belated Birthday Emily! Much love from Wisconsin

  • Elizabeth Skrmetta
    Elizabeth Skrmetta

    Dj may or may or may not like to hear this but she sounds the same as her mama!!👍🏼I think that’s so cool

  • Kathy Bullard
    Kathy Bullard

    Y'all are a super family! Count yourself blessed.. In West Texas we have had maybe 1/2 inch of rain in the last 6 or 7 months. Severe drought!

  • Helen Cline
    Helen Cline


  • Venus Bucci
    Venus Bucci

    Happy Birthday!🎂🎉🎈

  • ISO Burnsy
    ISO Burnsy

    Where’s Jacoby😂👋

  • Amanda Paige
    Amanda Paige

    I thought your Mother-In-Law was DeeJay! :)

  • xustin —
    xustin —

    your using jacolbeys pole thats wrong

  • Becky Witt
    Becky Witt

    Happy Birthday Emily

  • Christine Ortmann
    Christine Ortmann

    Happy Birthday Emily- fun times watching creek fishing 😁.

  • Dillon McCool
    Dillon McCool

    Why did Emily run back out of the way

  • South Central Fishing
    South Central Fishing

    Hello from madill ok!

  • Robert C Hall
    Robert C Hall

    Sand bass are fun to catch.

  • Tiffany Lynn
    Tiffany Lynn

    I remember Ed giving him the four wheeler. Was such a nice message he gave him too. Great man!!

  • Tiffany Lynn
    Tiffany Lynn

    I love Houston!! 9:42 Look how dirty this water is... I bet you there is a fossil in there (looking at hill) (Me: 35 yrs old) I bet you there are some kinds of goodies over there too Houston!

  • jackson duvall
    jackson duvall

    i wonder who their favorite child is houston?

  • Patty Shannon
    Patty Shannon


  • Megan P.
    Megan P.

    I love it- Look we need this one mounted, it's probably a state record or Look Dad, take a pic for Jimmy Houston. Dang it he isn't the cutest.

  • Idaho Hoosier
    Idaho Hoosier

    Such fun! Blessings

  • Cary Brown
    Cary Brown

    What exactly will Bella do with one of your catches?

  • Ruth McEwuen
    Ruth McEwuen

    Happy Birthday Emily

  • Bonnie Bertoldie
    Bonnie Bertoldie

    Happy Birthday, Emmalee!

  • Steven Todd
    Steven Todd

    You can never have to many fresh fried fish vids

  • Bonnie Bertoldie
    Bonnie Bertoldie

    Love your videos. Houston is a sweet boy!

  • Carrie Grosenick
    Carrie Grosenick

    Nice job Arms family all the Sand bass for catch and cook. Love you guys. 🥰♥️💖

  • James Russell
    James Russell

    A Belated B-day to Miss Emmalee. It's been half a century + since I entered that magical age. Two teens in the same household. One is going to be moving on though. Any word on Weston's College Acceptance or plans?

  • James Russell
    James Russell

    Tics are bad enough but something that I think is much worse chiggers. Been eaten up by those buggers before. It's been near 50 years but getting attack by those things is a painful memory.

  • Roy Clemo
    Roy Clemo

    Happy Belated Birthday EmmaLee, all the way from New Brunswick Canada

  • Rainbow Cats Art
    Rainbow Cats Art

    Looks like fun! Ive never caught a white bass. I hear they are fun to catch when they are running.

  • Kathie Bogue
    Kathie Bogue

    I will send you this shirt, God willing and the Creek don’t rise.

  • Kathie Bogue
    Kathie Bogue

    \ok, you said the magic phrase today.... youbremember the old saying, God willing and the creek don’t rise...”. I see it on a tee shirt somehow...... E

  • Jane Vt.
    Jane Vt.

    Nothing like fishing when they are biting! 🐠🐠🐠

  • Charles Rushlow
    Charles Rushlow

    Omg Daniel you make all those bass look so good I am sure that they are I am missing winter spring panfish here in Michigan I became disabled and I really can’t get out there to get the fresh ones thanks for the video. Ps if you know where I can buy great fish like that please let me know !!

  • John P. Miller Jr.
    John P. Miller Jr.

    Been following you folks on Facebook and thought it was about time to check in here and LIKE and Subscribe.

  • Carl Jenkins
    Carl Jenkins

    Happy to see your guests are having a good time at the creek. Saw them visit Rustic Woodworking channel.

  • Mike Gibson
    Mike Gibson

    Found your channel because I have a electric bike coming and I've got to say that you do a fabulous job with your channel. Saw the segment on the bikes (poor doggie) and checked out a few other videos. As an old sportswriter from Philadelphia, I'm a city slicker and watching you hunt, fish and trail ride is like watching people from another planet but you do make it entertaining. Thanks for your great content.

  • Butch Miller
    Butch Miller

    Now that's some fun family fun for sure.. My Wife of 55 years was from Bethany Okla. and the best we did out your way was Bull Heads.. Here in Safety Harbor Florida is some good fishing country also.

  • Josh Moreno
    Josh Moreno

    How do you keep chiggers and ticks off your dogs 🤠 great vid

  • Dorri Waldera
    Dorri Waldera

    Like fishing with a toddler.. LOL, my step son said that to his soon to be wife years back, I about lost it laughing so hard!

  • Terry Minnick
    Terry Minnick


  • Patricia Fleming
    Patricia Fleming

    I'm with you Daniel. I don't care what kind it is, I DON'T LIKE SNAKES! It's a fun video to watch with so many folk we hardly ever see.

  • Jennifer Caldwell
    Jennifer Caldwell

    Beautiful creek, love to 🐠 fish!♥️

  • Ethan Couch
    Ethan Couch

    When are you setting up the trough for Houston’s fish?

  • christiane Orzschig
    christiane Orzschig

    Thinking you should run for a career in politics. You are wasted on A Farm. Half A Million people know you, your really nice Family. You are a charismatic and outspoken personality . I believe there s More for all of you !

  • Sandy Adams Higgins
    Sandy Adams Higgins

    Wow hi Weston good seeing you on the video

  • Lisa Gentey
    Lisa Gentey

    Happy Belated Birthday 🎈🎈🎂🎁🎆🎈🎂🎁🎂💐🎈🎈🎂🎂 Emily.

  • NinetySix Gal
    NinetySix Gal

    That snake was in a coma lol! Fun video!!

  • KimiCat Cyprowski
    KimiCat Cyprowski

    Happy 13th Birthday Emma lee EnJoY 🤗🎈🍧🧁🎉🎁🥳🎂🕯️🍰❤️

  • Codi Sanchez
    Codi Sanchez

    Happy Birthday Emily 🎂!

  • Ronster149

    Wow that creek was loaded! Limits for everyone! That snake would have scared the livin daylights out of me!! That bad boy wasn't small either. You have a lot of snakes like that around there? Thanks for another great video!

  • Mary VT
    Mary VT

    Happy Birthday Emmalee

  • Lawrence Baysinger
    Lawrence Baysinger

    Ed caught a red horse sucker. Note the red fins.

  • Laurie Rowe
    Laurie Rowe

    Did you do an add on a flea collar, I swear it was you. Had to watch it a few times

  • Bart Sexton
    Bart Sexton

    Happy Birthday young lady , y’all growing so fast .

  • Bart Sexton
    Bart Sexton

    Creek life with a red belly water snake would be cool to . They are part of the creek life . It was a nice size . I’ve killed two rat snakes in two days in my Guineas nest. Tired of snakes all ready.

  • Blake Cook
    Blake Cook

    I live in ada Oklahoma and that rain was really bad my creek was roaring also.

  • Pete Drummond
    Pete Drummond

    You need to do more videos with jcoby and help him talk on video

  • Tisha Cameron
    Tisha Cameron

    Hey the merch is amazing and so are the vids. You all are my favorite UZload channel and keep up the good work 😀

  • Tom C
    Tom C

    Happy Birthday, Emily!!

  • Thomas Fleck
    Thomas Fleck

    Happy birthday Emily

  • Rick Hughes
    Rick Hughes

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EmmaLee !!!

  • Barb Shooter
    Barb Shooter

    The rule in my family was: "if you catch it, you clean it".

  • Janet Youker
    Janet Youker

    Happy Birthday! Emily! Wishing you a very Special Day!

  • Paula Johnson
    Paula Johnson

    Your mother-in-law looks like D.J. older sister, not the mother!! Must be that clean Oklahoma living, 💘 your family. I can always count on your videos to put a smile on my face, and make me homesick for the creek life.

  • Brenda Branch
    Brenda Branch

    Got my t shirt, I love it!!

  • Kimberly Wiles
    Kimberly Wiles

    It that Kobe rod

  • Leah Mullins
    Leah Mullins

    We just got our package in the mail I bought my son the same exact shirt Houston has on. He and I are absolutely thrilled to have Arms family merch

  • james harris
    james harris

    Wish I could catch fish like that,

  • k1c2b3ssls

    Y’all stay safe!!!


    Aye I from ga

  • Kizzie Reeve
    Kizzie Reeve

    Happy 13th birthday emily xx

  • Cowboycody27 Gaming
    Cowboycody27 Gaming

    I have been with y'all since day 1/ when you were in your 1 thousand subscribers and I never subscribed but here is the big day Huston I will sub to you cause you put a smile on my face everyday.

  • James Critendon
    James Critendon

    Happy Birthday in God Bless you have many many more while remember that song Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you may Jesus be near every day of the year Happy Birthday to you have a good day guys

  • Amy Ball
    Amy Ball

    Happy 13th Birthday Emily 🎂

  • Dee Krebs
    Dee Krebs

    Lol!! My Mom used to say, "The Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise!" Guess that's really true for your family.

  • Harrison’s fishing Clan
    Harrison’s fishing Clan

    Is westons tattoo real

  • Hatton 7223
    Hatton 7223

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    Antoinette Kanhai

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  • Connie Becker
    Connie Becker

    Great video!! I jumped when the snake moved lol made me think of the fishing trips my family went on as a kid to Canada!! Keep up the great work

  • Jay Lightfoot
    Jay Lightfoot

    Can you can you give me some Murch I don’t live in Alcoa home island in the Fordyce can you re-mail it to me

  • Mark & Kristy Nichols
    Mark & Kristy Nichols

    LOVED THIS! Always love the catch clean and cook vids!!

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    Cheryl Rucker

    Happy Birthday, Miss EmmaLee

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    Brenda Downs

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