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  • James Hargrove 3rd
    James Hargrove 3rd

    I go fishing too I love the white goldfish with child and I love you

  • James Hargrove 3rd
    James Hargrove 3rd

    I love all your girls love UZload and surprise so I know you can you bear I love you I wish I can take I wish I can go

  • Patricia Ridley
    Patricia Ridley

    Enjoy your fish frying, Eagles are sacred, you will have good luck from now on, lakota wise tail,,, Godbless 😇

  • No injustice lasts forever
    No injustice lasts forever

    Teaching them young how to harm other species. Hook an animal in the mouth to suffocate them and then we wonder why people don't have more empathy. Peace starts with how we treat animals. Go vegan. ❤️

  • Ed Gasaway
    Ed Gasaway

    If I were you I would check into your own fish fry and other products.

  • Misty Osborn
    Misty Osborn

    You mean 4 words

  • Marcus Berartez
    Marcus Berartez

    It's amazing watching you do "Dad" things with your lovely kids. I live for those moments with mine. Love the fishing as well, its the greatest when you see your child reel in a catch..

  • nola bygrave.
    nola bygrave.

    Always fun watching from Jamaica


    Where is Bear?

  • fishing chicken
    fishing chicken

    What's up I love all your videos

  • Marylouise

    Looked to me like the mama Eagle was working to draw your attention to it instead of the nest. 🤷‍♀️ I’m wondering how many ticks could end up in Earl. That curly hair is gonna make it hard to see one. Hey Bear. 🎣 🇺🇸🇺🇸🥘🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Ryan

    Well Houston may not become a lawyer too honest... Well maybe he would be the first honest lawyer you never know.

  • Faze Mayhem
    Faze Mayhem

    You guys are a great fam

  • Creek Fishing Adventures
    Creek Fishing Adventures

    Here we go!! Creek fishing time

    • Arms Family Homestead
      Arms Family Homestead

      We need to get together for some creek videos this year!

  • Gail Higgs
    Gail Higgs

    We all need to send our prayers to the Jimmy Houston family. His wife had a major stroke Monday and not doing well. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Joy Mason
    Joy Mason

    Please pray for Jimmy Houston, his wife Chris had a stroke 🙏🙏🙏

  • Travis Shippy
    Travis Shippy

    These videos are the best. Except they always make me hungry. Can’t wait for fried morels and fish 👍🏻🇺🇸

  • Heather Kennedy
    Heather Kennedy

    Earl is such a Cutie!!!!!

  • Amy Taylor
    Amy Taylor

    My dad would always fry the skin and tail I love them. Do you ever use the skin and tails?

  • Lane Barrett
    Lane Barrett

    What are your favorite baits to use for largemouth bass

  • Brad Bennnett
    Brad Bennnett

    You may have to start growing your own potatoes for your own french fries

  • Brad Bennnett
    Brad Bennnett

    The last catch clean cook is probably the raccoon

  • wild Runner knightshadeau
    wild Runner knightshadeau

    Have a Blessed safe Easter! Blessing to you and your family

  • Carla Schrum
    Carla Schrum

    where can I buy some of that

  • Rhettlisa

    I love that you are passing on the art of trash talking. “You wanna hold my real so you know how it feels” lol. My son is now nearly 15 but a couple years ago I noticed he was takin back from the trash talkin. After I explained that it was basically an artform between buddies he totally gets it. He’s a great trash talker nowadays and knows when it’s appropriate and when its not. Some what of a right of passage

  • EviL IrisH
    EviL IrisH

    Good job dad, you gotta school the youngsters every now and then so they dont get to big for their britches 👏

  • Kane Hall
    Kane Hall

    That's amazing I'm actually thinking about going fishing soon Cause I have a UZload channel

  • Patricia Owens
    Patricia Owens

    Brought back to the days raising my boys and my girl.

  • Terri Hill
    Terri Hill

    That eaglet just barely showed up...what a sight & memory!

  • dell wright
    dell wright

    suppose to stay at least 300 feet away from a bald eagles nest

  • Bama Cards 13
    Bama Cards 13

    I have watched you for like 2 years and I wasn’t subbed my mind blew

  • gavin Langston
    gavin Langston

    Go shed hunting

  • munmun hazarika
    munmun hazarika

    Huston is growing up.... His cuteness is going away... It's sad!!

  • Eubanks Family Homestead
    Eubanks Family Homestead

    I wish we had water on our little homestead!! Maybe the next one.

  • Tanner Eppard
    Tanner Eppard

    When i was his age i was the same way with my dad but now since im 14 i do my own thing when fishing with him and catch some fish

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Ice out pike eat frogs

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Canadian flick

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    He will safe with u

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Well way up in the nippagon country

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Where is he going where did he come from?

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    My sweet friends ask me this from my childhood..

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Kiel appategan?

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    How do you spell kiel?

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Hi! Im paddle to the sea..

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Dutch oven! Goog 4 brownies!

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    That precious m BM ird

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Answer a fishing bird a precious creatu e

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    Is that really a bald eagle or is it an osprey?

  • Gregory Keith
    Gregory Keith

    That precious bird.. You have every right to feed him or her

  • meanz06

    Good stuff! Way to teach'em young

  • The Kelley's Country Life
    The Kelley's Country Life

    Great episode! I'd live on that creek if I had it nearby. Making some great memories.

  • c j r outdoors
    c j r outdoors

    I wish I had a creek like that

  • Bambi Rita
    Bambi Rita

    Eagles are federally protected..... The Eagle will take out that drone, they have done it before. See if you can get a wildlife group to place an Eagle live cam in the nesting tree, this is allowed, but with guidelines....to follow the nest. There are many cams out there to watch live, so neat to watch from eaglets to fledging from the nest..... next time, leave them a fish to feed the eaglets..... 💙

  • Redneckboy 1231
    Redneckboy 1231

    Haven’t found morel mushrooms in a year

  • Jeremie Houg
    Jeremie Houg

    Ketchup with fish YUUUUKKKKK! You can't even taste fish at that point let alone the batter.

  • Bill and Carole McLean
    Bill and Carole McLean

    A 5 gallon bucket and a cane pole. It don’t get any better than that.

  • Vivienne Bhasin
    Vivienne Bhasin

    Please tell me why we are always asked to "press the like button," etc, when we havent yet watched the video ? Houston says it all the time.



  • Willow Mist Farm
    Willow Mist Farm

    Hope to catch some whites tomorrow

  • Survival kids !!
    Survival kids !!

    I got my first turkey today

  • Claire Miller
    Claire Miller

    Great fish day

  • Jose Albino
    Jose Albino

    Daniel I love the way you treat your kids I love the way you talk to your son showing him how life is and your daughter and your family God bless all of you use keep on going buddy

  • James Barrow
    James Barrow

    Daniel.....if you want to clean and rejuvenate your grease.....cut up and fry just a plain old irish potato. Do that after you cook or just before....can get a few more times of cooking out of it, but then again you probably knew that already!!! LoL

  • Caitlin Snider
    Caitlin Snider

    Hi Houston I love your videos

  • ca patton
    ca patton

    I love Houston he's so funny lol.xx

  • Daniel Velez
    Daniel Velez

    Houston that put you to shame you got to get him back

  • Paula Sweeney
    Paula Sweeney

    You're right, Dad, since bald eagles are federally protected, buzzing one with a drone probably wouldn't get you an attaboy from Fish & Wildlife. Good call.

  • Trev Holland
    Trev Holland

    I clean my bass just like that with my electric knife fast as can be

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    Brownies need some pecans in em.

  • Trev Holland
    Trev Holland

    Did the crawfish lures work out for y’all was they a good lure for y’all’s area?

  • D in Choctaw
    D in Choctaw

    Fish Houston

  • Proud Pastrami
    Proud Pastrami

    "Catch em' by the hundreds" Yep.... so did we as kids. Dad would be so ticked off when we brought stringers full of them home, took hours to clean them. Annual event each spring when the White Bass would run up river from Lake Erie to spawn. Good times!

  • Marina Cursi
    Marina Cursi

    Love you guys, great video!

  • Cole Bean
    Cole Bean

    Hey Daniel you inspired me to get goats I saw you today and I just want to thank you I love what you do


    nice way of fileting the fish first time i have seen it done that way great way

  • Brad Cash
    Brad Cash

    Houston, I admire your honesty, little dude! Just don't feel the same when you fib about a catch, does it. I guess you ain't five, anymore, huh? 👍

  • slappy FN
    slappy FN

    If u listen we emily is trying it u can hear a snapchat notification lol

  • Gaming with a legend Amadeus
    Gaming with a legend Amadeus

    Please do cat fishing

  • Wendy H
    Wendy H

    Love the fishing videos only problem it makes me hungry! Keep it up Daniel & Houston ❤️ from South Africa 🇿🇦

  • Beers Crew Family
    Beers Crew Family

    Bella is so funny, trying to bite the fish as you put them in the bucket.....lol Incredible find with the Eagle!

  • Roger Rose
    Roger Rose

    Great video and I agree. There is nothing like taking a kid fishing. They catch a fish and it's a happy that is hard to beat

  • Carson Shull
    Carson Shull

    Want to Patty miles video and I saw

  • Carson Shull
    Carson Shull

    When did you become a bounty hunter

  • Greyson Kyle25G
    Greyson Kyle25G

    What would life be without ketchup

  • Greyson Kyle25G
    Greyson Kyle25G

    You made me so hungry

  • Carter A
    Carter A

    Shot my first turkey today

  • Richie Fender
    Richie Fender

    I'd buy some cajun chicken fry mix.... sign me up!!!!

  • Tiffany Drews
    Tiffany Drews

    Nice fish

  • Joanne McTavish
    Joanne McTavish

    So awesome seeing the eagle and the baby

  • Sports With B
    Sports With B

    When I go fishing I out fish everybody

  • Sharon Scarcella
    Sharon Scarcella

    Love the jumper. Thats my maiden name.

  • Brian Leonard
    Brian Leonard

    Those sand bass looked delicious!

  • Curly R
    Curly R

    That was great Hi from the Pilbara family love the show

  • Sue Downtown Mini Homesteader
    Sue Downtown Mini Homesteader

    I have never been fishing in my life! I have so much fun watching ya'll fish!

  • Danielle Schnoberger
    Danielle Schnoberger

    You guys were cracking me up tonight and loved watching Bella thinking she's going to get a bite of fish and puppy is getting bigger too. I've only gone Puget Sound fishing off of Camano Is. WA. I could walk to the water in about 10-15 minutes bike all streight then steep down hill. I miss the Ocean sometimes.

  • 깨비 Korea Student Cook
    깨비 Korea Student Cook

    Good video 👍👍

  • Daisy Kennedy
    Daisy Kennedy

    { THEY DONT HAVE FEET} !! 😂 lol. Love the Eagles, so cool. I love Earl❤️ I love seeing all the animals.

  • Rae Callaway
    Rae Callaway

    Ugh, stacked comments again. BUT, I LOVED seeing EmmaLee. I'm an Aunt, not a mom, and my niece and nephew hung out with me all the time (I"m 10 years younger than my brother). Around 14, my niece moved on and didn't want to hang out anymore. She's now 40 an I'm finally starting to rebuild a relationship with her. The younger brother, well, we've been close all his life and I love it. I'm SO glad my niece is back. But, when I see EmmaLee disappearing from your videos, it brings back sad feelings from me. I know, she has her own life to carve out, but I hope she continues to keep a presence on your videos. Seriously, how else are we gonna get awesome videos of a woman dropping bucks with one shot?????

  • taythagoat23 Pender
    taythagoat23 Pender

    What happened to his eye

  • Rae Callaway
    Rae Callaway

    Question: when you follow the creek like that, are you still on your property? Someone else's property or State property?

854 ming
854 ming