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  • Fastball2611

    Buy a Boy a Baseball is truly a great song and so true. It's a shame this country as lost God AND not letting boys turn into men

  • angela sheppard
    angela sheppard

    IMA survial sanctuary gave u a shout out saying they have something to learn from you on pigs😊

  • Letitia Johnson
    Letitia Johnson

    I love your love for God and how you all share the love of God.

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith

    Congratulations on a great launch.

  • Deb Shilling
    Deb Shilling

    As a mother of 2 boys now 40 and 42 I understand your pride/pain. We raised our boys in a Christian home. They have gotten off track but all we can do is pray for them and believe the word of God. Proverbs 22:6. Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. And trust me it is hard letting them go. But you and Daniel have done a great job

  • Yadi Maupin
    Yadi Maupin

    I feed my pigs hardboiled eggs. And the shells are great for them too.

  • Marjean Stalewski
    Marjean Stalewski

    those pigs are so dang cute.... I just got chickens for the first time last year... would love to have a little Homestead... maybe one of these days

  • jan

    It is so good to hear you speak from your heart DJ, I have three sons and God answers prayers.

  • Janet Ortega
    Janet Ortega

    Would you consider making aprons


    Do you ever build wild boar traps and corral them up and wrangle them?

  • Engelina Walker
    Engelina Walker

    Lol they sure do love those eggs thats too great very healthy they may want em scrambled too lol

  • Mabeline Lester
    Mabeline Lester

    Love the way the pigs smack....lol

  • Eugeania Hutcherson
    Eugeania Hutcherson

    Have you ever heard a song called A BROKEN HALLALUAH it really good

  • Eugeania Hutcherson
    Eugeania Hutcherson

    they say that pigs are a four legged garbage desposale

  • Teresa Denny
    Teresa Denny

    That's just gross! But I loved watching them.

  • Diana Pulido
    Diana Pulido

    No matter how old your kids are they need their mama. It might be in different ways and they might not always listen to or want your advice but you never stop praying for them. I two have two boys 34 and 30years old and my daughter will be 36 on the 10th of May. All three still need me. It might be advice or since I work at a store to pick something they need. Sometimes my son needs me to watch my grandson which is my favorite thing they need me for. I was crying before you said you might cry, it's just we are moms and we love our kids.

  • DrillerAA

    "Buy a Boy a Baseball" is parenting 101 in a song. Proverbs 22:6 tells parents, particularly fathers, that they are to teach their children about God's love and His expectations of us. "Buy a Boy a Baseball" is a beautiful and practical application of this Scripture. I see the message in this Proverb, and the song, lived out on your channel and I thank the Lord that there is an example of God centered parenting available on UZload. Yes, kids will test us, challenge us, and sometime rebel against parents, but don't we do the same thing to the One who created us and He still loves us. Great song, with a great message from two great UZload families. Have a blessed week.

  • Mary K Kay's Artful Journey
    Mary K Kay's Artful Journey

    Amen! ❤️💯🙏🏻✨

  • Nancy Heneghan
    Nancy Heneghan

    Our 7 yr old granddaughter is now in T-ball and is so excited. Tomorrow is the first game.😊

  • Dennis Campbell
    Dennis Campbell

    Been keepn up with Dutch and his progress is kinda slow. I know he has a full time job but those pig might be with you for longer than planned. DJ had the mother sway going on and it was making me kinda dizzy! Laughing

  • Ruth Kent
    Ruth Kent

    Do you sell women’s shirts?

  • Carrie Grosenick
    Carrie Grosenick

    They going hog wild for the eggs. Love you guys. 🥰♥️💖🐷🐷

  • Homemade & Homegrown
    Homemade & Homegrown

    Great song of the week pick! I enjoyed that very much. It's true momma's and daddy's help create their foundation and raise them up to be respectful, appreciative, law abiding, Jesus lovin men. Your both doing great guys! God bless

  • Robert Payne
    Robert Payne

    Have you ever noticed that pig will go to the furthest distance from their feed and watering area in the pen to defecate? They are actually pretty clean animals...More than their reputation..

  • Robert Payne
    Robert Payne

    I know that hogs dearly love to root and feed on Johnson grass. Using hog panels to put around small patches around the pastures grass contol...

  • Robert Payne
    Robert Payne

    My dad put a double smooth wire electric fence around a corn patch years ago... but he messed up on the lower wire not high enough they would root up the ground and push the dirt up grounding the fence out...

  • Robert Payne
    Robert Payne

    I liked galvanized hog panels with wooden corners and steel line post I always put the panels on hog side of the pen...I attached the panels with UV resistant zip ties cheaper, quicker than wire tying.. pair of cutting dykes in tool belt if you have to move....will snipthe tie... I used an old mortar concrete mixer to prepare my wet feed for them I used wheat shorts/ midlins to feed. They are about 16% protein. I was planning to plant an acre or two of field corn and put a calf on and hog them off... with a hot wire Solar powered charger..

  • Robert Payne
    Robert Payne

    I lived in Eastern Arkansas most of my life I preferred hogs to cattle quicker return on investment..

  • Robert Payne
    Robert Payne

    How much rain did you get yesterday we got over 8 inches yesterday in Northwest Arkansas

  • sophia stern
    sophia stern

    BACON AND EGGS !! HUM !!!!🤣

  • Kevin Houle
    Kevin Houle

    Raw eggs in a pig’s diet can cause issues. Raw eggs contain avidin, which prevents biotin absorption in whatever eats them.


    They can clean up that land great for gardening. Watermelon ptach.


    Whay nice legs brother lol.that trooper training work out .nice

  • The Dowland's Family Farm
    The Dowland's Family Farm


  • MichaelTEns

    Bacon & Eggs!!!!!!

  • Vicci Mauldin
    Vicci Mauldin

    Thank you DeeJay for your words. It is hard to let them go. But we know God has them in his arms and has a plan.

  • Vicci Mauldin
    Vicci Mauldin

    Baby sure is precious!!

  • Vicci Mauldin
    Vicci Mauldin

    Enjoyed watching the pigs be pigs. So adorable. So glad you are selling your merchandise. We love you out here.

  • Wendy H
    Wendy H

    Egg shells full of calcium, so they will be very tasty meat - yummy! Congratulations on your new brand of merch!

  • Monts Family Homestead
    Monts Family Homestead

    Wonderful message. Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on your on understanding. One of my favorite passages. Also, Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in they way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. God bless all of you.

  • Simoni Fernandes
    Simoni Fernandes

    Oi amigo bom dia cheguei agora é já deixei o meu joinha parabéns pelos vídeos

  • Noel Abell
    Noel Abell

    Congratulations, I love the choice of name.

  • Suzanne Petersen
    Suzanne Petersen

    You might want to try the wireless microphones that Living Traditions Homestead uses. The wind is never an issue in their videos.

  • Lisa

    Brooks is so stinkin cute!

  • Megan Weaver
    Megan Weaver

    The pigs are like toddlers when their mom says, " No! Don't touch the thorn plant!"

  • Tammy Aguilar
    Tammy Aguilar

    To bad that the kids didn't want to show pigs this time around!

  • socalz97

    Props to DJ for the Song of the Week as that was a message that I needed to hear today.

  • Vangie Fich
    Vangie Fich

    So happy for your successful launch! Congratulations!

  • Sandra Thomas
    Sandra Thomas

    Boy Brooks is such a cute little girl. Congrats on your launch and all of the sales.

  • troy blundell
    troy blundell


  • Janie Fox
    Janie Fox

    DJ, my "little boy" turned 52 on the 25th and he is now a Pop-Pop = watched and waited for him to come home from Desert Storm and get deployed during 9-11 = he became a pastor to officiate at his step-daughter's wedding - -what a life it has been.

  • Barb Shooter
    Barb Shooter

    So happy you new enterprise is going great guns. It nice to see good things happening to good people

  • Simple Ranch
    Simple Ranch

    Such great Parents. Raising your kids up right! Thanks for doing the right thing in a society that doesn’t always do the right thing.

  • AftPain GHXST
    AftPain GHXST

    Happy Birthday Emmalee today is April 28th

  • lula hawkins
    lula hawkins

    Need Bigger sizes and tall please my boys are all 6'8 + and Big

  • Tammy Zuber
    Tammy Zuber

    Boy they love eggs! I think it might be time to worm them also. Love the Creek Life logo brand... great job!


    Deejay I cried with you


    They love Apple's but not to many as they will getthem belly aches


    Put the eggs water if they float to the top throw away not good

  • Diana Jackson
    Diana Jackson

    Omg DeeJay. Between revival at church and your song of the day has me ugly crying. Good job

  • Hailey McKnight
    Hailey McKnight

    Congrat the the merch orders. Please consider tank tops! IDEA..do a preorder launch. Create the merch, post it as a launch and have a preorder end date. Like a 5 day preorder. You can then order more and have some left in inventory.........just a thought.

  • Caroline Lantz
    Caroline Lantz


  • Caroline Lantz
    Caroline Lantz

    Consistent info is necessary. IE first day of the month with a site that lists availability and sizes that automatically keeps count and Xs out sizes NA. CONGRATS

  • Kountrygirl's Kritters
    Kountrygirl's Kritters

    My oldest son is graduating on May 28th. I'm sooooo NOT ready to let go & send him off into this cruel world but I have faith that I've done all that I can to prepare him for real life. Crying is a natural response for us mother's XXX'S.

  • Diane Leahan
    Diane Leahan

    Daniel...are you gonna get extended sizes? Sizes like 4 or 5x?

  • Kountrygirl's Kritters
    Kountrygirl's Kritters

    My pig Oakley LOVES chicken eggs. She's so spoiled that she starts squealing at me if I don't throw in at least 3 eggs a day.

  • Lana K. from New Mexico
    Lana K. from New Mexico

    I just got my shirts in the mail already!! Thank you! They're so soft and awesome!! God bless y'all ❤️🤗

  • Rena Bartel
    Rena Bartel

    I show hogs and for one of my shows I go to every year you have a weight limit and if it weighs to much or to less we cant enter our pig. Raw eggs make them gain alot of weight as a plus. My pig gained 27 pounds in 3 days, with something else, but mainly the eggs! It's an awesome finisher.

  • Logan Sharp
    Logan Sharp

    You should get Houston a dirt bike

  • Riding&Learning About Horses&Ponies
    Riding&Learning About Horses&Ponies

    I homeschool my children and they need to go visit a farm to see the animals and plants we live in Oklahoma too how can I schedule a time to come out to your farm?

  • Clara-net

    When is whopper leaving?

  • Clara-net

    That one white pig is tiny!

  • FurEver Young Farm
    FurEver Young Farm

    We had a small pig in with our chickens and ducks. She ate all my duck eggs. She got about a dozen a day !

  • sheryl ailes
    sheryl ailes

    Will you be doing any women's tanks in the Creek Life?

  • Faith Buller
    Faith Buller

    God is so good to you at Arms Family and Creek Life. YAY!

  • Mesatalia

    Can you go over what IS ok and what ISN'T ok to feed to pigs?? I've been trying to research this and found a list of food that are "toxic" including Marshmallows, milk, and eggs. However you and many other homesteaders I've watched will feed these items all the time, and the pigs seem to be fine. So maybe list foods that are good, foods that are "Not healthy but good as an occasional treat" and a list of "Don't ever feed this"?

  • Don Wilburn
    Don Wilburn

    DeJa made tears to my eyes and I'm nearly an eighty old man. We do our part by loving them and bringing them up according to our standers. May God Bless you and your Family!

  • vivian zuniga
    vivian zuniga

    My big hogs love em too, lol!

  • Sharon Toberer
    Sharon Toberer

    YuK old eggs that grossed me out

  • Hisservant S
    Hisservant S

    The ultimate trash disposals!!

  • Diana Dollar
    Diana Dollar

    Yes my pig loves them.

  • Aidan Padoa
    Aidan Padoa

    You should try give them oatmeel or any porige our pigs love that

  • Brushy Creek Bunch
    Brushy Creek Bunch

    Our show pigs love tomatoes. You need to try that we planted extra tomato plants because the pigs loved them so much

  • Alex Bills
    Alex Bills

    before we butchered our pigs we found a nest of like 30 eggs and we gave them to our pigs and they loved them

  • The Jolley Family Homestead
    The Jolley Family Homestead

    Daniel I just wanna say thank you for your channel and we love watching your family grow up and your farm grow. We have been truly blessed by the Lord and we are grateful that we could do share the same values you have inspired me and my wife in a lot of ways both you and DJ. Do you have Helped us along the way with all your tips On raising goats and gardening. Do you have inspired me to do my own UZload channel. Thank you thank God bless you.

  • Kimberley Tramper
    Kimberley Tramper

    I tried to get a 3x at the beginning but it was sold out. Bummer.

  • Donna Watson
    Donna Watson

    More raw eggs, please! Yummy 🤤

  • Donna Watson
    Donna Watson

    They sure LOVE those eggs!!!

  • WayToSon

    The little squeeks they made when they got zapped were cute... These guys are cuter than the ones last year...

  • Jeff Grogan
    Jeff Grogan

    Thank you DJ for that song of the week by Granger Smith. Buy a boy baseball. It brought me down to my knees and I was wailing up with tears. It sounds just like me and my son. Thank you so much. God bless the Arms family Amen

  • Uproot Farming
    Uproot Farming

    I have wanted to give my pigs that I have filmed on my channel eggs but it can cause salmonella

  • He is strong
    He is strong

    Dejay, we could really feel what was in your heart. You are excellent on video! I don't think mama's cry, I think they weep, like our Lord did. because it comes from the heart. May the good Lord bless your boys Weston and Houston, and EmmaLee too!

  • Rosa Williams
    Rosa Williams

    Dj. You brought me back to the first day I dropped off my daughter at daycare. Lol. She's 23 now and living on her own.

  • Susan Anderson
    Susan Anderson

    Another great video....we aren't awesome as your fans; YOU are awesome, an AWESOME family in a troubled world these days. Keep up the good work!

  • kelly plude
    kelly plude

    im so sad i got paid and every single new shirt in my size is sold out i really wanted the red one

  • Thee Adventures Of Matt
    Thee Adventures Of Matt

    Great video as usual. Congratulations on the huge success of the launch that is amazing to hear.

  • Janice Powell
    Janice Powell

    It’s always great to see that we could use our other scrap food eggs that might be going bad to re-furbish other animals as proteins to carry on to continue growth instead of just throwing it away and obviously the pigs enjoyed it but using table scraps or things that were just in the refrigerator that might be going bad or out of the garden moving the pigs to free range and nothing goes to waste is what should be the concept.

  • Marvin Wendel
    Marvin Wendel

    Daniel I was a farm boy. Didn't raise pigs until one day a black pig showed up out of no where not a pig with in 10 miles of the farm . We called him black jack. He Loved eggs when a hen cakled he would go crazy. My brother and I made a halter for him and tied our red wagon to it then took a long stick and put a egg in front of blackjack (with help of a pair of moms nylons) he would pulls us all over the yard lol great memory. Thanks Daniel The Breez

  • Kevin Tanner
    Kevin Tanner

    I need a 5xl can u get them

  • Jessica Guy
    Jessica Guy

    What a bunch of pigs (as in messy)

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