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  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter

    Jacobi is camera shy 🙈

  • Karen Schuster
    Karen Schuster

    Would you be able to "mic" DJ?

  • Karen Schuster
    Karen Schuster

    It was hard to hear DJ, love the new line

  • The LaLa Farm
    The LaLa Farm

    Love the new brand - Creek Life fits your family and brand really well!! Nice job! - Rick

  • Charles Luther
    Charles Luther

    This is not to be critical, but to point out. With the sensitivity to others, do you risk offending Oklahoma Native Americans using an arrow head as part of your logo? I know you are part Native, but have you approached the Oklahoma Council for permission? Or putting a "John Deere" on a shirt, which is a registered trade mark. Anyway, just asking. Really.

  • Darren Russell
    Darren Russell

    Will you be getting anymore creek life shirts? They sold out quick.

  • Jose Miguel
    Jose Miguel

    Hey moved to ok From Louisiana like the content

  • Kamaljeet JATT
    Kamaljeet JATT

    Hello bro I am your home job hamper interest 4th month free my document complete my contact number my WhatsApp 8860288667 please bro reply me. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • S Shawnee
    S Shawnee

    I seen one of your video's being used in dog flea collar ad, You all moving up into the big time?

  • Deb Heniscey
    Deb Heniscey

    You need v neck t shirts for women

  • John Sobaski
    John Sobaski

    Congratulations!!! God's blessing in this new business adventure.

  • Log and Garden
    Log and Garden

    Love the shirts. Great addition. Just confused some shirts say establishment 2021 like the one deejay has on the arrowhead says 2011.

  • Gary J
    Gary J

    I'm a trucker hat guy.

  • Steven Todd
    Steven Todd

    Bill started in the garage

  • dwightlowes

    Very Cool ⚡️ 🤙🏻⚡️

  • Meza Gallardo
    Meza Gallardo

    Daniel, you are an incredible guy. Whish I have your enthusiasm

  • Michelle Hosier
    Michelle Hosier

    You guys should do a catch cook an fry bran logo... With different fish like bass and and hunting logos.... Just putting it out there... I love your videos.... An also stingrays.... LOVE Your VIDEOS!!!!! Michelle Hosier....

  • Revelation Rancher
    Revelation Rancher

    Thank you guys.. I received my hat, my shirt and the shirt for my wife..

  • Susan Treadway
    Susan Treadway

    Everything is sold out in most sizes. You should have ordered more. Too bad.

  • Helen Krug
    Helen Krug

    You need a t-shirt that says “ Anyways”. Please! 😁👍🇺🇸

  • C M.
    C M.

    Those lady tee shirts are sold out! Darn! I’ll wait till y’all resupply, I hope. I’m excited for the new merch! 👍🏼

  • Christy Jurina-Jones
    Christy Jurina-Jones

    Daniel and DeJay... Let me know if you need help with the merch... Don't live that far away... God bless

  • Woofer SD
    Woofer SD


  • Jonathan Philip Goodwill
    Jonathan Philip Goodwill

    So from your launch video to Wednesday afternoon I rcvd my awesome "national park logo". Thank you.

  • Melissa Edmondson
    Melissa Edmondson

    congrats! yall should sell a CreekLife & Co. fishin pole

  • Steve Kim
    Steve Kim

    That looks amazing. I really love the Creek Life merchandise.

  • cynthia franco
    cynthia franco

    can u get a light purple like the fish on it like Houston has on but not long sleeve

  • Dewayne Nix
    Dewayne Nix

    Love the new merch, but wondering if you noticed the shirt DJ was wearing says est 2021 but all the others say 2011? Just curious.

  • Sandy McGinnis
    Sandy McGinnis

    Will ya'll do any regular long sleeved T-shirts?

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    In Texas we grew a white beet and one of the supervisors there liked to eat them right out of the dirt.

  • David Ross
    David Ross

    Tell us again why you gave up the company that was doing your merchandising at first, and now coming to pay Smith's to do it for you?

  • David Ross
    David Ross

    Been fun going to the bank?

  • Bobbie Mooser
    Bobbie Mooser

    Like your new merch.❤️👵🏻❤️

  • Mike Hors
    Mike Hors

    Do you ship to Canada and is that US dollars when ordering?

  • Shea Berry
    Shea Berry


  • Sandra Thomas
    Sandra Thomas

    Wish you had tank tops

  • RidgeLife

    You know with a name like RidgeLife we would love your new line of creek life!!!

  • RidgeLife

    Congrats on all the family success!!! You deserve it!

  • Tracy McClung
    Tracy McClung

    Congratulations 🥳

  • Frances Skinner
    Frances Skinner

    Love everything about your family and show! Congratulations on your new adventures! Praying God blesses your family with success and happiness!

  • Judy L Clarke
    Judy L Clarke

    From Windsor Ontario Canada love the new brand, look forward to seeing your videos everyday.♥️

  • Seeyouonthetrail

    Try buck wholesale for hats. I buy them on a much smaller scale but they are always compeitive and in stock.

  • Terry Minnick
    Terry Minnick


  • Warren Rines
    Warren Rines

    Love the arrow head, creek life & co. Thanks for sharing your lives

  • Karen Blanck
    Karen Blanck

    I live out in the suburbs of Chicago far away from country living but down the street is a creek that I spent hundreds of hours playing in as a kid. Fishing, swimming, catching critters and building rafts....it’s where you could find us nearly every day after school and on the weekends and of course all summer long. Creek life is something that resonates with so many of us!

  • Barbara Jacobus
    Barbara Jacobus

    I love the creek life but a perfect shirt would be a picture of the two boys holding hands with the fishing poles over the shoulders and walking away don't show the front of them just show Jacoby and Houston and what a picture that would be two best friends walking away with fishing poles hold his hands I bet you a lot of people would buy one I think it would be a perfect shirt for anybody

  • Mags V
    Mags V

    Do you ship to Australia ?

  • Ross Bailey
    Ross Bailey

    No large size left.

  • Joseph Knowles
    Joseph Knowles

    Have you guy's considered your family crest as a brand.

  • Ellen Nugent
    Ellen Nugent

    Congratulations Daniel and DeJay be safe and God 🙏 Bless your family

  • Russell Shoemaker
    Russell Shoemaker

    Great news, congratulations! You always surprise have give us great content. Thank you!

  • Glen Godden
    Glen Godden

    I need a 4XLT - is that available?

  • Glen Godden
    Glen Godden


  • Gloria Martin
    Gloria Martin

    do you have any more of the donkey poodle shirts

  • Sharon Nowlin
    Sharon Nowlin

    So Glad that everything is going GREAT for launching your own business !! You whole family has worked hard to get everything on pare!! I'm sure your family business will keep growing leaps and bounds !!

  • Lori Exley
    Lori Exley

    Will you be doing any of the new styles in hoodies also?

  • Lucy Johnson
    Lucy Johnson

    So happy for yall!!

  • Debbie Miller
    Debbie Miller

    I use to have fun walking the creeks and looking for crawdads and salamanders here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Lu Wrolstad
    Lu Wrolstad

    So... No more coffee mugs? Broke my AFH my this morning. Bummed now more than ever. I guess I thought "Arms Family Homestead" was already your brand, and so this would just be a new line, correct?

  • Caroline Lantz
    Caroline Lantz

    Silhouettes of Houston and Jacobi at the creek on the merch. You can turn a good photo into a line drawing with photosomething. Put the sale to their education.😉

  • Karen Godkin
    Karen Godkin

    Happy Birthday Houston!!! I heard it was your birthday from Keeping it Dutch! Hope you had a great birthday!

  • Tiffany Taylor
    Tiffany Taylor

    Super excited for you! I noticed that DJs creek life shirt says 2021 and the brown one says 2011. The red AFH shirt said 2011. Should the creek life all be 2021 or are you using the AFH date for it all?

  • LeonRussell Auditor
    LeonRussell Auditor

    No No Don't turn it around!!

  • Debra Beam
    Debra Beam

    Where can I order?

  • Debra Beam
    Debra Beam


  • Debra Beam
    Debra Beam


  • DP Fishing
    DP Fishing

    Y’all need to make fishing baits

  • Greg Needham
    Greg Needham

    Love your channel. Just launched my channel in February. Ordered a hat this past weekend.

  • Pete Bernhagen
    Pete Bernhagen

    Sooooo.... let me guess.... oooh you like your own merchandise. I can't wait til the crappie stuff hits the webpage. Dude, can you say sellout? ...in everyway! Haha

  • Jenna Tuck
    Jenna Tuck

    Will you be making more of the donkey poodle shirts in L and XL??

  • Helen Cline
    Helen Cline


  • Bridget Greene
    Bridget Greene

    Congratulations guys ... Shirts look great !

  • Alivia Jones
    Alivia Jones

    How do u get them shirts

  • Alivia Jones
    Alivia Jones

    Oops I did not see the live chat I'm sorry bye guys love y'all be safe

  • Beth Nichols
    Beth Nichols

    Congratulations on your new brand. And smart choice getting advise and assistance from Parker and Granger Smith, considering all they have done with YeeYee Apparel.

  • Anthony Moreno
    Anthony Moreno

    How about a shirt with a photo of Huston and jacoby saying armsfamily and friends

  • Patsy Love
    Patsy Love

    I need a goat t-shirt!!

  • Colene Vigness Lenhart
    Colene Vigness Lenhart

    Good for you!!! 💖💓💞😉🤗🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Michael Witherell
    Michael Witherell

    So was it est. 2021 or 2011. The two shirts yall have on are differant.

    • Michael Witherell
      Michael Witherell

      But love them both...

  • Vicci Mauldin
    Vicci Mauldin

    Jacoby is camera shy. We love him also.

  • Vicci Mauldin
    Vicci Mauldin

    Cool!! I would like the "The Weirdest Herd" t-shirt some day, but I see you are sold out in the bigger sizes. Do you plan on restocking these some day? Enjoy your videos very much. Love your secrets.

  • Quentin Smith
    Quentin Smith

    I am getting one of those shirts.

  • Hailey McKnight
    Hailey McKnight

    Need tank tops!

  • Cory Thyfault
    Cory Thyfault

    I need one with Creek Monster hunting on it.

  • Joice Givens 1227
    Joice Givens 1227

    Wow, really like the new shirts. BUT, all the XL are sold out. Maybe I need to loose weight! LOL 😂 GOOD LUCK with your new line.

  • meagan De Bruyn
    meagan De Bruyn

    I like your fishing videos

  • george kuzma
    george kuzma

    How about pocket T shirts????

  • James Walker
    James Walker

    Creek life rocks guys 👌🏻👍🏻

  • Linda Poorman
    Linda Poorman

    Cool merch. I am so glad that Houston does a lot of intros and sign offs, it will help him not have crippling stage fright like I have. You ate such awesome parents

  • Julie Spencer
    Julie Spencer

    Congratulations! The shirts are awesome.

  • Tri County Family Farm
    Tri County Family Farm


  • Jacqueline French
    Jacqueline French

    Are your shirts Made in the USA

  • Genea Potter
    Genea Potter

    Very nice...love the new line

  • AnnaRae Ellison
    AnnaRae Ellison

    I can tell you have worked hard on this! I love the new designs and colors!

  • Karen Turner
    Karen Turner


  • Justin Walburg
    Justin Walburg

    Got myself one of the blue gill shirts. Cool!

  • Deborah Fonner
    Deborah Fonner

    ⛔ morning Dj, i don't see t the colors on the items and no size charts..?

  • Joe Fyda
    Joe Fyda

    The retro red would look awesome on the hats. You can’t go wrong with antique tractors.

  • Deborah Fonner
    Deborah Fonner

    I'm so excited, I live on a creek and everything out there is about the lake life 🤔...I relate to crickets🦟, frogs,🐸 willows, ect...can't wait to see what evolves..

  • Bryan Morrow
    Bryan Morrow

    Ya got to put steve on one

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