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  • Christian Robinson
    Christian Robinson

    It was just good to see if you have any questions about this upcoming event

  • Trav Smith
    Trav Smith

    Sorry my iPad did that but I live in Western Australia

  • Drake Evans
    Drake Evans

    You watch the smaller pig will end up the biggest

  • Patty Schulz
    Patty Schulz

    God bless you for raising such a loving and giving son. He will grow to be a wonderful man with your hand on his shoulder and God's on the other.

  • Eli Adams
    Eli Adams

    jacoby said gimme that money

  • this content is so wholesome i love the content.

  • D H
    D H

    Love your channel! PLEASE grease the gate hinges. Ohmygoodness.

  • Building Bloxx
    Building Bloxx

    Daniel I have to say you and you wife have taught that boy very well I'm so proud of Huston I have watched that kid go from a boy to a young man. Love an respect from Ontario🇨🇦.

  • Mr. Konetchy
    Mr. Konetchy

    At the end when you patted Big Joe on the head your hand disappeared!!! Paul St Louis

  • Angela Burrell-Lewis
    Angela Burrell-Lewis

    Please remind the little boys to say "thanks ".

  • Malcolm Mercer
    Malcolm Mercer

    Great to see you teaching Houston life lessons and how to treat people the right way!👍🏾

  • Lance Brackenbury
    Lance Brackenbury

    So Daniel dk you know how you said I’m going to have my mother inlaw cook me a burger. I forgot what inlaw meant so I came here in the comments to ask what it means.

  • Dylan Vessell
    Dylan Vessell

    It’s soooo sadddd because the mama goat did not know we’re her baby went

  • Neva Maurer
    Neva Maurer

    Shouldn't you oil that gate or something?

  • mike BENOIT
    mike BENOIT

    Wow thats great money for a little guy

  • mike BENOIT
    mike BENOIT

    What time do you guys start your day every day

  • mike BENOIT
    mike BENOIT

    Brother looks like a lot of work you have to do every day

  • Mike Bonge
    Mike Bonge

    Did the otters get in ponds and eat your fish.

  • Madeline Brownlee
    Madeline Brownlee

    I love that the little boys love helping you so much.

  • Madeline Brownlee
    Madeline Brownlee

    The quick movements of the kids is what is spooking the pigs. They don't see well.

  • Kanton Apanashk
    Kanton Apanashk

    I have a couple mini zebu bulls that are mini bucking bulls

    • Kanton Apanashk
      Kanton Apanashk

      Would you like to buy one

  • Outdoor Creations
    Outdoor Creations

    I was at the sale that u sold ur goats at

    • Outdoor Creations
      Outdoor Creations

      It was last thursday

  • Karen Turner
    Karen Turner

    Houston, congratulations on your 4H project. Those babies weren't to happy with you all. I like your mother-in-law, she "let" you cook your own hamburger. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  • Brandon Rife
    Brandon Rife

    That kid be makin Passos at 11 years old

  • Fish On
    Fish On

    Subscribe to fish on

  • Renee Rueppel
    Renee Rueppel

    What kind of grain do you feed your goats? What age do you sell goats at the auction if you sell them there?

  • Helen Anderson
    Helen Anderson

    John 601

  • Helen Anderson
    Helen Anderson

    John tomboy

  • Diane GRANGER
    Diane GRANGER

    Your little boy needs time out. To teach him to do as he's told.

  • Angel Johnston
    Angel Johnston

    That touched my heart so much it made me tear up when your boy handed his friend a second $100 Bill. What a good boy you’re raising.

  • Cap

    Love seeing Houston & Jacobi playing & working together. That was Awesome when Houston gave his Best Friend Jacobi, some extra money to boot on top of what you gave him. He is a very caring & giving young man. Jacobi earned that money, we all know he works hard on the farm with you all.

  • Hall_C

    @ 10:11

  • S&O Farm
    S&O Farm

    You’re raising your kids up the right way. Keep it up

  • Beverly Hanlon
    Beverly Hanlon

    Great show. Prayers

  • Bridget Brady
    Bridget Brady

    Houston and Jacoby are great! Y'all's videos always make me smile!

  • Jordan Wash
    Jordan Wash

    That was awesome to see him give away the money to his friend without any hesitation. You have a very responsible and mature kid for his age.

  • Dc Yeeyee 369
    Dc Yeeyee 369


  • Dc Yeeyee 369
    Dc Yeeyee 369

    Adult stuff mom goat f u walks away

  • aaron wolverson
    aaron wolverson

    Great movie that is what we like

  • David Thurmond
    David Thurmond

    Need to come work for him lol

  • Mother Wolf
    Mother Wolf

    My heart melted seeing your amazing young man paying his mate 💖

  • Eric Laramie
    Eric Laramie

    That was awesome paying Jacobi! Super nice!! He’s a good kid, a great friend and helper! God Bless!

  • SicknTwisted

    yo does jakobi live close or did you get him bunkbeds for your house and he never leaves loll

  • LLJ JJ
    LLJ JJ

    This looks like me and my friend kenny

  • james Somerled
    james Somerled

    Where do you get those galvanized steel shelters for the pigs

  • KinG SwaGG__
    KinG SwaGG__

    Liked and subscribr God bless you and your family

  • KinG SwaGG__
    KinG SwaGG__

    I love to see this good people helping each other exactly what the world needs

  • Carmen Doyle
    Carmen Doyle

    Love all u do but that farmer was rough sorry 😢

  • Diana Williams-Coe
    Diana Williams-Coe

    You must have heard me, as the boys was catching the goats I was asking myself do Jacoby get anything? he does go on the vacations, fishing, boat rides and other things but having some pocket money is good too.. Good Job Huston

  • Cameron Blethen
    Cameron Blethen

    Wait jimmy huston past away

  • Kamden Bartman
    Kamden Bartman

    The pigs are so cute!! Are they a Yorkshire/Berkshire cross?

  • Cameron Blethen
    Cameron Blethen

    Dang he made 2000 dollars plus like a bunch more me trying to save up for a 20. Gage

  • 진용준

    Sir. How much is a kid?

  • Maudie Powers
    Maudie Powers

    You boys did great.. wished I could have one of those burgers..lol..

  • Kim krise
    Kim krise


  • ron martin Mhg
    ron martin Mhg

    I enjoy your videos, but why do you advertise your beliefs on your t-shirts. Your religious beliefs are a personal thing and of course your support of the Second Amendment is up to you. I and maybe other viewers are not interested in seeing them. Please don't take this as an attack. It's not. Just a personal view. Good luck and keep the videos coming.

  • NaeSTay

    I love how Houston gave just slid him that other 100 without hesitation... true friendship

  • Lizabeth Thrasher
    Lizabeth Thrasher

    its funny but heart breaking when they scream like they are getting killed

  • Paula Braun
    Paula Braun

    praying for ur Family, may they feel Gods nearness ,Gods presence...Blessings to you all,,,,.....I myself have a criticlly ill brother on covid, but God is at work, and we pray a lot, will keep u in my prayers as well

  • Paula Braun
    Paula Braun

    Good Job, lill Man in sharing some of your Money, that is very nice

  • Michael Joles
    Michael Joles

    Great job sharing your profit with your friend!!

  • Jeff Morris
    Jeff Morris

    Houston, that $100 you handed to Jacoby is worth more than all the others combined.

  • Gunnars Life
    Gunnars Life

    Talk about screaming goats

  • Red Road Homestead
    Red Road Homestead

    Congrats great Job Huston

  • Devon Williams
    Devon Williams

    Love your channel you guys inspire me thank you so much 😊

  • Waterburner Zero Six
    Waterburner Zero Six

    And so many Thank You's passed around. Anyway.. prayers as requested. I remember my Mom loved to fish. She got a pr of Jimmy Houston Polarized Sunglasses. They were on her face whenever she went outside. Even after cataract surgery, she dug out her sunglasses, as her Dr ordered. Definitely a blessing. Well, take care & stay safe!!

  • Deborah Peterson
    Deborah Peterson

    The goats sound like a screaming little kid lol

  • Julie Fobair
    Julie Fobair

    So good of Huston to share with Jacoby ❤

  • Angela Steen
    Angela Steen

    Good job raising your kids well

  • Brenda faith lane Lane
    Brenda faith lane Lane

    Love Huston and Jacoby. Wonderful friends. God bless you all...

  • Brenda faith lane Lane
    Brenda faith lane Lane

    Poor mommy goats crying for there kids. 😥

  • Linda Plumbley
    Linda Plumbley

    Awww how nice Houston gave a hundred to his best friend. Dad you are raising him right

  • Linda Plumbley
    Linda Plumbley

    Sounds like they are calling their ma ma

  • disco07

    Good to know, Jacobi is in good hands. Huston too!

  • Ash Mazanhi
    Ash Mazanhi

    I hope jaqobi gets to keep the money, he really deserves it 😆

  • Billy Allmon
    Billy Allmon

    You just cut my boys off,what do you expect🙀

  • Katelyn’s K9s
    Katelyn’s K9s

    Pigs love marshmallows

  • walker riggins
    walker riggins

    nice shirt i believe in everything it says :)

  • SA MTB
    SA MTB

    how much did you sell them for


    Love your shirt

  • Nedra Davis
    Nedra Davis

    You are a great Dad and teacher...😍🙏

  • Kizzie Reeve
    Kizzie Reeve

    You are such a loving family and Jacobi is like an extra son to you and it was so good of you to give Jacobi $100 and it really brought a huge smile to my face when Houston gave an extra $100 both Houston and Jacobi are amazing young boys and have an amazing friendship x

  • Travis N.
    Travis N.

    Good job boys.... soon you will be young men before you know it !!! Keep up the good work 💪🏼

  • Olivia Pierce
    Olivia Pierce

    Not sure if you heard but Lucy Jimmy’s deer has died.

  • William Scott
    William Scott

    Next animal y'all should get is a couple of turkeys. Farm ain't complete without turkeys. Plus you can't beat fresh turkey for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

  • Arden Peters
    Arden Peters


  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee

    Still praying 🙏🙏🙏🙏 for jimmy houston and family hope everyone has a blessed week.

  • Hope Mags
    Hope Mags

    Great job Houston your growing up a to be an amazing young gentleman

  • Rae Callaway
    Rae Callaway

    Daniel - what do you use for editing your videos? I'm in a situation - I live mostly solitary, but I have my Dad, and my farm. I would love to find a way to put together an occasional video for the rest of the family - to keep them up to date with what all is going on. Especially with Dad. I have a camera and an IPhone, but haven't a clue how to edit a coherent video together

  • Sambo Gaddis
    Sambo Gaddis

    Where is bear at

  • Carrie Grosenick
    Carrie Grosenick

    That was nice you gave Jacoby some $$$$ money for helping. Great to see the little pigs. Love you guys. 🥰♥️💖

  • Maria Riveria
    Maria Riveria

    That was so sweet of him giving his lil friend some pay ❤️❤️🙏🏻

  • LINDA Scott
    LINDA Scott

    Good video God bless you

  • Jessyka Winters
    Jessyka Winters

    Who is that one dog

  • Grace Washburn
    Grace Washburn

    Now Houston that you got all that money from selling your baby goats I hope you put it to something of good use or put it away for something like school or a college fund or a new fishing rod or a new baby calf to show in the next season’s show for 4-H

  • Sybil Hi
    Sybil Hi

    They were a bit rough getting the goats out geez.

  • Sybil Hi
    Sybil Hi

    Poor Mama goats are calling their babies 🥺

  • Sybil Hi
    Sybil Hi

    Those are adorable little goats 💕💕💕

  • Sue Palmer
    Sue Palmer

    Jacobey is a part of the family . Goats are so cute they do sound like kids screaming lol. I never was around goats.

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    You should go back to Florida because those vids were awesome .