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  • Veronica Lake
    Veronica Lake

    No Idea what your doing or how to treat Bison. If Some of you get Killed that's your own stupidity. Be education before you plaster tormenting a Bison to the world... I wouldn't be surprised if your Charged. Lord help them before they kill themselves With Stupidity for The Whole World To See.!!! 🤨👎

  • phatsaphong worawatphokin
    phatsaphong worawatphokin

    Hi sir. I need to buy you Bison buffalo. For export to breeder in Thailand. Can you help me to export from you country to Thailand . Please send more information to me in my email. what apps +989048966 thank you sir.

  • Luke Drummond
    Luke Drummond


  • INANNA Shu
    INANNA Shu

    why don't you lead Joe with some nice sweet hay?

  • Puppypaws04

    Poor bison 😢

  • Mulama Antony
    Mulama Antony

    Great farming skills. Bisons are really huge. Are they classified as cows?. Watching from Nairobi kenya

  • Isabel Prieto
    Isabel Prieto

    Stupid people.

  • Farid Mak
    Farid Mak

    They belong to nature please send them to where they belong

  • JustCurious

    In the first minutes i was interested .... but later? My stomach has dropped ,. Horrible! AND I DO EAT MEAT!

  • Doobie

    This really breaks my heart to see..

  • C.G D
    C.G D

    Bisons have always made me hungry

  • gofer getter
    gofer getter

    Get after Joe with a skid steer or payloader

  • Dietria Michelle
    Dietria Michelle

    Poor Bison, I feel sorry for them. Why are these animals not in the wild where the belong.

  • Kathryn Breckel
    Kathryn Breckel

    Thank you and your family for doing this!!! My nerves are on edge just watching from my arm chair!!!!

  • Sandra Orr
    Sandra Orr

    Sounds like a jail

  • Sandra Orr
    Sandra Orr

    There trapped that's bad . Heart rate up poor thing

  • Christine  Sanderson
    Christine Sanderson

    Personally I feel sorrow for these terrified animals with all the noise and electric prods. Do they expect them to go easily?

  • hello everyone
    hello everyone

    Except you , this is animal cruelty , you ...........

  • Tracy

    Best way to get a animal confused and unfair electric prod It’s too easy

  • Ann C
    Ann C

    Wow! AND Indians hunted then with bows and arrows! That's gutsy!

  • Marina Johnson
    Marina Johnson

    I thought this channel was about rescue but I was wrong they abuse animals

  • Marina Johnson
    Marina Johnson

    Why are you electric ⚡️ cutting them. That’s not nice if you a meat lover don’t watch this channel.

  • daniel conroy
    daniel conroy

    holly cow! you can never tell when bison are gonna go crazy

  • Sally Spiewakowski
    Sally Spiewakowski

    I live in England and have never eaten Bison or seen one in person. This is fun watching your videos! Lots of noise!😂🤣😁❤️

  • cesarv23

    Do que adianta esses americano ter essas camionetona se faz um mangueiro porco desse, parece que nunca fechou um boi na vida não conseguem abrir a porteira, não sabem trabalhar

  • Micheal Moats
    Micheal Moats

    .man scary animal!

  • Douglas Brannon
    Douglas Brannon


  • Dexter Boss
    Dexter Boss

    I hope you will all suffer such a cruel fate as these poor animals, let them shock you, wave their flags and lock you in ever tighter cages

  • sbr_Grendel65

    A lot of soft people here, the animals are well taken care of. The prod is used on cattle and most of the time they don’t even need to hit the button for electricity. Bison used to be bountiful but they where all massacred. Now some farm for meat, some to bring numbers back. So get educated before you all melt in anxiety

  • tiny vr
    tiny vr

    You guys are amazing, and your vet is a champ. Thank you for taking care of these magnificent bison.❤🙏

  • Richard Snodgrass
    Richard Snodgrass

    Animal abuse. Every spring here comes the pervert with his fisty! Yeah I bet the bison really look forward to your visits.

  • Recovering Soul
    Recovering Soul

    PLEASE do NOT cook meat when you do this. They can smell that and they KNOW that THEY ARE MEAT. They will fight as if their life depends on it. Probably know you are raising them to kill them. Go vegetarian for a week for all involved and try it that way.

  • Teri Lyn Vik
    Teri Lyn Vik

    Wow. Their power is immense. Respect.

  • Adam Jamro
    Adam Jamro

    Set them free, those animals and not to be domisticated!

  • chris C
    chris C

    Just tranquilizer and do what u need

  • chris C
    chris C

    Maybe all the loud banging of metal doors spooks them... bison wild n do their own thing. Big joe,, feel sorry for him. He's scared of shoot and he keeps getting prodded. That's making him pissed

  • Darci Torgerson
    Darci Torgerson

    Wow!! The are crazy animals! Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the video!!

  • Emileigh Swaggirt
    Emileigh Swaggirt

    I've never seen a bison farm before! So cool! But you don't keep them in those little cages all the time do you? That would be so cruel :(

  • yvonneost12

    Well hello Daniel & Jackie , the last video I watched of yours was when you quit your troopers job , I hope it's all working out for you & your family . I have'nt had much chance to watch many y/tube vid's as hubby has been in hospital for over 4 months and if i'm not there I'm trying to catch up with chores , anyway all the best .

  • Alli Harrison
    Alli Harrison

    Instead of making the poor animal angry ...would it not be better to entice it in with food ? Or am I being dim

  • DauhOn1y

    I dont want to be mean, but find another hobby. Old man was having too much fun pocking the bison rather than trying to lead it into a CAGE!

  • Don Heacock
    Don Heacock

    Stressed out wild animals is an understatement, this is borderline inhumane! Try raising domestic water buffalo (true buffalo, not bison) that are gentle, serene and respond to their individual names.

  • Renee Catherin
    Renee Catherin

    Using electricity on hypersensitive animals is disturbing to folks could rethink your strategy. This is not exciting to watch it is an example of how to stress animals to the point of breaking..not ok.

  • Riverunner

    What a force to contend with! 1885# unreal. So interesting, great content, thanks!

  • Josephine C
    Josephine C

    Maybe you need some experience handling those Bison so you and the animals wouldn't have such a hard time just sayin

  • Capt. Rich
    Capt. Rich

    Looks like a blast! Of course for me this would be old hat. I've processed literally thousands and thousands of feed cattle in Texas panhandle feed yards. Then not nearly as many but still a considerable number of bucking bulls from my rodeo days. That busted off horn cap, dogs love those. That and horse hoove clippings, dog candy.

  • margaret fry
    margaret fry

    These are wild animals

  • Melody Macken
    Melody Macken

    Well, that was enlightenment. Thankyou. Rotorua, New Zealand.

  • allan barsness
    allan barsness

    lots of work,eh

  • Sunshine

    13:31 Holy buffalo! That girl got heart!! She stood her ground!🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • Sunshine

    9:26 that struggle run in the mud trying to keep up and get to that gate!😶😖🙀😂

  • Patty Trollip
    Patty Trollip

    There must be a way to do this with less stress. Maybe a little tranq added to the water the day before? Something?

  • Charlene Reynolds
    Charlene Reynolds

    How terrible to constantly use that cattle prod on the bison!! It antagonised them and caused more stress for them. Really disgraceful!

  • Larry Gribaudo
    Larry Gribaudo

    Animals can kill and God can send you to the Lake of Fire for eternity, The gospel can save you and give you peace with God Romans 5:1. The gospel 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 and read Romans 5:9 & 10:9-10. The power of God Romans 1:16, 1 Corinthians 1:18 and others. Use the KJV bible Video: The Grace Gospel, do you know what it is?

  • Lady Long Locks
    Lady Long Locks

    After watching this? I will never again complain about running my black angus herd through the chutes. Geez! Bison are just rank ol' beasts.

  • Nancy Lee
    Nancy Lee

    Oh my gosh! My hat is off to you! Bravo!

  • Blayne Sukut - Dream Starter TV
    Blayne Sukut - Dream Starter TV

    They survived thousands of years as nature made them and your vaccinating them, how sad...sigh.

  • The Gaming Pigeon
    The Gaming Pigeon

    Reminds me of when my grandparents used to have bison. Bought a cattle chute system for them. Worked well on the heifers and all the bulls except one who we called Isaac. Horns were too big and wide, he couldn't get his head into the chute (even then, I'm not sure he could actually fit his whole body in it either). Ended up just using a pole syringe to give him any shots he needed and sent him on his way through a side door.

  • Nunu

    Bisons are wild and free, why stupid people put them in a box??!!!

  • Roger Butch
    Roger Butch

    Wow! Big Joe looks dangerous, he's a big boy. Great video. We made it home and had an awesome time, it was good to see all of you. Thanks again for everything y'all be safe around them critters lol.

  • Roger Butch
    Roger Butch

    Wow! Big Joe looks dangerous, he's a big boy. Great video. We made it home and had an awesome time, it was good to see all of you. Thanks again for everything y'all be safe around them critters lol.

  • Marina Monacar
    Marina Monacar

    Strong Buffalo

  • Mike W
    Mike W

    @ 6:23 Head Country BBQ Sauce...Yes!!!

  • Ciprian Seni
    Ciprian Seni

    Nice Video

  • H B
    H B

    The guys love that long cattle prodder don’t they? No need to use it so much. Nasty to see.

  • Tim Cowan
    Tim Cowan

    I feel knackered watching this brilliant video👍🇬🇧

  • Dkcskdok Dicdkxio
    Dkcskdok Dicdkxio

    Over 1800 pounds that's fucking insane

  • Shawna Weesner
    Shawna Weesner

    The fields aren’t big enough for the bison!

  • ANNETTE Querry
    ANNETTE Querry

    Do you ever gain respect from a bison? I mean their size is just so massive. I know you have to be smart but just curious?

  • ANNETTE Querry
    ANNETTE Querry

    That's one brave doggy!

  • Charley Yosanovich
    Charley Yosanovich

    They are my 3 favorite animal

  • Swarajya Sehajpal
    Swarajya Sehajpal

    They can do this to the hapless animals and still resent what Nazis did to the Jews. The essential hypocrisy of the human animal with two hands and a brain ! Someone in the comments section reminisced a pancreatic cancer sufferer gain two more years existence on this planet, a feet dragging existence really as pain of a cancer patient dies only with his own death. Two years of measly existence deriving sustenance from a a pound of muscle of this terrified stressed out animal , reared through poking bars, grating iron chutes and bottlenecks. Handsome Robust Happy Folks , just for a pensive rehearsal pass through these steel contraptions and slushy enclosures yourself only for one day : you wouldn’t prefer those two last cancerous years to a meek submission of a mortal’s inevitable end at the cost of such pain to an animal. Who knows your choice to forego your human prerogative to buy an extra slice of life at the cost of such nightmarish trauma to an animal, might have worked a different denouement to your life’s finale.

  • Meghan Plamondon
    Meghan Plamondon

    WoW, big joe was tough! I would have given him some special feed as a reward once he got into the correct position, maybe he’d line up better next time. But it’s big joe, so maybe not. Good luck with them all.

  • Chic In The Woods TV
    Chic In The Woods TV

    Too much

  • biker

    Very loud

  • June Brilly
    June Brilly

    Hi, if you've read Temple Grandin's book Animals in Translation you would know your chute needs to be curved with no sharp corners. June

  • Judy Webster
    Judy Webster

    Yeah, I really enjoyed it, seeing an innocent animal getting repeatedly shocked like that, and the others totally freaking out while you're all laughing and joking, karma never forgets a name and address

  • trainergirl

    Don't you think though, that the noise of all the metal echoing around makes them even more scared? If there was some way to pad some of the equipment so that it didn't clang, echo and make so much noise I'm betting they wouldn't get anywhere near so stressed. I am wondering if any of them are comfortable with people? Cows are big animals and can kill a human, but farmers manage to get them used to being around humans so they are not so terrified if there needs to be work done with them.

  • bitsnpieces11

    The way he's acting at about 18:00 is like a bison in a video being surrounded by wolves in Alaska and attacked. The constant circling with his head low.

  • Linda *
    Linda *

    This is so cruel you put these animals thru stress..then use an electric prod. And giggle about bison burgers.sad 😭💔

  • Gi Kichi
    Gi Kichi

    Use the electric shocks to you people let's see if is enjoyable, one thom down.

  • Evelina Music
    Evelina Music

    Wow!!!! ☺️👍💕💕.

  • Cassy Fofana
    Cassy Fofana

    First time watching Pretty cool...😇

  • Caca Detoro
    Caca Detoro

    5:32 the girl cheerleading after the buffalo cow gets fisted.

  • Debra Segers
    Debra Segers

    Do they ever like you?

  • Debra Segers
    Debra Segers

    Lizards may be easier. You need football padding on if something happens. That is alot of work! Scary

  • Mr Watto
    Mr Watto

    Never really realised how fvcking HUGE there dudes are. Massive beasts.

  • karate

    ... don't freak out those magnificent creatures with this... .nothing worse than scared, bossy human boys with stupid toys trying to make themselves feel big by frightening and hurting far more intelligent, resilient and powerful creatures. Yuuuck. You are scaring and cruelling those bison and they are angry and would mince you in a flash... and there you are behind your noisy stupid fences acting real big aren't you boys with your cattle prods and scaredey cat ways! The indigenous folk knew what to do and how to respect bison. You guys look pathetic... puffed up boys with too many toys and no skill or wisdom to see here! Leave them wild and free those bison don't deserve your no respect childish play of cruelty.

  • JustRockMySoul

    these animals are not made for being held as farm animals. and the way you (including the vet) handled them makes me think certainly not by you or at the very least in this manner. smacking them with pedals and cattle prods from all sides without any sense of direction, all while commenting 'Bison Burgers?' and cooking a meal of their dead companions just a few feet away. 'did you get your souvenir?' when one of them breaks off a horn in distress due to your inapt methods. 12:25 what in the hell is that guy even trying to do?

  • James Smythe
    James Smythe

    5:19, that’s disgusting and invasive, can’t he use scanner instead ?

  • Marika Waldraff
    Marika Waldraff

    Only big stress for humans and animals ...

  • TM

    1000 to 1875 pounds. And dumb people try to pet and ride the Yellowstone bison. W0W

  • TM

    Are they food motivated?

  • Starlight Engram
    Starlight Engram

    If the bulls won't go into the chute, you may want to put blinders on them and guide them gentle into the chute. Every time they do the right thing, or even nearly the right thing you should push a chunk of sweet grain/fruit into its mouth. Even bison will become easier to work when they learn. JOE'S IN THE CHUTE! PUSH A COUPLE BIG JUICY SWEET PEARS IN HIS MOUTH!! MAKE IT ENJOYABLE FOR HIM RIGHT THERE!! AND NO PLACE ELSE WITH THOSE PEARS!

  • Anne Marie Graff
    Anne Marie Graff

    😲incroyable impressionnant

  • Nana Li
    Nana Li

    I have NEVER seen anything like this before! The only time I’ve ever seen a Bison was at the Zoo! Thank you so much for posting . This is a whole different world to me. My daughters in high school and wants to be a Vet so I figured I would watch some videos on different kinds of animals to share with her for her studies. After watching your video I may become a Vet myself. Any words of wisdom?

  • Gwen Jones
    Gwen Jones


  • Sherry Wright
    Sherry Wright

    Look at the brave little dog he is not scared.lolhaha

  • Sherry Wright
    Sherry Wright

    I would be scared out of my mind.


    Man that dog could get killed....sad

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243 ming