These Boys are Ready for SUMMER!
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  • Arms Family Homestead
    Arms Family Homestead

    Visit to check out SimpliSafe’s award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock! It’s really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts

    • Chelsea Malbrough
      Chelsea Malbrough

      Keep making the best videos that you can

    • len bong
      len bong

      Hello 😎💯👍👍👍👍👍🐕‍🦺🦮🐕🐕🦮

    • Gregory Keith
      Gregory Keith

      BolshAvik night crown

    • Gregory Keith
      Gregory Keith


    • Gregory Keith
      Gregory Keith

      Greg is the devil

  • bethany santillan
    bethany santillan

    Daniel you make me laugh!!

  • Honestie Kern
    Honestie Kern

    do a giding fishing vid plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • The Drunk Gardener
    The Drunk Gardener

    Do you get a kick back for new subscribers to simplisafe?

  • rebecca munoz
    rebecca munoz

    You GO MOMA!!!🤗😃 YEE YEE !!!

  • Karen Turner
    Karen Turner

    It makes me cold just watching those boys in the creek. 🥶 Your gate and tires look great. I love how Houston was telling you that you needed to go to the creek after the workout with the goats!! LOL My son David used to be like that, one track mind. 😊

  • harry boi
    harry boi

    guys guess what it s**ts directly on your door

  • Hudson Parnell
    Hudson Parnell

    It’s a Polaris thing

  • Isaac De Los Santos
    Isaac De Los Santos

    As soon as I heard simply safe I block them

  • lsnead72

    The Razr looks awesome! It appears that the front tires are larger than the rear....

  • Elizabeth Skrmetta
    Elizabeth Skrmetta

    Houston looks so old in the thumbnail.!!😀👍🏼

  • Cole Phillips
    Cole Phillips

    Dang yall listening to granger smith god he awsome

  • Cole Phillips
    Cole Phillips

    who remembers big mac

  • Cole Phillips
    Cole Phillips

    im ready for summer too man i got so much snow

  • Alan Hatfield
    Alan Hatfield

    why do yall never make razer vidios

  • Corey Miller
    Corey Miller


    • Corey Miller
      Corey Miller

      coment please

  • Virginia Barnett
    Virginia Barnett

    Fun fact: Labs like Bella, Saw Houston jump in the water and say “help Bella!” So I think he’s got a rescue dog now, or is it just me?

  • marcela pineda
    marcela pineda


  • honeycloud

    My opinion is it looks better black

  • Dayna Migdal
    Dayna Migdal

    I love your videos so much I think it's so cool that you're swimming off creek cuz I do the same thing at my house God bless all

  • Clarissa Saberton
    Clarissa Saberton

    This is how much animals i have 7 chickens and 2 dogs and 2 rabbits they are so cute and my dogs sleep in my bed the hole night and in the morning they wake me up

  • Clarissa Saberton
    Clarissa Saberton

    O my god

  • Clarissa Saberton
    Clarissa Saberton

    I have a dog and it's 2 years old

  • Clarissa Saberton
    Clarissa Saberton

    They are crazy

  • M&B_GAMING Gray
    M&B_GAMING Gray

    Paint it white

  • Grayden Dye
    Grayden Dye

    Love the videos man

  • Rylee Fisher
    Rylee Fisher

    Yes paint the A white

  • Cristy Rawks
    Cristy Rawks

    I've been thinking about SimpliSafe since I'm an older disabled person living alone and so it sounds like a really great idea. Thx Love your channel btw.

  • Maudie Powers
    Maudie Powers

    This would be nice to have..

  • Jaxson Ogden
    Jaxson Ogden

    Paint it white

  • Lane Neer
    Lane Neer

    Dude SimpliSafe sucks!



  • Lily Marie
    Lily Marie

    Na white wouldn’t look good I think leave it black

  • Ceretha Allen
    Ceretha Allen

    Hey Daniel! Me and my family love watching y'alls videos...we have a small herd of pygmy goats and so I was wondering where did you get that catch pole?

  • Carson Shull
    Carson Shull

    When did you become a bounty hunter

  • Jessica


  • ryder carothers
    ryder carothers

    I think. U should keep the a on the gate black

  • Carolyn Freightman
    Carolyn Freightman

    great vids

  • Gameplay Allday
    Gameplay Allday

    We do

  • Karion Hawkins
    Karion Hawkins

    Love the gate design!

  • Haylie Lynn Worthington
    Haylie Lynn Worthington

    Did jocobe go to tuckerman

  • Karen Lovelace
    Karen Lovelace

    Your machine is awesome love the wheels & your videos. We have 2 Polaris Generals & go riding in Ohio, Tennessee, WV, & Virginia once a month. This is our 5 year old grandsons 3rd year. He absolutely loves it & I'm driving one for the first time this year. Last weekend we did 190 miles in 2 days. So glad you joined the UTV club.

  • Music Creations
    Music Creations


  • NicoMTB outdoors
    NicoMTB outdoors

    No white paint paint it red

  • Walter Humphrey
    Walter Humphrey

    was thinking blue

  • patty stordahl
    patty stordahl

    Your two boys are so awesome. Even my pup stops gnawing her bone to watch you guys. Haha goats on the loose.

  • patty stordahl
    patty stordahl

    Please do not hand or spray paint already powder coated iron. Fastest way to cheapen the professional look. It's beautiful as is.

  • Holly Dove
    Holly Dove

    I think the white would look good on the a

  • Blayze Lacefield
    Blayze Lacefield

    Me and my grandpa are and Grandma and brother

  • Blayze Lacefield
    Blayze Lacefield

    You guys need to build a treehouse

  • Lank The Verminator
    Lank The Verminator

    I was out on Christmas Eve, it was snowing and there was about a 3 inches of snow on the ground. I was fishing, caught a bass, pulled the rod out my hands and I jumped in to grab it. It was worth it, I ain’t letting no fish get away.

  • Kylie Govenor
    Kylie Govenor

    that yeet when the goat jumped sooo good

  • april0863

    You should paint the a white

  • Cody Ryan
    Cody Ryan

    I leave it like it is all black

  • Mac Lillis
    Mac Lillis

    Nice fence

  • Marijac Hunt
    Marijac Hunt

    That looks like my dads dog cage we put them in we we take them rabbit hunting

  • William Scott
    William Scott

    Y'all need a pot bellied pig

  • Courtney Mayeux
    Courtney Mayeux

    You suck do something else

  • Pamela Martin
    Pamela Martin

    Polar Bear Plunge👍👍👍👍👍

  • The Dowland's Family Farm
    The Dowland's Family Farm

    graner smith yeeyee

  • Melon Clips
    Melon Clips

    Y’all should do more rock tumbling videos I bout one just like it

  • COUNTRY Music
    COUNTRY Music

    Enjoy life while you can !

  • COUNTRY Music
    COUNTRY Music

    Hey this was fun, if I was there I would like it to even though I'm 66.

  • Mechelle Olson
    Mechelle Olson

    I love the “A” on your new gate! I think you should keep the “A”black it looks classier that way. I enjoyed the video there doesn’t have to be anything really special going on just enjoy watching you guys on your beautiful homestead

  • Leonie Whitten
    Leonie Whitten

    Your family Is so cool. I love you guys and paint the A in golden colour it will look cool.

  • Tommie Lou Rogers
    Tommie Lou Rogers

    I love the font for the A! Please don’t paint the A! It looks artsy and elegant at the same time. It really shows up against the light dirt of the road. Sometimes pollution will cause an algae bloom even in cold water. I would make sure that the boys take a good soapy shower and keep an eye on them for any skin rashes or sickness. Seriously!! Also keep an eye out for dead fish or animals alone the creek bank.

  • Raymond Moore
    Raymond Moore

    A metallic black would look good

  • Ricardo Soqui
    Ricardo Soqui

    Yes painted white please it will look awesome 🤩

  • deb eagan
    deb eagan

    Leave the A in the gate as is, classic look 👍🏻

  • BRIDGETT Covell
    BRIDGETT Covell

    We say red for the A if going to paint it . Good to see the boys having fun.

  • Aiden Collett
    Aiden Collett

    Houston should get a channel

  • Tina Road to Recovery
    Tina Road to Recovery

    You scared the poor thing lol. Some friends years ago had one named Louis he would jump up on side of the fence get scared faint and fall over.

  • Tina Road to Recovery
    Tina Road to Recovery

    It stands out. Either way

  • Tina Road to Recovery
    Tina Road to Recovery

    Hopefully that will keep the trespassers out


    Do a crawfish trop🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😬

  • Logan Crabtree
    Logan Crabtree

    i went swimming last week and i live in Tennessee

  • Jason Sester
    Jason Sester

    Hi friend

  • Candace McCabe
    Candace McCabe

    White could be nice, silver glitter would be spectacular, but the paint might wear off with all motion of the gate coming together...keeping it black might be the best option🤩😃😄😁

  • Ansley Kinnamon
    Ansley Kinnamon

    I totally love the gate!!! I love how you let the boys help you, which of course teaches them how to do something without really being a teacher. I want the A painted white or gold.

  • Sheri Underdown
    Sheri Underdown

    Good video but those 2 boys are crazy like me I'm 13

  • Sandy Adams Higgins
    Sandy Adams Higgins

    I like it the way it is

  • Hunter Bunn
    Hunter Bunn

    With no haeter

  • Hunter Bunn
    Hunter Bunn

    I've been swimming in my pool

  • Fonda Deen
    Fonda Deen

    I personally would not paint the A white the drive way behind the A is so k

    • Fonda Deen
      Fonda Deen

      Lite it will wash out the white A the black will be better contrast

  • tony life
    tony life

    Do goat video

  • Texas Jungle
    Texas Jungle

    Gate looks great!

  • Elizabeth Childress
    Elizabeth Childress

    Don't paint the A on the gate! The black A shows up nicely against the driveway in the background!😁

  • Rebecca Davis
    Rebecca Davis

    That woman has a Need for Speed in her life. Let her have fun

  • Jen Halliburton
    Jen Halliburton

    How would simply safe do in Pennsylvania? Do you need internet? I really need something. Just me and 2 dingoes, lol.

  • E & G Adventures
    E & G Adventures

    We got 34”inch tires

  • Elizabeth Schneider
    Elizabeth Schneider

    Don’t paint it white. I think the black is perfect.

  • Tammy Wragg
    Tammy Wragg

    Love the white A But yes I say leave it as is ,perfect

  • Red Road Homestead
    Red Road Homestead

    I know how that goes, trying to start seeds and the baby goat got out LOL

  • Connie Likens
    Connie Likens

    Leave it black!!!

  • Gale Burkman
    Gale Burkman

    Tell Houston it's warmer than doing the polar plunge in northern MN Lake Superior

  • Cissy McIlwain
    Cissy McIlwain

    Lol! That’s got to be cold! ☃️

  • Jaden Davis
    Jaden Davis

    I won’tto come out and go fishing And swirls

  • krystie Marie
    krystie Marie


  • Braylen Toole
    Braylen Toole

    I am ready for summer to

  • Jill Tomcic
    Jill Tomcic

    u should make the A with glitter . that would look so nice

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