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  • Vandy Gibson
    Vandy Gibson

    I caught a quick glance of you and Houston on the Granger Smith video. Love it..

  • Dave Talkington
    Dave Talkington

    Creek life sure looks like fun!

  • Brandon Moore
    Brandon Moore

    I haven't seen bear alot anymore where is he

  • Nik

    Y’all are so good at that white bass fishing there ain’t gonna be none more left

  • tameka renee
    tameka renee

    Come get me to fish with y'all please 🥺🥺

  • James Russell
    James Russell

    Daniel you being a lefty wouldn't have anything to do with your fish catching prowess?

  • Kristy Evans
    Kristy Evans

    what is your biggest bass

  • Helen Cline
    Helen Cline

    I’m telling you watch your small dogs around those Eagles,they can carry them off right under your nose,they took a cat this season to our nest I watch.they are probably getting fish out of your pond. Takes around 5 months to maturity of a juvenile,takes five years to get the white & tail feathers.

  • BD CF
    BD CF

    Tip: A large natural unflavored yogurt (not lo-fat). Put a filter paper in a large funnel and place it the mouth of a container to catch drippings. Fill funnel with yogurt; place in refrig over night. Next day add the resulting yoghurt 'cheese' to chopped cilantro, lime zest and hot sauce of your choice (I like a little Habanero paste) Put that on your fish in the tortilla. Squeeze some lime juice on the fish and enjoy.

  • Dekori Morgan
    Dekori Morgan

    LOL @bella says she wants some fish to eat as well

  • Missy Fam
    Missy Fam

    Keep pulling them out. Great job!

  • Lochan Acres
    Lochan Acres

    Huston, you are reeling in at the wrong speed. To slow.

  • R Guzman
    R Guzman

    Good video Daniel let Earl catch a fish lol yummy fish tacos sound great.......you and Houston have fun fishing. Robert Guzman

  • Susan Jones
    Susan Jones

    Try adding just a few drops of lemon juice to the water when you soak the filets... Along with salt of course. Very good...

  • Idaho Hoosier
    Idaho Hoosier

    Such a joy watching y'all fishing. And nit just smoke up the house but smell it up too Blessings

  • Venus Bucci
    Venus Bucci

    Looks yummy!

  • Brooke Steffanus
    Brooke Steffanus

    Where is that guy nick we’re Houston won the fishing tournament and the Teams were you and Houston and Emily and nick like four years ago I would really like to see nick again

  • The Junkin Colvard's
    The Junkin Colvard's

    So I'm upset now. Don't get me wrong I love the video!!! I'm pregnant and now I want a fish taco!!! Now I'm gonna get my husband into going to get me some fish!!

  • Dorothy Hill
    Dorothy Hill

    You should feel free buckets with fish

  • Brad Cash
    Brad Cash

    I'm waitin for the day when Jacobi takes a bite of something, and says real loud in a British accent, "That, sir, is TREMENDOUS!" HAHAHA

  • Steve Martinez
    Steve Martinez

    Man I'm hungry for fish tacos now.

  • Bonnie Cameron
    Bonnie Cameron

    More catch clean and cooks their my favorite

  • FurEver Young Farm
    FurEver Young Farm

    A little part inside my inner fisher dies each time he cuts the skin off the fish he catches. lol. Thats the best part. Just salt, flour fried in butter. Like grandma used to make.

  • Joy Brown-Shabazz
    Joy Brown-Shabazz

    Can you tell houston I said hi and I wish I can see him I'm 11im a boy and I like fishing

  • Vicki Deters
    Vicki Deters

    The eagle was probably mad that you were take all of the fish. Great father and son day together.

  • Diana Dollar
    Diana Dollar

    Love fish tacos

  • Jennifer Aiken
    Jennifer Aiken

    Love these fishing videos. Especially catch, clean and cook. #CreekLife

  • Patricia Davis
    Patricia Davis

    Huston you are doing so well keep up the good work.

  • Phyllis Robertson
    Phyllis Robertson

    The fish carcasses would make a great treat for the pigs...since pigs are scavengers.

  • ralph ups
    ralph ups

    White bass is my second , most favorite eating fish. The first is what we over here in great Britain, call rock. the taste and texture are just fantastic. But most people go for cod every time, I am not sure but when they read this I will have a fight on my hands for certain. ;-)

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore

    Watch that all dog and chickens with eagles around .

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore

      Plus all those fish carceses dump close to that eagle nest they would love that in sure . I have had them around my hoses a lot here in NWA . They winter here every year on tbe lake and the whole area .

  • D in Choctaw
    D in Choctaw

    Huzzah for the boy in the red hoodie!

  • Crossbow Outdoors
    Crossbow Outdoors

    He wasn’t catching because his dad won’t let him use the rattle bobbers I sent them. Oh well!

  • TUBA_OG TheUniquelyBeardedAlbino
    TUBA_OG TheUniquelyBeardedAlbino

    Creek Life, where the eagles fly.

  • TUBA_OG TheUniquelyBeardedAlbino
    TUBA_OG TheUniquelyBeardedAlbino

    Daniel, Bella most be your dog. She shadows you everywhere.

  • Leah Valvano
    Leah Valvano

    My dad always says "That's why it's called fishing not catching."

  • Jerry Kramer
    Jerry Kramer

    We used to have an old black lab that would go out under our pontoon lift an fish for herself. Would stand still until the small sunfish would swim by her and all of a sudden she would bang she would come out with a fish 🐠. Go to the bank and eat it then go back for another one.

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore

    I am jealous. The creek we fished for years they blocked all access to it . Going to have to get a Kyake and put I at the war.eagle.mill Damm. The war eagle has some hugs catfish and smallmouth bass in it . I used to run up it in a 12 food johnboat. Unfortunately there is no way to put one I anymore so Kyake time it is next year

  • Rose Purdy
    Rose Purdy

    Maybe you needed to bring two buckets. LOL

  • Ansley Kinnamon
    Ansley Kinnamon

    I would love to fish with you guys. ❤

  • Christina Erwin
    Christina Erwin

    When u said "they aint just going after it... OOO but that one did" I could.of swore Houston was gonna push u in the water 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tentoes

    Houston, you weren't catching any 'cause you dad was beatin' you to 'em!

  • Missy Retzlaff
    Missy Retzlaff

    I want a wok like yours!!! Where did you get it?

  • Kimberly Baxter Packwood
    Kimberly Baxter Packwood

    where did you buy a wok that's flat like yours?

  • Yolanda Frasier
    Yolanda Frasier

    You gonna make fish head soup? 😀

  • John Harder
    John Harder

    I love White Bass fishing also But I would not take Earl and Jemma to the creek As Bald Eagles will kill and eat small dogs I have a Bald Eagles nest behind my house and see them carry both Small dogs and cats to the nest in the spring

  • Yolanda Frasier
    Yolanda Frasier

    Houston, I’m not a fisherman, but I think it is because your dad is taller than you. lol

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S

    Everyone has good and bad days....

  • Wildturkey

    Watching this brought back great memories with my dad. I will see him again, Jesus promised. Love you dad. Houston, you keep learning, one day your dad will be telling you to not be a fish hog, but he will be joking with love. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  • Pamela Crowell
    Pamela Crowell

    Look great....but no to the mango! Can't abuse that fruit....tastes like dirt. But the cilantro, yum! I could make a mean peach salsa!

  • Aaron Stevens
    Aaron Stevens

    Biggest comment uhhh👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣🚻🚻🚻🚻🚺🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀👥🅿️👥👥👥👥👥🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️◾◾◾◾🅿️🔀⏫◾🔀🔀🔀🔀🅿️⏫⏫⏫🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀⏫◾💣💣💣💣🚬🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬😂😅😁😄😍😂🟤🅿️👥😁😁😁😁😁😁😄🔀🔀😍😍😄😄😄😄😄🅿️🅿️🇨🇳🇨🇳🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🅿️🅿️🅿️😄😄🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👥🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🔀🅿️🇨🇳🇨🇳🅿️🇨🇳🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾

  • Dorene Nagy
    Dorene Nagy

    Now you have made me hungry for fresh fish again. Glad Houston got to catch some too! It looked delicious. Thanks for posting. I always like the catch, clean and cook videos. It's been a while. Stay safe, stay well!

  • Christy Jurina-Jones
    Christy Jurina-Jones

    Love it.. I have never had fish tacos but gonna have to go and buy the peach mango salsa... Love salsa.. Catch Clean and Cook Baby!!!!

  • Sharron Miller
    Sharron Miller

    Love fresh fish!! They will make a good fish fry!!

  • alan30189

    Technique Houston, technique!. That catches fish.

  • Austin mathews
    Austin mathews

    I'd could make yall some jigs and send then to yall if yall have a p.o. box or something. Love yalls videos, living the live and enjoy yall letting us tag along with it

    • Austin mathews
      Austin mathews

      Sent off in the mail today, should be there Monday. Hopefully in time to be used to catch some sand bass. I added a flat cork style bobber in there for Houston to help keep the lure in front of the fishes face for a little while long. There are 3 different size jig heads in the box of lures(1/16, 1/24, 1/32 oz) the 1/32nd I made for some blue gill fishing. The ones on the right side of the box were the ones I made the last couple days and the others on the left were some I just had extra of laying around. I hope they bring yall a little fun out on the creek or pond. Tight lines my friends!

    • Austin mathews
      Austin mathews

      Well I couldn't find any actual black so I will have to work with what I got, I have this super dark green(almost) black with gold flake

    • Austin mathews
      Austin mathews

      Yes sir, (or ma'am) whipping them up right now. Just finished powder coating the heads

    • Arms Family Homestead
      Arms Family Homestead

      @Austin mathews white, black and yellow, chartreuse

    • Austin mathews
      Austin mathews

      @Arms Family Homestead any colors that are a must?

  • wyorkiii

    Andy and Opie

  • yureongoatYT

    That fish looked good but catfish tacos or great

  • Linda Bradway
    Linda Bradway

    Where's Emmalee?

  • Karion Hawkins
    Karion Hawkins

    Those tacos looked so good!

  • Rodney Nephew
    Rodney Nephew

    Thats one thing bad bout wyoming no bass catfish lots of trout though they pretty good tastin have u guys had any trout

  • Harrison’s fishing Clan
    Harrison’s fishing Clan

    Why ant you driving the raver

    • Harrison’s fishing Clan
      Harrison’s fishing Clan


  • Mike Mansell
    Mike Mansell

    Hey where did you get that grill you were cooking on? I've been looking for one.

    • Maria Akers
      Maria Akers

      It was an old piece from his grandpa I’m pretty sure and he refurbished it

  • Vicci Mauldin
    Vicci Mauldin

    Has Earl taken over Bear’s place? Sure miss Bear. Great fishing. Thank you for sharing.

  • Ann Howcroft
    Ann Howcroft

    Oh my I am so hungry.

  • Shane Kelley
    Shane Kelley

    Need one of those wok’s in my life!

  • Jean Breaux
    Jean Breaux

    you can freeze fish , and keep it tasting fresh , by freezing it in water , put the fish in a freezing container then fill with water and freeze, give it a try , you will be surprised , i also do this with shrimp . and not to worry about freezer burn

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams

    That’s awesome 👏🏻

  • Cathy Montano
    Cathy Montano

    Even the dogs are happy when you catch a fish! 🐟 🌮👍🏻what's your fish recipe?

  • country life
    country life

    I would make fish tacos for my kids anyday

  • chadwildclay Fan C W C
    chadwildclay Fan C W C

    I love fish burritos u should try them some time

  • Brian Forrest
    Brian Forrest

    Great video love the fishing content I believe I’d make the dogs stay home

  • Linda Thomson
    Linda Thomson

    What happened to the rest of the fish?

  • Leah Covell
    Leah Covell

    It's good to see the gang at the creek. I'd left a snack for the eagle family.

  • Linda Birdwell
    Linda Birdwell


  • Carla Shipp
    Carla Shipp

    Houston is a grown little man. Amazing

  • Andrew de Boer
    Andrew de Boer

    I love how ur dog breeds are so diverse.

  • Timmy Kuebler
    Timmy Kuebler

    Do you ever find morel mushrooms

  • Karen Works
    Karen Works

    Looks like everyone had a fun time...especially all the dogs🤗 🌮 looked yummy!!

  • Randy Rejer
    Randy Rejer

    Your dogs lead a great life. Always amazes me how far Bella will run.

  • Mechanic Mike
    Mechanic Mike


  • Kelly Ellinor
    Kelly Ellinor

    Hi 😁

  • Oliver Strickler
    Oliver Strickler

    Earls like here I will help you eat it

  • Curly R
    Curly R

    Love your channel just a pleasure to watch from Curly in the Pilbara WA

  • Kelton Partain
    Kelton Partain

    i don’t have a creek but i have a pond outside my house, but i have a big pond but not at my land at my house somewhere else but can’t fish there since corona decided to get me now!

  • Lana K. from New Mexico
    Lana K. from New Mexico

    I think Bella's good luck!! Y'all are awesome fishermen! That's a lot of tacos!! Good job!! 😎😎!!

  • Michael Flora
    Michael Flora

    I thought Earl was the wifes dog. I never see her with him except when she went and got him. If Earl likes to fish maybe she should take him. I think it would be a good video to watch.

  • FishForDinner

    Great video I really enjoyed it and nice catch’s yesterday I went out but only caught 3 bass better then getting skunked though you could check it out if you like it is on my channel 😀🎣

  • Tiffany Lynn
    Tiffany Lynn

    Bella is so cute sitting right next to you as your fishing. Such a good girl!

  • Robert Giguere
    Robert Giguere

    Looks like a fun fishing day.

  • Poorboys' Little HomeStead
    Poorboys' Little HomeStead

    Houston, Your Dad pulled a fast one on you today. Next time your fishing and he is catching more than you put the same color jig on as he is using. Then if that don't work CUT his OFF...LOL

  • Terry Minnick
    Terry Minnick


  • 4nik8uobama

    great son dad time you do great things together.

  • O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead
    O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead

    Daniel, yum I am wondering why you didn't invite me to have a bite. Maybe next time. 🤣🤞

  • Janie Fox
    Janie Fox

    Good ole Earl, he makes me laugh

  • Jeff Brummette
    Jeff Brummette

    I love blackened fish of any kind. Where did y’all get that salsa? It looks delicious! Keep coming with those videos,please!!

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    What happen to Emily haven't seen her in a while. Did you throw her out LOL Houston you better watch those fish hooks with the dog hanging around

  • Marcia Borg
    Marcia Borg

    Love how Earl is like dad give me the fish. I think Earl will want the camera attention then the other dog's.

  • shelli cameron
    shelli cameron

    Does DJ go fishing at the creek with you guys

  • Beverly Riddell
    Beverly Riddell

    We love your content but Huston speaks to fast sorry to say that

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