Installing An Automatic Gate Opener on the NEW ENTRANCE!
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  • Mr. Konetchy
    Mr. Konetchy

    I saw the painting video. Why not paint the"A" gold!!! Paul St Louis

  • Lorenzo Quinonez
    Lorenzo Quinonez

    Hey Daniel love that gate!! Little suggestion just saying!!!? I think you should run all that wire through EMT pipe. And move your solar panel perhaps just perhaps on top of the gate?! where someone won't come by and rip it off. or cut your wire you can run some emt pipe on the side of the plastic panel box up and around the side of the gate protecting your wire from unknown hands... you never know! I think that wire could fit in half inch EMT! And the solar panel someplace else away from unknown hands?? Before you start cutting wire. Wish I was there to show you what I was talking about!! 👍 Job well done brother! Oh yeah and I saw your video at the Yee Yee day at Granger Smith! Very nice 🙂👍

  • Deborah Cincotta
    Deborah Cincotta


  • Gate Openers Direct
    Gate Openers Direct

    If I need a mower I will call you because I know yours are very very good. When that plastic opener takes a dump on you please call me. I sell real ones. A real actuator arm weighs 30 lbs, not 15 like those. Hurts to me to watch that. You did the install right too, most don’t, but that’s a toy, not a good opener. If you compare that to a good one, you will use that for target practice in about 6 months. 30 yr pro. I throw a stack of those in the dumpster every month from others who did the same. When it happens I will make you a deal if you will redo this video and compare and contrast the two units. I’m that confident.

  • Chad and Dyson
    Chad and Dyson

    Great job!!! Looks awesome!!!

  • Robbie Bradshaw
    Robbie Bradshaw

    you should put cameras up on the gate so u know if somones coming down

  • Linda Dahl
    Linda Dahl

    Thats awesome! Looks really nice!

  • DTrueView

    Daniel: Have you considered using a trench, berm and boulder system? Trench a drainage ditch 15" or more deep and 24"-36" wide outside the weak areas of fence, piling the dirt from the ditch behind the ditch creating a berm between the trench and fence. Large boulders placed in remaining weak spots further curtail access, they work really well between large trees. This system will bottom-out or high center almost any vehicle. the 15" ditch and 15" berm creates a 30" high obstacle. This is project only requires a little planning, and time but little money. If you change your mind or need to access areas using the system, just push the berm back into the ditch and move the boulders. Easy to install, easy to remove. Blessing to you. Tell Houston hello. He's a great kid.

  • Fonzo De La Torre
    Fonzo De La Torre

    How much did you spend on the whole project? Square steel is a great choice. Great videos man.

  • Leslie Couch
    Leslie Couch

    Does it only recognize your cars or you have a clicker?

  • Nona Sloan Patterson
    Nona Sloan Patterson

    Excellent job getting all that stuff together to get the gate to work congratulations

  • Will Curtin
    Will Curtin

    Love the vids, and you should put out a trail cam next to the gate sensor to see if like deer or something opens it 😂😂

  • Gwen Milam
    Gwen Milam

    Great job Daniel. Nice!!!

  • jlaird9

    Love the way the "A" is built into the gate

  • Tom Deschesne
    Tom Deschesne

    You arent worried someone will steal your solar panel?

  • Craig Milligan
    Craig Milligan

    We have a .3 mile long lane with grass on the fenced sides. The fences are high tensile with a Gallagher energizer that puts out 9,500 volts of jolt. Everything is topped with a hot wire, including gates. The cattle graze the lane, which eliminates mowing and the locked and electric fence/gates keep cattle rustlers away. 🤠👍 ⚡️

  • M. Lynne Newton
    M. Lynne Newton

    Ahhhh! The string method. Well, that answered the question of how you were getting the wire through. Good thinking.

  • Harley Miles
    Harley Miles

    Super nice gate. BUT what happens when you get a delivery, say from Amazon? They leave it outside of gate? And if you don’t check it daily, it will be gone. Even then some crook will take it as soon as the delivery truck drives away.

  • Brad Cash
    Brad Cash

    Sweet gate system. You've got your first operator, your second operator, and, of course, your Smooth Operatorrr. Smoooooth Operatooorrrrr. 😅

  • Glenda Fite
    Glenda Fite

    Nice gate!

  • Jonathan Boerema
    Jonathan Boerema

    Ha ha

  • Johnnie Morgan
    Johnnie Morgan

    Liftmaster la400 and la 412 are residential La412 with a 20w panel

  • Morag Ellis
    Morag Ellis

    Beautiful gates.

  • Kristin Erickson
    Kristin Erickson

    Looks great!!

  • Home With The Buffingtons
    Home With The Buffingtons

    That is awesome. I need to check my deed if I can put a gate up. I know I cannot put a fence out front per the deed but the culvert on each side of my property will keep the majority of the people honest. My wife feels the same way. Just another layer of security since we put our lives out there on the interwebs. great video and I know the brand I will choose thanks to you if I do get to get one.

  • Deborah From DC's Peterson City Homestead
    Deborah From DC's Peterson City Homestead


  • Brenda Hyslop
    Brenda Hyslop

    Hey Dan, just a thought.....shouldn't you have backed up the location of the solar panel and control panels at least about 5 - 10 ft. onto your property to discourage anyone from messing with the system. I suppose you would just need to sink like a 8ft. galvanized pole about 3 ft. deep, and you could have mounted all of those on it. Are you going to lock your control panels? I was really impressed with your skills, you can do my honey-do list anytime lol!

  • Brian Arrington
    Brian Arrington

    Very cool gate. Would love to have that on my driveway

  • Ansley Kinnamon
    Ansley Kinnamon

    I love the gate and everything about it. I used to live in a gated community and felt the gate gave us just a little more security. This is great for you and the family.

  • Jackson Giddens
    Jackson Giddens


  • Wpr Jersey
    Wpr Jersey

    That is really great workmanship on the gate. Love the split 'A'. Very sharp sir.

  • Clifford S.
    Clifford S.

    Great job Daniel and it looks really cool. Have you thought of mounting the solar panel inside your property so there's less of a chance that someone would steel it? Mount ig as far in as possible. Let me see now, your code is 1234? 🙄

  • robert hinklin
    robert hinklin

    Nice job, looks great! Do you have to stop and wait every time you enter or leave or can you hit the "clicker" far enough in advance that you can just drive through? That would be the only downside that I can see.

  • Sheri Garrison
    Sheri Garrison

    Good work Daniel and I love the design of the gate my compliments to you both, and also the people who made the gates for you. Now hopefully your family will be safe forever. At least from tresspassers.

  • Purple Collar Life
    Purple Collar Life

    Great project. Of course the gates are amazing, but the fact that it's solar powered makes it even better!

  • MrAbro42

    Turned out awesome thanks for sharing

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    Solar Panel should be up higher on the steel post because of theft or someone messing with it

  • Cheeky Monkey
    Cheeky Monkey

    ive got tip for you, when you get stiff folded cable like that put it in a box and fill it with hot air from a heat gun to soften it up then unravel it, it will come apart better and straighter...

  • Cheeky Monkey
    Cheeky Monkey

    ive got the best gate opener, power free, rust free, no painting or assembly required, works 24/7, day or night guaranteed to work, fast and effective, the system is called the W.I.F.E.

  • Romans 12:18
    Romans 12:18

    Woo that is a doosey of an opener. My daddy's idea of an automatic gate was one of his 4 boys getting out to open the gate.👍😁

  • rockfish48

    Typical woman commeent. Nothing positive, just "It Runs Slow"

  • Angels Arrived
    Angels Arrived

    You missed something. Cameras at the gate in case someone comes visiting and you don't want to give them the code. And a speaker from the gate, to the house. Can you open the gate from the house for guests? You might not want your teenagers giving their friends the codes to come in. I always think security. I've had a multitude of brake ins, most likely my X. He and his friends won't leave me alone. And were divorced almost a decade. He's above the law with his friend giving him a police shield 3 decades ago.

  • Virginia Currey
    Virginia Currey

    Sure looks very nice and wonderful to have an auto opener/closer. Great you can do these things yourself! Saved a bunch on service call. Me, I’m glad to have others for service.. too much for me. DJ. Is very fortunate! “Fairly simple”, says you!?? Mr Ghost would have me calling for him. Baffled me when you pulled it out from the box! DJ is fortunate to have you! Question...will someone be able to steal the solar panel, esp on a public road?? DJ .. hope you give him a big kiss later! You lucky gal!!

  • Shaun Roberts
    Shaun Roberts

    Good Job. And looks nice.

  • David Stoughton
    David Stoughton

    Your Dad taught you the importance of self sufficiency as my Dad did. You do things that most people have to hire to be done. I LOVE LOVE your channel. Keep on living the dream !!! I'm envious !!

  • Josse Rodriguez
    Josse Rodriguez

    This is my fav video now

  • Shady Oaks Farm & Outdoors
    Shady Oaks Farm & Outdoors

    Looks great Daniel! Now you need to contact Reolink and have them send you one of their Cell Cameras. They have one out now than you can pan around. I have two on my property for the last 2 years and they work great. A gate is something we plan on adding in the future once we fence out property in.

  • cowboy3300

    Fix the pins. Someone can pull the pins and drive right in.

  • The Kelley's Country Life
    The Kelley's Country Life

    Awesome setup, definitely on my future list of wants for around the property.

  • Maria Sarria
    Maria Sarria

    Beautiful it has the A in it. That looks great

  • Claire Miller
    Claire Miller

    Who left the gate open

  • James Nichols
    James Nichols

    looks good. Great job.

  • Carole Owens
    Carole Owens

    Great job and the gate decorations look awesome

  • Yvonne

    I think your solar panel needs to go up on top of the gate up high.

  • Bann'ed Outdoor Adventures
    Bann'ed Outdoor Adventures

    great video. I'm definitely going with this setup for my entrance

  • ctwhite White
    ctwhite White

    How does it lock ????

  • Mechelle Olson
    Mechelle Olson

    The gate looks great and works great!

  • ubetchya78

    Excellent. I have a couple of questions and comments. Maybe a post in the side of the driveway or gravel to indicate to stop back here so someone leaving does not get too close to the gate and get the front of their vehicle hit/in the way. I could not judge the distance, but if a person is leaving, perhaps towing a long trailer, and you're stopped waiting on traffic, will the gate sense their vehicle still in the way? Is there a way to turn off that annoying beeping? Awesome looking gate. Good job.

  • Joel Moss
    Joel Moss

    Grent Job

  • Brandon Havard
    Brandon Havard

    I would put the solar panel on top of the gate so it can’t be stolen

  • gwen moody
    gwen moody

    Gate is great.

  • Dave Mach
    Dave Mach

    One more toy for the little rich boy you tube viewers just keep sending him your support he'll find some more useless ways to spend your money.

  • Marcia Borg
    Marcia Borg

    Which this was funny when I had this on watching it. My friends boxer dog was looking where the noise was coming from in the phone when I told him that oh Daniel just likes to push the buttons. Well I was laughing.

  • Mrs. Hidden Heights Farm
    Mrs. Hidden Heights Farm

    We love our Ghost Control Automatic gate opener. You all will be so happy with this upgrade. The entry looks so nice also.

  • The Junkin Colvard's
    The Junkin Colvard's

    Awesome!!!! Looks great. Glad you got it figured out. Bet Mrs. Arm's is very happy.

  • Simple Ranch
    Simple Ranch

    Great job! I appreciate you showing how you set this up because we will be needing to purchase one soon. You should see if they will give you a promo code and a percentage when someone orders and we will use your link when the time comes. Great work, bro.

  • david dean
    david dean

    Like the gate

  • Kim Critchley
    Kim Critchley

    Ex Mark is ok, but I love my Dixie Copper


    That is looking great, take care and stay safe

  • m s
    m s

    pull the carter pins out drive rite in. Fix that with welded bolts and nuts, or it will be gone.

  • Geo. Miller
    Geo. Miller

    I’d mount that solar panel on top of the arch and not the fence where anybody could come along and knock it off.

  • Linda Schumacher
    Linda Schumacher

    Nice gates.,..... like the design ot it

  • Ollie Wollie
    Ollie Wollie

    It’s probably not a big deal but if you wanted the fullest security, you would want to have a combination on the inside too for when you are leaving. With the way it is now, someone could jump the fence, set off the sensor and then drive through without having the controller or combination.

  • Wyatt A
    Wyatt A

    I don’t like it I love it

  • Meza Gallardo
    Meza Gallardo

    Congratulations It looks nice man.

  • Sukochi Lee
    Sukochi Lee

    You just sleep better when your family is protected.

  • mary elkins
    mary elkins

    Great job on the gates

  • Morris Slugg
    Morris Slugg

    Wow, Ponderosa style!

  • Yash H
    Yash H

    David your videos are the best especially the fishing

  • Linda Winters
    Linda Winters

    WOW! That's one Nice-Lookin' Gate! Very attractive!

  • Sandi Schraut
    Sandi Schraut

    Those gates are beautiful.

  • Theresa Noonan
    Theresa Noonan

    Awesome gate now you need a camera near

  • Terry Reynolds
    Terry Reynolds

    As an Electronic Tech the only thing I might have done different was to have soldered the ends of each of the wires for better connectivity. But that being said Great Job with the Install Daniel. If it ever gives you any "electrical issues" with time you might think of redoing with the solder, to rule that out as a possible source. Keep the video's coming.

  • He is strong
    He is strong

    I'm so happy Daniel, to see your new security gate installed. Being a popular UZload creator, I have been concerned for you and your family! There are lots of crazy people out there! Thanks Daniel for getting the new security gate to protect your family!

  • Michelle T
    Michelle T

    I'm loving the A. Looks sharp.

  • Mylovngheart

    Great job Daniel!!!

  • Mike Hood
    Mike Hood

    People will think chris Angel lives there because of the A 😎

  • Heather Stephen
    Heather Stephen

    does it close behind the exiting vehicle? Very neat idea.

  • McCuneWindandSolar

    I have to have it set up to were once closed it would have a locking bolt that would keep any one from pushing it open, like a locking system.

  • Monts Family Homestead
    Monts Family Homestead

    Just a thought Daniel, Instead of the pins with the pin clips, why not use bolts with lock nuts on them, That way someone can't just pull the pins out and lift the opener out of place and move the gates open.. Just a thought sir.

  • Be Inspired. Go Create. Bring JOY!
    Be Inspired. Go Create. Bring JOY!

    The song birds all around your property are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! ♫♪♫♪

  • Isaac Wigart
    Isaac Wigart

    I am the same age as Houston and i have a gate for my home. but I am the automatic gate opener

  • Al Myers
    Al Myers

    Had a friend named Buster Arms when I was younger, any relatives by that name?

  • Daniel Wood
    Daniel Wood

    You might want to put something on the fence to mark where you need to stop so gate will not hit car when opening,I would just spray paint one of the post with a bright color so you could see it in the dark

  • DG Mills
    DG Mills

    Can the speed opening and closing of your gate be adjusted also? It is nice that boone will have to jump out in the rain to open and close your gate!

  • Lake Pines Farm
    Lake Pines Farm

    This is on my to do list. I've also researched Ghost openers and they seem to have the best reputation. Good install video.

  • Baby Catcher
    Baby Catcher

    Beautiful gate! You might was to put the solar panel on a high post inside the yard about 10 or 12 feet in, and at least 8 feet high. Security, and all that.

  • Xsiner unfiltered
    Xsiner unfiltered

    Looks awesome love the A on it.

  • Scott Wren
    Scott Wren

    As everybody said,higher is better,have a lot of jerks in the world now a days

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor

    Good video 👍 keep it up making more new videos 😍💕