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  • Michelle Painter
    Michelle Painter

    Daniel, congratson your mile stone. Thats fantastic. You and your family are living the kind of life my kids and i have always wanted. Keep teachin and we'll keep learnin.

  • Julie Tuttle
    Julie Tuttle

    37 years in LE......retired this weekend !!!!!! Thanks goodness.....I cant wait to start my hobby farm !!!

  • J McCracken
    J McCracken

    Yes Daniel there is a secret to success on youtube simply put here is the secret. "ABOVE ALL KEEP IT CLEAN NO PROFANITY NO NUDITY AND KEEP IT SIMPLE" In today's world, almost everyone thinks SEX or being SEXY sells not entirely, I have turned off so many SEX-related channels. Your channel is all age-related I am 73 and I watch videos of yours. Keeping it clean and family-friendly works. SEE I TOLD YA SO. God Bless yall.

  • Kara Wonder
    Kara Wonder

    I love watching all you and dutch and all the others I have found thou u

  • Azza Hunting
    Azza Hunting

    Congratulations on the 500k. God Bless from Australia

  • Marvin Bryant
    Marvin Bryant

    Congratulations Daniel! God has smiled on you and your family. Still miss Houston's long hair! Stay humble sir!

  • Christy Jurina-Jones
    Christy Jurina-Jones

    Congratulations!!!!! Love y'al

  • McCoy Homestead
    McCoy Homestead

    Congratulations! Im a huge fan since 2018 when i started goats.. i got my ideas from your channel on how to take care of them. i was inspired to start my youtube bcoz of of you guys.. i just like to thank u and more power to your craft.. God bless..

  • Carmen Mendez
    Carmen Mendez

    How about covering it with robber? But I agree with you, best solution would be a "T" shape! Good luck! Congratulations on ur 500,000 subs!!! 👍🤩

  • heatherk5567

    Do you have a way to contact y'all? I found another Arms family homestead page on UZload. I know its not you guys because there's only seven subscribers and two video's. It looks like it was created recently. Like I said I know its not you but the two video's are yours.

  • Dixsigns Romping Rock Dairy
    Dixsigns Romping Rock Dairy

    GOOGLE this "How to Weld Galvanized Steel And Not Die"!!!

  • Moneypit Homestead
    Moneypit Homestead

    What a great thing to do for The Kelley's Country Life channel! I am so glad that we found you all several years ago, and we have really enjoyed all of your videos! You are so right when you say that the homesteading and the UZload community really need to work together and promote each other

  • Elicia Armes Cornejo
    Elicia Armes Cornejo

    Best edutainment channel on UZload! 😊 Congratulations on hitting 500,000 🎉

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    Thats really awesome that you have 500,000 subs. Congratulations!!!

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    Didn't have any video camera in our home but had a camera for the photo album

  • Theslayer Gaming
    Theslayer Gaming

    I hope to grow my Chanel like yours

  • m Pedmar
    m Pedmar

    Congratulations on 504k !! That's awesome Daniel. Continue growing you'll be busting your next milestone soon . Stay happy, healthy, hydrated and safe. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  • Debbie Adams
    Debbie Adams

    Congratulations on your followers! I wouldn't know about cross country bison if you hadn't mentioned them.

  • Dale Durbin
    Dale Durbin

    I was going to get one of your hats but then I saw the Price..... Its a Ball Cap.

  • Rock On Adventures
    Rock On Adventures

    That’s awesome good to see you living life with the kids, you put your time in

  • dell wright
    dell wright

    the kneady homesteader needs every ones help also.a drunk driver hit the family head on feb 13 killing her husband instantly.the wife an there two kids servived. please pray for them.

  • Mark Finfrock
    Mark Finfrock

    Awesome Daniel! Congratulations 🎊

  • Dreamweavers Haven Homestead
    Dreamweavers Haven Homestead

    Amazing and well deserved! I sure love your videos. We are a very new channel, and getting in the swing of things to share our knowledge and some of my crazy way of doing things lol. Appreciate tips :) We had a Facebook and IG and people were encouraging us to do videos so we jumped in. I love to have the video progress and memories available just like you said something so special to have and look back on. Especially for y'all to watch the kids grow up. Glad to see a merch sale...there is surely a donkey poodle something with my name on it 😂

  • Tips icy outdoors
    Tips icy outdoors

    We all do need to help everyone else... That's why I want to build my channel too bud! I'm a fisherman! Hunter... Outdoors freak! Survival and comfortable roughing it! (Hammock, lighter, stuff like that to make it nice and easy sometimes lol) I want to give my view on how to get things done... How to put more fish on the end of your hook... I'm brand new and looking back at what I've posted I have no information... I need to learn how to talk to my camera and not the inside of my head ya know? I'm learning and trying to take key!!!!! Information and entertainment... Those two things are relevant and if one of those are missing I'm usually moving on to the next video till I see what I wanted... You've opened my mind! Maybe you could watch uzload.info/fun/jHmQZ4OY1G6bl4U/video and tell me where you'd of liked to see more or less... Your prolly to busy and I understand that! I'm going to grind tho and hopefully be one of those channels you check out at night when your done with your end of business!!!! Cheers mate! Keep going! Very inspirational!!!!

  • Grant Guy
    Grant Guy

    God bless!

  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor

    I need help to start a youtube channel

  • penny newell
    penny newell

    Went over to The Kelley’s County Life a few days ago. I do like their channel. Wish more channels thought the same as you. Some that once did, don’t anymore.

  • penny newell
    penny newell

    Wow! I remember the day (not that long ago) you gave Houston the 100K button.

  • Ron jordan
    Ron jordan

    Congratulations, does anyone know if they got their hacker problems fixed on Facebook?

  • Tyler Tipton
    Tyler Tipton

    I have been subscribed since 200,000

  • Robin Baum
    Robin Baum

    Thank you Daniel, for your service and just being true to you

  • Grizzly D
    Grizzly D

    That’s awesome. Keep up the great work. I really like watching your videos.

  • Melissa Waldner
    Melissa Waldner

    Mix up your music a bit more. Lol

  • Sumb0dybetter

    Next goal 1 mil subs i need him to hunt and cook with deermeatfor dinner would be awesome.

  • ImtheSweetestSadee

    Congratulations! Love the videos!

  • Ruth Kringle
    Ruth Kringle

    You are blessed

  • John Neal
    John Neal


  • Sherri Dunson
    Sherri Dunson

    Congratulations y’all. Love watching y’all.

  • Freedom Homestead
    Freedom Homestead

    Congrats, such a blessing to a wonderful family that does YT the right way.

  • Teresa Roark
    Teresa Roark

    Congratulations 🎊🎉🎈🍾

  • Collin Holmes
    Collin Holmes

    Great vid

  • Maci Brown
    Maci Brown

    are yall going to the oklahoma youth expo

  • Bernadette Rybacki
    Bernadette Rybacki

    Congrats! Love you guys.

  • Log Poist
    Log Poist

    Can u do a farm tour ive watch u for like 2 Months and I really want to see a farm tour.

  • Joe The Farmer
    Joe The Farmer

    Been watching the Kelley's Country Life for a LONG time; great channel! Thanks for supporting us little guys! 😁👍🏼. Congrats on 500k; you all earned it! (Well, Houston has 😂😂😂)

  • Reality Ranch
    Reality Ranch

    Congrats guys

  • Katherine Culbertson
    Katherine Culbertson

    Congrats, Daniel and family!!

  • Bonnie And Clyde’s Homestead
    Bonnie And Clyde’s Homestead

    Congratulations on half a million! Hope to get close to that one day!

  • Danny Bickerdike
    Danny Bickerdike

    I don’t watch tv or movies anymore because of all the fake nonsense and lies. Then you have celebrities you want to tell us how to live and think in ungodly form, all the while taking our money and getting richer. I like to watch UZloadrs like yourself who keep it real, the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. Keep up the promises GOD has in you, y’all are doing a wonderful work through him.

  • Logan Brooks
    Logan Brooks

    You guys earned it can you guys do a squirrel hunting video

  • Randall Dennis
    Randall Dennis

    Congrats. I OBTW Andrew Kelly now approaching 9k subscribers

  • Matt Stevenson
    Matt Stevenson

    Been watching Kelley’s country life basically for a couple years I think they had 500 subscribers. Great channel, all sorts of info and a wide variety of topics. Best part about it is that there is a clear outlined path that is projected for you to follow house build , pole barn, firewood, food plots, bunch more.

  • Cason Christian
    Cason Christian

    You have worked hard and your content is amazing i have been watching and been a subscriber for 3 years

  • jess joseph
    jess joseph

    Is your Facebook account back under your control now?

  • Melissa Blair
    Melissa Blair

    I so agree help each other ☺

  • The Morgans Try Homesteading
    The Morgans Try Homesteading

    Congratulations, it’s was this channel that made us start YouTubing. Thanks for that.

  • lisa reaume
    lisa reaume

    ****************CONGRATULATIONS ARMS FAMILY********************* you and living traditions now have a half a million folks around the world lovin' what ya do! BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOMESTEADING IS MAKIN' A COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Annette Robinson
    Annette Robinson

    Congratulations-I really enjoy watching your videos and your family life on the farm.

  • Rita McCartt-Kordon
    Rita McCartt-Kordon

    It's NOT just watching, it's learning too! We watch how you handle so MANY situations! The fishing is flat out Entertaining! Love you all! GOD bless Oh! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Harold Thames
    Harold Thames

    Congratulations yall deserve it

  • Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth Smith


  • Cassie Souderes
    Cassie Souderes

    Yay 😀

  • Beth Henderson
    Beth Henderson

    So what do you do to HELP OTHER FAMILYS??? It is BLAH BLAH BLAH!! You are out for YOU AND YOUR A BIG CHICKEN COP THAT QUIT SOCIETY AND YOUR OATH TO SERVE AND PROTECT but exploiting your family make you more $$$ CONGRATS THAT YOU DONT LIVE AROUND ME!! Enjoy your new motor sport car and your free aquipment

  • James Kronenberg
    James Kronenberg

    wow 1/2 way to that 1 M plack from UZload. keep up the Outstanding work. Help each other any way we can, a whole lot better than squabbling over petty things. I have always believed in Pay It Forward.

  • Cindi Allain
    Cindi Allain


  • brenda gibson
    brenda gibson

    I found your channel during the beginning of Covid. Love that you're doing so we!!😍

  • Stratten DeJournett
    Stratten DeJournett

    I'm a brand new subscriber, from Oklahoma, and fixing to start my own goat farm, can I ask for a video of your favorite goat meat recipe?

  • Lee Mullally
    Lee Mullally

    Daniel, keep educating us. That is one chop saw blade. No need to apologize for the look of he welds. If it works and meets your needs, it's fine. Keep up he good work. Your project for moving the animals from place to place is coming to an end. Thanks for sharing your progress.

  • Sheena Wolfe
    Sheena Wolfe

    Love your videos

  • Sheena Wolfe
    Sheena Wolfe

    Can you do some rock tumbling

    • Sheena Wolfe
      Sheena Wolfe

      I am thinking about getting one

  • Pisteuo Stew
    Pisteuo Stew


  • Tammy Baker
    Tammy Baker

    I've noticed that when you get excited your nostrils get bigger. Lol just saying.

  • Norma Kennedy
    Norma Kennedy


  • Tammy Baker
    Tammy Baker

    That's awesome. I'm surprised you haven't gotten a reward plaque from UZload.

  • kelly harris
    kelly harris

    That’s awesome! I love your channel. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

  • MattJones 1829
    MattJones 1829

    500K...why? Hmmm...Believer in Him, retired LE, hard working, no cussin', great family, relevant content...and the coolest driveway/footbridge/crick crossing I've seen in a looooong time 💪And Oklahoma doesn't hurt!!!

  • Jeff Grogan
    Jeff Grogan

    Congratulations on your success there on your subscribers you absolutely deserve it

  • Diana Black
    Diana Black

    Hi Daniel, My boyfriend said, hey babe he's that guy you like to watch. So I started to watch you. But its not you. You need to check this out. ES KEPO ES They post what they say you make for your UZload. Hope your day is going great. Have a blessed day

  • Harvey Brown
    Harvey Brown

    Congrats Buddy.

  • karen hendrickson
    karen hendrickson

    Could u please tell me what happened to moma goat i really miss u on fb

  • Diana Dollar
    Diana Dollar

    You give God the credit. Most important of all. Stay godly, obedient, he will bless all your work.

  • Diana Dollar
    Diana Dollar

    Y'all are working hard and doing great. I would love to learn recipes of green juices. Keep on keeping on.

  • 123 do it all country
    123 do it all country

    Wow I've also been waiting for this and supporting it congrats and keep up the good content and pls check out my chanle at 123 do it all country it's the one with 4 subs

  • Authentically Amber
    Authentically Amber

    Congratulations!! 🎉

  • melman8r

    I subbed The Kelley's Country Life Channel, thank you for sharing an awesome family channel.

  • Lee Ann Millet
    Lee Ann Millet

    So, SO happy for you guys.

  • Wendy H
    Wendy H

    Congratulations & may you get to 1 million soon! ❤️❤️❤️ Love from South Africa 🇿🇦

  • Carol Schwind
    Carol Schwind

    Great job Daniel and family if we could only get other people to pull it together like you!!! Bless you all ❤❤🐕

  • garypm1949

    When you are welding it looks like you are moving your rod forward and then backward. If that is happening it brings slag into the weld which is not great for quality welds. I just make sure I have a weld puddle and only move enough to make sure the puddle follows the rod and that puddle fills the gap. It was just an observation, can’t tell from the video how your welds come out they may be great but if I go backwards I stop and clean the weld and start again. I must say you did a great job building the fence and gate and I really like that you cut 45 degree angles instead of but joining the joints

  • Prairie Haven Ventures
    Prairie Haven Ventures

    We finally posted a video that hit over a thousand views after a year. We would love a shout out. We only have 40 subscribers

  • Marji M
    Marji M


  • Sue Walters
    Sue Walters

    Awesome!! Well deserved. Stay true to yourself and we will be congratulating you for 1 million!!

  • Live Life As Is
    Live Life As Is


  • Retired and Prepping
    Retired and Prepping

    Congratulations. I started my channel 3 1/2 years ago. I worked till I was 76 years old and needed something to keep me busy. I have enjoyed making videos and sharing them. I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed week.

  • John Sobaski
    John Sobaski

    Congratulations Arms Family!!!

  • Reed Lindsey
    Reed Lindsey

    6 months ago you where at 300

  • Jackson Grant
    Jackson Grant

    When are you doing another live stream

  • Jackson Grant
    Jackson Grant


  • Noel Abell
    Noel Abell

    Congratulations on your 500,000 subscribers. Go for the next 500,000. All the best from Queensland Australia.

  • Caroline Petersen
    Caroline Petersen

    Congratulations! What a monumental achievement! Blessings! Keep going strong!