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  • Liam Ledbetter
    Liam Ledbetter

    How tall is Weston

  • Brigs Case
    Brigs Case

    On the football at the field Weston track meet was at i about dislocated my knee

  • Eddie Johnson
    Eddie Johnson

    well i hope you do well in collage from a old okie i was born in Ardmore and went too school over in longgrove okla but the nicest thing is i traced my family back 150 years in okla i like too talk too your dad cause im not sure how far away sulfer okla is too hinnpen okla i have a couple acres of land over there if its close enough too you guys i live down here in florida for the past 30 years so i really have no use for the land and the land guys want too buy my property buy they are not close enough cause they want the natural gas rights and maybe oil they offer under market value too see if i would budge but what i tell them if you guys want too rape my land then you need too pay for the raping of the land cause when its gone that don't come back but all they want too pay for is the land and not my mineral rights so i tell them if you want the rights too whats underneath my land then you need too pay for it they are like well we incure these cost as far as all the drilling i told the (land grabbers) i know you do you home work and you don't go for pockets less than a billion dollars too be made on it so if you want rights too my land then it will cost you about a fifth of your expected goal well i have not heard from them anymore i just cant believe how many people they actually get like that my great granddad has oil rights on some property from his mother so his mom had 3 boys so they each got a third of the check they n when he married and had 3 kids his check would split into a 3rd of a 3rd and so for the rights are now 5 genarations old so their is a lot of kids i see some of the checks my mom gets from it still today about 100 bucks not complaining cause if cause back then i think he paid 100 bucks for the land and many of my family have live off that free money for yearst cause its been handed down that long

  • dc0145a

    That was awesome seeing Weston 👏 Good luck in college. Bright future ahead. 😊 God Bless

  • Caydon Sumpter
    Caydon Sumpter

    I live to towns over

  • Brandon Rife
    Brandon Rife

    Love it how no one has masks on down here in delaware if you don’t have a mask your disqualified from the meet

  • Brandon Rife
    Brandon Rife

    I wish I could run as fast as her im in track and I throw discus and shot put

  • Brandon Rife
    Brandon Rife

    Anyone else realize that guy who shoots the gun aims it at every one the whole time. I know it’s not a real gun tho

  • Brandon Rife
    Brandon Rife

    She’s good but she needs stronger legs when she runs her legs to the left and right

  • Fish On
    Fish On

    Subscribe to fish on

  • Linda Hadley
    Linda Hadley

    Loved Weston on camera. He was so cute and funny. ♥️

  • Terry JP
    Terry JP

    just a starter pistol but the moron pointed it where people where. stupid

  • JJ Ditty
    JJ Ditty

    Weston I say he could be a great football player

  • Faith Schmid
    Faith Schmid

    What state do you live in?

  • Lori Markel
    Lori Markel

    Your oldest boy is so talented

  • Sam_YT


  • Gail Vaucher
    Gail Vaucher

    I made sure to subscribe on you tube

  • Katherine Fisher
    Katherine Fisher

    Best wishes, Weston, for a great freshman year in college. We'll probably be seeing videos of your college games! Think about Iowa State University for bball and business. That's where I'm from.

  • Kratom Butterfly
    Kratom Butterfly

    And no masks to be seen anywhere....

  • Ayden Varnell
    Ayden Varnell

    You guys need to come to kingfisher Oklahoma it's a great place

  • Betty England
    Betty England

    Weston thumbs up you got this... don't feel bad about the camera I don't do them either, lol Good luck 👍

  • Brian Arrington
    Brian Arrington

    Between the dogs and the wind, that was hard to listen to.

  • keith weedt
    keith weedt

    Future farmers of america.

  • Dorothy Vaughan
    Dorothy Vaughan

    any word on chris? congrats on being able to get the pigs. nice to have friends that help each other out whether taking care of a home when an emergency comes up or helping each other raise livestock.

  • Nirrrina

    Emmalee still did incredibly well. Good job! Work hard & don't forget to have fun.

  • Nirrrina

    Dang! That kid could almost have jumped over my dad. My dad was 6'6" so he needs just a little more work. But seriously while I'm not into sports much. I'd be that idiot that a book if it wasn't for the fact I read on my tablet now. But I do like hearing how well he does. Even if I don't watch his actual games. That's in me though. But I don't mind them being shown at all because it's a part of your family channel & other really do enjoy them. Besides if I get bored I can skip that part. But I'm usually crafting or playing games on my second tablet anyway.

  • Anna Markham-Roberts
    Anna Markham-Roberts

    How tall is Westin now??? Does he have future plans yet ???

  • T S
    T S

    You have a good looking family

  • Rhett Hayes
    Rhett Hayes

    She a runner she a track star

  • Savon Hall
    Savon Hall

    In the 4by 400 cache got second on that lap the person was Shaun berry

  • Timothy Bryant
    Timothy Bryant

    Emma has long legs, she’ll grow and get better.

  • Faze Mayhem
    Faze Mayhem

    Do any of them play football

  • The Duckling Homestead and Gardens
    The Duckling Homestead and Gardens

    So I'm wondering if Westin's opening line was..."So, what's up y'all? My name is Westin Arms." LOL!! That's how I would have played it!! So cool watching the kids compete in track. Animals, track and football have always been my favorites. Volleyball is pretty fun too. I can watch baseball/softball, but never cared much about playing, and was never any good at basketball, except maybe defense, but even that wasn't doable, I'm too short. For me to watch baseball & basketball I basically have to know or know of at least through friends/family one of the players, because then I can cheer for them specifically and I'm vested in the game that way. I love watching all three kids do their thing no matter what it is!!!!!!!!

  • Erica Daugherty
    Erica Daugherty

    maybe have written Q cards behind camera he reads! LOL and Houston totally needs to school his big bro on camera talk. Wonderful family though.

  • harold Denton
    harold Denton

    Do you all have native American cherokee or chocktaw bloodlines? We have Denton's out inciqeta / tulsa in Oklahoma and Arkansas who intermarried with the tribes people from 1700 into 1800's as they migrated westward from Virginia through Tennessee into Arkansas and Oklahoma territories.

  • harold Denton
    harold Denton

    She sure is her daddy's clone. She makes several of the same facial expressions that dad makes.

  • Jahvonte Barnes
    Jahvonte Barnes

    How old is emily

  • Ruby Pevey
    Ruby Pevey

    Congratulations Weston

  • Ruby Pevey
    Ruby Pevey

    Congratulations Emily

  • Freddy Bless
    Freddy Bless

    Is it true that arms family is offering money on Facebook

  • Scott Allen
    Scott Allen

    My daughter was a thrower in track from 7th grade to 12th grade. She was one of the best female thrower when she graduated. She still holds the record in the hammer throw.

  • Trace Porter
    Trace Porter

    I’m from Marietta that’s crazy I didn’t know y’all were there


    I was the 6k’th like


    I think both of them did a great job.

  • The Dowland's Family Farm
    The Dowland's Family Farm

    I playest 2 in shot put att my meet

  • 2 stroke life
    2 stroke life

    My first year in track and I can clear 80 inches

    • 2 stroke life
      2 stroke life

      But good job

  • todd danielson
    todd danielson

    Who's tending to all your critters??

  • Tricia Gray
    Tricia Gray

    Who else took there hat off for the National anthem

  • Barbara Tucker
    Barbara Tucker

    They both did great!!!!

  • Harrison’s fishing Clan
    Harrison’s fishing Clan

    LOL I don’t know how you all do this haha

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    Weston and Emily did great in track , track I didn't do but did football and wrestling and excelled in wrestling my first yr . Keep up the good job Houston and Emily and weston.

  • Codi Sanchez
    Codi Sanchez

    Loved the video glad to see the kids getting to do sports. Also I didn't know you got your Facebook back.

  • Kathryn Morrison
    Kathryn Morrison

    Dude!! Buy a windgaurd! Emily did great

  • Cristian Sanchez
    Cristian Sanchez

    Weston is super high on that interview video at the end.😂

  • Jimmy Ponds
    Jimmy Ponds

    A GREAT day!!

  • Doris Hanoum
    Doris Hanoum

    yeah, the dogs noise is way distracting😲--- good job kids👍🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

  • don juwann
    don juwann

    but what about Houston................

  • Kory Burch
    Kory Burch


  • Wanda Hopper
    Wanda Hopper

    He's a goodlookin young man. He and Emma did great.

  • Lee Rick
    Lee Rick

    Enjoy your videos, great content. So happy to see and hear them play the National Anthem! As it should be.

  • The Back Porch Farmer
    The Back Porch Farmer

    Hahaha.....good job Weston! Get Houston to help you a little bit.....he's Mr. Camera! ;)

  • LINDA Scott
    LINDA Scott

    All your kids boys are & you have a very Beautiful daughter ❤

  • Taylor Liberty
    Taylor Liberty

    Practice makes perfect

  • Phoenix Campbell
    Phoenix Campbell

    Get a head of cows

  • MoVieZafterMidNiGhT

    why not both? farmers are fit..

  • Lynette Hillery
    Lynette Hillery

    We spent all our summers at track meets.

  • Cheryl Grimins
    Cheryl Grimins

    You have 3 great kids. Thank you Weston for letting dad share your athletic abilities with us. And it was nice to see you in front of a camera. We know you don’t like it but you definitely have a great personality and sense of humor. All the best to you.

  • Jen Halliburton
    Jen Halliburton

    Lol...mom will be editing

  • Will Curtin
    Will Curtin

    Happy Easter I think you should put out a trail cam next to the gate sensor to see if any deer or anything opens it

  • Dillon McCool
    Dillon McCool

    Happy Easter

  • Phoenix Campbell
    Phoenix Campbell

    Get cows

  • Branson24

    Happy easter

  • Andrew Harley
    Andrew Harley

    this is one of the first videos i watched on your channel very cool footage at their meet and i found his impersonation of weston with his hand very funny

  • Charles Hunter
    Charles Hunter

    They did so good great job Arms family kids

  • Darlene Nelson
    Darlene Nelson

    Emma lee be proud of what ever you do....whether your first or 10th.....as long as you enjoy doing what you do....

  • Scoundrel 0u812
    Scoundrel 0u812

    Time to get these welfare farmer's off of government welfare and aid GMO poison food farmer's regiments.

  • Amy Taylor
    Amy Taylor

    My kids school district took away middle school sports about 10 years ago. It's sad. Glad to see some middle schools still doing sports.

  • DG Mills
    DG Mills

    Great jumping Westin! Keep up the Awesome work! EmmaLee you have some real abilities too! Daniel, Continue to be a Proud Papa! You and DeeJay are Super Parents.👍😎👍😎😇😇😇🤗🤗🤗❤️

  • CodyG

    Another great video!

  • Jim and luke
    Jim and luke

    I wish that you could make it on top trending

  • Jim and luke
    Jim and luke

    Hey neighbors

  • tj peterbilt
    tj peterbilt

    Pops mellow out let them be kids and stick with cattle showing make more money happy Easter to ya all great vid

  • David Hill
    David Hill

    Weston, You are very blessed and talented. We wish you the best!

  • Florence Creasy
    Florence Creasy

    Great job. So proud of the children

  • Brian Baggett
    Brian Baggett

    Maybe he just needs to write down what he wants to say on paper then put it on a piece of poster board and read it off of that while someone holds it up for him that might work

  • Donna Moore
    Donna Moore

    Bella is cracking me up. Lol

  • Ronster149

    Congratulations to both your kids for their achievments so far in track! I don't care who you are, when you place in the top 10 or better like they both did, you got some skillz! Hope to continue to see their journey thru the rest of the season. Happy Easter to the Arms Family!

  • Angela Phoenix
    Angela Phoenix

    Awe Weston you’re so shy and adorable!! You are a great athlete! Focus on that and your GPA, and mention all that you are looking for this scholarship to help you meet your goals with! Your awesome!! Gods blessing and peace be with you! Happy Easter Arms Family!!!

  • Caroline Lantz
    Caroline Lantz

    Actually, nothing like the face of a proud parents telling the fruits of his labors.

  • Caroline Lantz
    Caroline Lantz

    Actually, nothing like the face of a proud parents telling the fruits of his labors.

  • DrillerAA

    I love this video. It touches a special place in my heart because our youngest grand daughter played soccer from under 6 through her junior year in high school. In the eighth grade she discovered high jump in track. Her sophomore year she was conference champion. Her junior year she finished 4th in state and her senior year she finished 2nd in state indoor high jump, then Covid hit and ended her high school career. The good news is she got a small college track scholarship and is now the top ranked jumper in her conference as a freshman. EmmaLee is going to be just fine as a jumper and running second or third leg of relays. And yes, track meets are your longest days ever in athletics. Have a blessed week.

  • Derrick McGee
    Derrick McGee

    he can get 6'4''. he is jumping too late on his approach

  • Bryer Ferris
    Bryer Ferris

    Are you gonna do any turkey hunting vids?

  • Mike James
    Mike James

    Weston, first of all congratulations on your meet (track meet), second of all you need to look at the camera, and write yourself a script (what you're going to say) just like in track your competing for money to help you go to college; you're selling yourself. Hopefully you're helping your little sister with her track meet goals. She's aspiring to be the winner like her big brother. Great job everybody. I did shot put in freshman year of high school, wish I did cross country that would have helped me tremendously in the military. lol Have a great week.

  • The Junkin Colvard's
    The Junkin Colvard's

    All your kids are amazing at what they do!!!!

  • Leah Covell
    Leah Covell

    Winston is mix of both Mom and Dad but Houston does have the natural talker talent.

  • Brandeis Sports
    Brandeis Sports

    This might be my favorite video yet! I love seeing your animals but sports, even better. Good luck Winston!

  • Karen Turner
    Karen Turner

    Thanks for sharing. Awesome athletes in your family.

  • Billy Ray
    Billy Ray

    that was cool i hope the children get what they want and thanks for another great video

  • Patricia Bagnell
    Patricia Bagnell

    I was getting all geared up to belt out the national anthem and it was cut off. darn....and I'm a proud Canadian. lol

    • Arms Family Homestead
      Arms Family Homestead

      I was worried about it getting a copywriter claim!