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  • Arms Family Homestead
    Arms Family Homestead

    If you are interested in purchasing our RV we are asking $19,500 and you can send an email to

    • Suzanne - Texan
      Suzanne - Texan

      I’m thinking you guys may be thinking about Florida! Maybe buying rental property???? You guys love going there so much, that’s just what popped into my mind ! You deserve doing that as a family!!!!!

    • susan bracht
      susan bracht

      If you get a static strap ad mount it will help a lot with the motion sickness

    • Duck Hunter564
      Duck Hunter564

      I will email you

    • Dorothy McKinney
      Dorothy McKinney

      @Amy Brewer. Many prayers for Jimmy Houston and family. 🙏

    • LiLSuzQ32

      @Amy Wales - probably not big enough for 5

  • Goddess Marley
    Goddess Marley

    Would you drive the RV to Nevada to meet us and we would pay for your plane trip back home!

  • Barb Rowley
    Barb Rowley

    Who is Jimmy Houston.

  • Victoria Penney
    Victoria Penney

    You should look at a rv that you pull behind your truck. There are some nice ones out there.

  • baltimore 410
    baltimore 410

    Does she get sick driving her own vehicle cuz that's crazy you buy something and then you show it because her and your family was getting sick in there they need to get used to riding in it first

  • baltimore 410
    baltimore 410

    And you're going to get rid of it because other people got sick because they was driving in it that's weird

  • alan30189

    That RV had some years on it, so you might not of felt some effects of the formaldehyde and other chemicals that go into making those things, as they would have gone down. So, it might’ve been just motion sickness, which probably could be addressed with something like Dramamine. Too late now though, since you sold it. For others though, the thing to do is rent one before buying and go on a weekend, or week long trip, to make sure you don’t get motion sickness.

  • Bob Lee
    Bob Lee

    I bet mom good be fun . 😂

  • The gardener
    The gardener

    Reminds me of when I started school. Every day by the time I got to school I was so sick, some days barfing my head off. Motion sickness! Dramamine works!

  • Craig Mooring
    Craig Mooring

    Motion That's why RVs have toilets😜.

  • Justin Burton
    Justin Burton

    Dutch will be needing an RV Soon

  • Alma lockett
    Alma lockett

    Don't time share, heard bad things.

  • Diana Pulido
    Diana Pulido

    So sorry she and others got motion sickness. Good luck I just don't have the funds.

  • Sandi Hebb
    Sandi Hebb

    Sending love and prayers to Jimmy Houston’s wife ...... got to know them through watching your channel

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray

    DJ needs a Newell - they ride and drive like a Cadillac with Bugatti price 😂

  • Rosa Rodriguez
    Rosa Rodriguez

    Éxito en tu proyecto gracias por tu gran corazón de apoyar a Jimmy Houston en este momento tan difícil Gracias ❤️❤️💕🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌

  • Dianne & Richard
    Dianne & Richard


  • Candace Cook
    Candace Cook

    A 5th wheel would be a great option. And since everyone would be in the truck maybe wouldn't have motion sickness

  • Smith Linda
    Smith Linda

    by you talking about seasick and you holding the camera not too steady i could see the waves :) .

  • Cheryl Lynn Phillips
    Cheryl Lynn Phillips

    Trade it in on a big one

  • Felicia Alexander
    Felicia Alexander

    Prayers for the Houston Family 🙏🏻

  • Jason Ard
    Jason Ard

    How old is Houston

  • Jason Ard
    Jason Ard

    How old is Houston

  • B&B Farmz
    B&B Farmz

    Aloha from Hawaii Arms Family Homestead Ohana . Me and my wife ran across you Facebook page about a year ago and has brightened the last year of Lockdowns and increased my farming of inspiration so I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do and preach & Huge Mahalos for your Service in Law Enforcement,I Served 6yrs as a FMF Navy Corpsman and unfortunately got hurt in the line of duty and got 100% Medically Retired and my disability check only covers half my rental and my wife forced to work to pay for everything else do to my disability . I keep praying 🙏🏽 I can get the VA to actually get me the healthcare so I can get better and Provide for my family. Keep up the great work Daniel and Arms Ohana people and pets & Aloha & hope to meet you one day. I was wondering if any way you could donate a 2xl hoodie I just can’t currently afford and would love to show my support for all you do & ur channel . If possible please let me know and and can send address

  • Home Grown
    Home Grown

    Sell it to dutch

  • Melissa Laird
    Melissa Laird

    Hey, you guys should contact the My Little Homestead channel both of the daughters are incredible artists and draw their own designs for their shirts. They are very cartoonish. I think it would be fun to put Houston and Jacobi's adventures on your merch.

  • DJinFla

    You probably know this, but keep you refrigerator and freezer doors OPEN when they are turned off or they will get mold and mildew in them. Enjoy your RV!

  • Honey Hollow Homestead
    Honey Hollow Homestead

    Yeah, purchasing an RV was probably not the wisest thing to do for someone who gets motion sickness. 😜

  • Kristin Erickson
    Kristin Erickson

    Could it be MOLD???

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter

    Is Dutch not looking for an rv to stay in while he builds his new homestead ?

  • Tom Shaw
    Tom Shaw

    God closed that door to bless someone else While he opened the Merch business

  • Geoff Hirsh
    Geoff Hirsh

    I saw this happening the day they bought it. 😎😎😎

  • Frances Firth
    Frances Firth

    Prayers for Chris & Jimmy 🙏🏻💕

  • Penelope Hammock
    Penelope Hammock

    Jimmy had such kind words about you, Daniel. You are a jewel, we are all continuing to pray for Chris and the entire Houston family 🙏🙏🙏 . Sorry for the RV trouble, that would be me, I would be sick also!

  • Tim Calhoon
    Tim Calhoon

    Best seasickness remedy is ginger! We took capsules for our first cruise and it worked wonders. We went with 11 other couples and towards the end ran in to rough seas. Everyone was sick except us! Started 2 weeks ahead of time, 2 caps a day and continued during the cruise plus no side effects. Can get them from a health food store! Have continued with other cruises even though the ships have gotten better! Just don’t want to take chances especially on the side trips!

  • Clarissa Saberton
    Clarissa Saberton

    Love your vids guys love you

  • Gracie Golden
    Gracie Golden

    Be well you lovely people. Wish I could stake a claim.

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    Id bet your looking into breeding dogs that are the breed of that new pup yall got.

  • DI

    Awe so sorry that theRV didn’t work out for you. Looking forward to your new adventure. God Bless.

  • Offroad god
    Offroad god

    Get a fith wheel

  • Mrs Tena
    Mrs Tena

    Praying for Jimmy and Chris.. Jimmy will be a mess.

  • Hippy Benway
    Hippy Benway

    What about dutch

  • Debbie Miller
    Debbie Miller

    I have problems with motion sickness also. Its the worst thing. I even get really motion sick after surgerys. In a car I have to be sitting forward. I found the patch works the best.

  • Joydean Beauchamp
    Joydean Beauchamp


  • Pamela Germany
    Pamela Germany

    Sell it as is. Nice RV. It will sell quick. Canopy wear out. No problem. It can be replaced. Sorry to hear DJ has motion sickness. We had our RV for 10yrs. Camped alot and traveled to Corpus Christi, Padre Island, Texas . Red River, NewMexico, Arizona, Colorado. Our children loved it. It was fun while we had it. Best of luck on your next adventure. Good luck!!! I bet it sells quickly.

  • Drew Makatura
    Drew Makatura

    Have you had the checked suspension professionally checked it could be wore out it might why it is more bouncey

  • kelly harris
    kelly harris

    I see a beach house In Your near future

  • Drew Makatura
    Drew Makatura

    Has she tried driving it cause sometimes focusing helps with the motion sickness unless she is too intimidated to get in the driver seat

  • Susan Allen
    Susan Allen

    Still waiting for a great coffee mug from yall. A camping style dark purple tin coffee mug

  • Marina Cursi
    Marina Cursi

    Awe was looking forward to all the family camping videos. Hope your next adventure turns out for you all.

  • William Grant
    William Grant

    Let's turn to god let's repent and ask for forgiveness let's thank God for sending Jesus and all He's done thank you God! Shepherdschapelcom Theseasonorg explains the whole bible God bless

  • Lisa **
    Lisa **

    You should do what flair did to his camper

  • Lisa **
    Lisa **

    You should do what flair did to his camper

  • Lisa **
    Lisa **

    You should do what Flair did to his camper

  • Tom D
    Tom D

    Shawn & Brandy are looking for a home on wheels, send his way. Sorry Dj, things work weird that way sometimes, cannot enjoy a vacation that way though. take care you all, thanks for sharing

  • LiLSuzQ32

    Keep us posted...hope you can sell it quickly! Be forewarned, you won't be making money on the deal...

  • Stephen Ward
    Stephen Ward

    Sorry you are selling the RV, but motion sickness is no joke. Good luck on finding a buyer. Love your videos.

  • connie frye
    connie frye

    Florida, I think they are on the way!

  • Sharon Horton
    Sharon Horton

    Everyone please pray for Jimmy Houston and his wife Chris 🙏🙏

  • Pamela Riley
    Pamela Riley

    Please pray for Chris Houston and for Jimmy Houston.. Chris had a brain aneurism and massive stroke a few days ago.. They both need our prayers desperately !!!

  • Kim Christensen
    Kim Christensen

    Better sell it to Dutch!

  • Pure Living For Outdoors
    Pure Living For Outdoors

    Gonna be getting you a diesel truck and a toy hauler huh? LOL

  • Melissa Newingham
    Melissa Newingham

    Hope it goes to a great home. Looking to get one just as nice as yours. But it will not happen any time soon. I had to get rid of all our camping stuff when I broke my back at work. Its hard to admit what you can and can't do any more. But better safe than sorry or sick.

  • Virginia Currey
    Virginia Currey

    Oh, I have to sit in the front, even in a car. And have a daughter who gets car sick. When we had a smaller RV, so happy with 3 kids cause they could ride n play in the back... guess what? All 3 wouldn’t ride back there, were still right behind us the whole time... and gas cost, insurance, upkeep too much... and we figured as much as we traveled, we could stay in a motel that includes breakfast! And mama didn’t have to cook, clean as she does in our home base! Figure that? Great for those retired n who love to travel! And actually, that is a good price for that size, well kept motor home! Good luck!

  • Jackie Kimberlin
    Jackie Kimberlin

    Deejay seems like the type who doesn’t fully think through big decisions. She is a big dreamer, but doesn’t think realistically think through things. The same thing happened with the AFH apparel business. She didn’t properly anticipate the demand and then couldn’t fill the orders in a timely fashion. New ventures require thoughtful planning rather than “ I want” and jumping in head first. 😂Lol It reminds me of a kid who begs for a puppy and then looses interest after a week. 😂 And yeah, the same thing happens with all of the baby farm animals when they are born. I’m glad that Daniel has deep pockets. All I can think of is the lost interest$ on the money that could have been invested instead of buying an RV that sits in the driveway and the money that was spent on insurance and taxes. Lol I wonder what the next “toy” will be. Maybe it will be a Cricut since they are all the rage right now.

  • Robin Eafrati
    Robin Eafrati

    We have a 37' Motor Coach Class A and love it. We do 6 mons out of the year and looking soon to go full time ans sell the house.

  • MamaEagleBear

    Money is your true colors money money money! Bad times hit and you quit your job But nobody needs a weak leak in the Brotherhood

  • princessbuddycuddles

    i cant either i lived on graval and slept most of the time

  • LzB Hayden
    LzB Hayden

    Y’all are turning into Romanatwood lol buying and upgrading

  • V Y
    V Y

    Wish I had the money the RV would be a great apartment when your homeless

  • Jason Healy
    Jason Healy

    If anyone else would like to make the same mistake we did and take it off our hands please get in touch

  • Jason Healy
    Jason Healy

    Yes D.J. has made up our mind.



  • patches. simon
    patches. simon

    I will give you 9.5 for the rig.not trying to insult ya but they just aren't worth much. let me know thanks

  • Michael Inman
    Michael Inman

    So when are you buying a place in Pensacola?

    • LiLSuzQ32

      The week before the next hurricane wipes it off the map...

  • Kim Christianson
    Kim Christianson


  • Joanne McMurray
    Joanne McMurray

    We are sorry it did not work out for you. We just started RVing in our7 th decade of life, as seniors, and we are loving it. We have a 25 ft. Fifth wheel with one slide out. It is big enough for the two of us and we enjoy the space it has. We can park it and still have access to our truck to get around.

  • Julie Arbuckle
    Julie Arbuckle

    OH! I'm sad that it isn't working out...We just bought a camper during spring break. So excited for it to be ready!

  • Katherine Ida Najar
    Katherine Ida Najar

    I know few people get sick traveling, Stop few hours n walk it off. Maybe that will help. It’s the way it is. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe warm and healthy. Be kind to another

  • Cheryl Phillips
    Cheryl Phillips

    Does she get car sick even while rifungvin the front passenger seat? Too bad. My daughter gets carcsick sitting in the back seat ofva car but not in the front. Dramamine would help maybe.

  • clarityjane31


  • john klenzak
    john klenzak

    Daniel, have you seen the post on Jimmy Houston ' s channel from Tuesday afternoon where Jimmy told us that his wife Chris has had a major Stroke as of Monday evening? If not, go to his channel and watch Jimmy share the status on Chris.

  • Dorothy McKinney
    Dorothy McKinney

    Praying you sell the RV as soon as possible and continued prayers for Jimmy Houston and family 🙏

  • keith weedt
    keith weedt

    What if she sets up front still get sick.

  • Cheryl Cooper
    Cheryl Cooper

    You need a fifth wheel with a pickup no riding in the motor home getting sick!

  • keith weedt
    keith weedt

    Buy a pop up bumper hitch trailor.

  • James McWhinney
    James McWhinney

    Get a fifth wheel for pick up to pull

  • Elbowguts

    Prayers for the Jimmy Houston family. It was tough to watch his video about Chris. 😞 hope you’re able to help in any way.

  • Cindy West
    Cindy West

    Keepin it Dutch should buy it!

  • Nancy Caldwell
    Nancy Caldwell

    Is your next venture, tents?! Sorry, I couldn’t pass up the dig!

  • Meza Gallardo
    Meza Gallardo

    It is very nice. I'm sure you will sell it very fast.

  • Sally Runnalls
    Sally Runnalls

    We had an RV when our 3 boys were small and until they left home and none of us ever got queazy when we rode in it. We traveled all over the United States. So for sure not everybody has that problem. This one looks really nice and well taken care of. It will go fast.

  • Tired Mamma
    Tired Mamma


    • Arms Family Homestead
      Arms Family Homestead

      It is.

  • Martha James
    Martha James

    You may have been better off with a 5th wheel trailer, and riding in the truck. Sad to see it go but looking forward to what's coming!

  • Cheryl B
    Cheryl B

    Are you sure it’s not leaking propane or exhaust is getting in and making people sick

  • Darlene Powell
    Darlene Powell

    Did you hear about Jimmy Houston’s wife!!

  • Love my DandyLion
    Love my DandyLion


  • Jhun Vicera
    Jhun Vicera

    beatiful rv

  • Rusty Gurgigno
    Rusty Gurgigno

    I live in a RV park in Florida and they don't allow anything over 10 yrs

  • JimmyMc

    How's Jimmy's wife doing prayers going up

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