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  • Brant Bonifas
    Brant Bonifas

    💘 your videos

  • Kanyon Roberts Outdoors
    Kanyon Roberts Outdoors

    Btw I really love the vids them fish are cool!!!

  • KNL Firewood
    KNL Firewood

    He’s talking like that cause you talk like that! 😂

  • Hunty Mai
    Hunty Mai

    Hi i am a big fan!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh Puvel
    Josh Puvel

    Killer intro little man you nailed it!

  • Cameron Blethen
    Cameron Blethen

    I've missed the videos of the fish pond

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith

    I think earl tried to breath under water lol

  • Louis Edwards
    Louis Edwards

    Cool fishing Bat 😁

  • Riley R
    Riley R

    You’ve got a little piece of heaven there! It’s cool to see your son so excited to release the fish. It’s hard to keep my boysaway from video games.😊

  • Michael Sylvis
    Michael Sylvis

    Why would you think that was a good idea?

  • printaboul

    I guess Houston knows it but, I heard one inch of fish per gallon. Better ask around but. .. That's I followed when I had my aquarium.

  • printaboul

    Wow, is it a close pond. In Canada you wouldn't be allowed to intruduce a non-native species

  • Nelson Yaragal
    Nelson Yaragal


  • Nelson Yaragal
    Nelson Yaragal

    wrong way to dump fishes in the pond @11.10

  • Shooting sports Transparency
    Shooting sports Transparency

    The spreading of non-native animal species is the sure recipe for natural disasters to develop.

  • dot thom
    dot thom

    Best day ever seeing Houston watching Matt!

  • David Stambaugh
    David Stambaugh

    All of the great lakes of Africa now have only Nile perch in them which have eaten up all of the native fish talapia now grows every where but there home lakes.

  • UniversityUTube

    You do realize birds eat fish eggs, fly to other watersheds, ponds, streams etc and deposit those eggs where many will hatch if previously fertilized & then those non native fish invade natural habitats of native fish. Brilliant lack of foresight. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • Florent Archambault
    Florent Archambault

    Big mistake

  • シBRAD

    It’s so fun to see fish just get slowing dumped into née waters

  • Wilfred Prins
    Wilfred Prins

    A traveller to the usa almost gets the electric chair on the airport when you have an apple with you. But its allowed to put non -native fish out in the pond Any bird that try to catch one but drops it in a canal Or the eggs get out the pond into other waters Many non-native animals invest and replace native animals

  • R Guzman
    R Guzman

    Good video Daniel hope it all work out for you hey where is pond king at ?? Robert Guzman

  • Lesley Barber
    Lesley Barber

    Yall need to go turkey hunting

  • dwightlowes

    Awesome! I really enjoyed fishing when I was young my grandfather had 2 lakes and 6 ponds on his farm. I’ve kinda lost the fishing bug. I was spoiled as a kid with the amount of fishing I could do on his property.

  • JonnyG

    Non native fish? So there is no way for the fish to get into the local streams?

  • Bill Hauck
    Bill Hauck

    It is time for Houston to get his own fishing channel, like which tackle to use and how to tie knots. let him take some of the money to buy and show more info

  • Fort Worth Bassin
    Fort Worth Bassin

    Hey man!! Me and my dad just went to Pond King to get some Talapia for our bass!!

  • Dwayne Lowery
    Dwayne Lowery

    You do it I've got my good clothes on. It only costs $15.

  • Donna Tom4d
    Donna Tom4d

    Is Bear off grounded yet?

  • Travis Shippy
    Travis Shippy

    Good looking pond. What do you use to keep the algae from taking over?

  • Luci Smith
    Luci Smith

    This makes my heart happy. All y’all’s joy. Way to go!

  • James McFarland
    James McFarland

    Why tilapia though? Shouldn't they be eradicated?

  • Rob Kholar
    Rob Kholar

    Tilapias are great fish. In the Third World the feed them chicken shits and their flesh is considered a health hazard. They regularly sell them at Chinese supermarkets in Canada, just pick one out and some guy who can't speak English will smack it against the head for you. The only thang worse than tilapia is basa imported from Southeast Asia. Apparently villagers have their outhouses just above the fish ponds so that nothing goes to waste. Good Luck!


    That would be a great pond for Houston brother. Have a great week much kindness and happiness always joe/Louisiana 🌈❤🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🍷


    Awesome guys do you have a pumping system to keep the water flowing. An green grass that grows but don't take over.your pond. Great fishing.this summer. But a water feature in the middle of the pond would be so cool.

  • Preston Sousa
    Preston Sousa

    The idea of stocking with non native fish, that invites trouble. Look at all the places good example Florida snake heads, peacock bass.

  • J.T. Cooper
    J.T. Cooper


  • Jc Nordstrom
    Jc Nordstrom

    So how much did you spend on those fish you brought home?

  • Ms Skoob Campbell
    Ms Skoob Campbell

    Goober!! Cute name for your son!!

  • Tina Pennington
    Tina Pennington

    Need advice for a good simple fishing rod

  • Pure Living For Outdoors
    Pure Living For Outdoors

    Dang them bass gonna be eating good!

  • Caroline Lantz
    Caroline Lantz

    Galvanized metal or others have to be investigated as suitable for containing fish.

  • Willow Sverge
    Willow Sverge

    It was cute how earl ran over and said “hey” to the camera when you guys were unloading the fish. 😊👍

  • Oblio

    Again who do believe from a graduate of any 200+ graduate. You might be loving but you ain’t too smart.!?’z

  • Theres Chase
    Theres Chase

    Rain rain ,God works in mysterious ways.yess

  • lynn cooper
    lynn cooper

    awesome video👍

  • Robert Densmore
    Robert Densmore

    All good to eat 😋

  • Dolores Jenkins
    Dolores Jenkins

    That’s a lot of fish 😲

  • J. Walker
    J. Walker

    The Pond King kit boat could use a small covered dock with couple solar panels. Keep the battery charged and protect it from UV, LOL Houston's tank will become shiner/ minnow breeding for feeders.

  • Heritage Farms Texas
    Heritage Farms Texas

    Great video, Love to see how your son enjoys spending time outdoors and with his dad. Awesome stuff. I’ll have to check out pond king they’re not too far from us in Telephone Texas.

  • Jose Cervantes
    Jose Cervantes

    Yesterday I caught a big sunfish

  • Diana Pulido
    Diana Pulido

    Houston you are one lucky boy there is nothing better than growing up the way you are. You are being taught a great work ethic and how to take care of yourself and animals. I believe you are going to be a fine young man.

  • 5winder

    Does your son watch the Fish Whisperer?

  • BigBuckOutdoors

    You guys should make a home made bass boat for a video that would be cool and then a big contest to see who can catch the most bass

  • William Pulley
    William Pulley

    I hit a home run over the fence at my game!

  • 5M Family Homestead
    5M Family Homestead

    Great video as always!

  • Riverside Homestead Life
    Riverside Homestead Life

    We have a River, I wonder if I put some trout in, if they would stay close or leave????🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Cathy Montano
    Cathy Montano

    Enjoyed! ❤

  • Daniel Velez
    Daniel Velez

    Yeahhhhh that will b nice

  • Erin Lewis
    Erin Lewis

    You guys watch Demolition Ranch

  • Pat Barnitz
    Pat Barnitz

    Use concrete

  • Lilyoutdoors11

    Those big talopia are looking ready to have babies

  • Lilyoutdoors11

    I love how the ducks just showed up out of no where

  • Bee Bomb
    Bee Bomb

    Omg I love your vids your so luck to own that land and. I remember the mini pond

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    Up here the dnr don't like them shiners so we just toss them to the side.

  • Cody Ryan
    Cody Ryan

    It could be baby bass

  • George Baker
    George Baker

    Mr Daniel, don't be surprised if some of the Tilapia doesn't survive a few winters, if that happens,you'll find plenty of 5 plus pound Tilapia in the pond,if the cold wouldn't kill them off,you'd have a smorgasbord of those things,also the older Houston gets,the more it looks like you birthed him yourself, he looks exactly like you.

  • Debra Olsen
    Debra Olsen

    Nice job you two

  • SouthWestIron

    Talk about an education and at the same time tremendous bonding between a father and son. Good stuff right here building a young man of character. If this could only be duplicated a millions of times over!

  • Nirrrina

    I can't wait to see Houston's new trough pond. If it's successful maybe you could add a second trough. Then put a clear pvc pipe between them so as the fish go back & forth we can see them. For a pop of color Houston could add some underwater LED light strips. Color changing would be cool too. Really hoping you show us how you build it with Houston. Now I want one too. But probably not a good idea for an apartment.

  • Nirrrina

    'Brick of Fish' used to be a favorite meal my mom would make. Basically fried tilapia fillets. But they froze it in a rectangular brick shape. So I always called it brick of fish as a joke. Well until they stopped selling it in that shape anyway. Probably no where near as good as fresh from the pond tilapia.

  • Lydia Froden
    Lydia Froden

    You guys need to follow Jiggin With Jordan . Houston will love watching him fish and work on his pond.

  • Lucas Lowe
    Lucas Lowe

    Daniel that could be wonderful or horrible those gar could demolish your baitfish population or increase it

  • James Harding
    James Harding

    Is Bear still in time out?

  • doug lamoy
    doug lamoy

    Earl dog ain't the brightest bulb in the box is he, lol. Sorry DJ! Daniel, as one of the "old" viewers that remembers Houston's plastic tote pond from before, I still think you should build a stone/concrete pond and let him fill it with Koi and other fish. He still seems to carry a strong interest in it, so it could be a very good thing for him and maybe even develop into some sort of career( not to mention, more footage for your channel!). Ka-ching. Win,win!

  • Sigmund Majka
    Sigmund Majka

    What's the other guy look like Houston ?

  • Rebecca Meunier
    Rebecca Meunier

    huston i have the same shoes


    🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣

  • Mark Simonar
    Mark Simonar

    Great video bro. Keep yhem video's coming. Bro

  • Melissa DeLong
    Melissa DeLong

    You should make Houston a pond outfront. He would really enjoy it and it would be so beautiful looking in front of your gorgeous property

  • Transylvanian Farmer
    Transylvanian Farmer

    That’s a big pond ❤️ Houston has grown so much. He is no longer a little boy

  • Mike Terry
    Mike Terry

    Why do you baby sit Earl when DJ wanted him so bad??

  • Ida Blythe
    Ida Blythe

    All I ever got from fusing was a bad sunburn. Never went again. I was 1st year in college and my 2nd cousin said let’s go fish.

  • Renee Lee Mintun
    Renee Lee Mintun

    Houston, you do need a little bigger aquarium with so many fishes that you’ve got. 🙏🏻😇👆👆😇❤️🙏🏻👆😇

  • kollette bowman
    kollette bowman

    What kind of dog is Earl he is so dang cute

  • Jackie Kerr
    Jackie Kerr

    Daniel, I would build a pier and put a boat out there!! Much easier than falling in the water!!! 😆

  • Jo Ann Suggs
    Jo Ann Suggs

    Houston, I'm excited to see how your pond turns out. Be sure to keep us posted. That should be a fun project. Enjoyed this video! Thanks guys! God bless.

  • Larry Parish
    Larry Parish

    Hey Daniel, lookin like you might need to fabricate yourself a floating dock for the pond. That would be a good summer time project.

  • susan pollock
    susan pollock

    How did Houston get the black eye?

  • Shannan Chaney
    Shannan Chaney


  • Marcia Borg
    Marcia Borg

    Love the little pond Houston made on the deck.

  • Mrs. Hidden Heights Farm
    Mrs. Hidden Heights Farm

    Another great episode as always! Wow Pond King is really neat. We need to stock our pond eventually. Thanks for sharing 👊💪💜

  • Jason King
    Jason King

    The owls will love Houston's pond:)

  • Lynn Beaton
    Lynn Beaton

    What happened to that eye mr.

  • Teresa Murray
    Teresa Murray

    Daniel do you have any crappie in the pond?

  • Francise Solomon
    Francise Solomon

    I'm surprised you didn't have big old bass there with their mouths open for easy meal..

  • demarcus noble
    demarcus noble

    Hey Daniel I think you need to go fishing and catch some big bass and stock your pond with them

  • Idaho Hoosier
    Idaho Hoosier

    So many great lessons fir Houston. Great childhood. Blessings. I had 2 nights I didn't have to pull my plants under the deck lid and cover them. Back to pulling them in for at least the next 2 nights. Crazy weather

  • Eugeania Hutcherson
    Eugeania Hutcherson

    You may have to put a top on the mini pond to keep the dogs out

  • Chrissy D
    Chrissy D

    Is houston making use of the fish filter i had sent him?